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70% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 500ml Gel & Spray $14.99 Each + Express Courier Shipping (Between ~$14.65-$21) @ Fevermates


Fevermates Hand Sanitiser 500ml Gel $14.99
Fevermates Hand Sanitiser 500ml Spray $14.99

While stocks last

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  • Shipping costs $16.95 (SYD)

    Edit: would you mind adding this to the title OP, to save hammering the website with people adding to cart and checking cost @ checkout?

  • What a business name!!

  • Perth shipping is $14.65.
    Or $16.95 for 2

  • Tas shipping is $16.95

  • That's pretty expensive

  • Still havent shipped from the last order (eta for shipping date was 9th April) so just be aware.

    • Same, haven't shipped my order either. ETA on website said 8th April Express shipping when i ordered, but haven't heard from them.
      ETA on website now says 14th Shipping, so take the date with a grain of salt.

    • They sent an email informing me that if they don't ship last Thursday they will ship tomorrow Tuesday. We shall see tomorrow.

      • Did you contact them before you get the new email and ETA? I didn't receive any communications from them at all. My order status still the same at "unfufilled"

        • No. It was automated on Wed after lunchtime


          We wanted to provide you with an update for your recent order with us.

          As we hope you can appreciate, the quantity of orders we have received has been immense - shipping commences tomorrow (Thursday).

          As Friday and Monday are public holidays, if we do not ship your order on Thursday, we will be shipping first thing Tuesday, after Easter public holidays.

          All orders are shipped via express courier and estimated shipping times are 1-3 days metro areas, and 2-5 days rural and non-metro areas. Most orders should be received within 24 hours of shipping.

          Moving forward tracking details will be emailed to all customers from the fulfillment agency handling our shipping - there will also be a phone number provided if you wish to call to discuss.

          Please bear with us at this time, and let us know if we can help with anything else.

          We will provide you with regular updates.

          Stay safe & healthy over the Easter break.


          The Fevermates Team

        • So if I don't see an shipping update tomorrow afternoon, I am contacting them.

          Usually I'd be cracking down immediately but a long Easter weekend changes the parameters of shipping.

    • Same. Part of the reason I purchased from them was that they advertised it as in stock. Will be interested to see if it really is express shipping.

      • Could be just me but I find that feedback from ‘Anonymous’ to be a bit suspicious. Stock supposedly not being sent until the 9th yet they left feedback on the 10th (Good Friday) saying how fast delivery was and how good the product is.

    • I bought one of these - should have listened to you!

      Still not received - emails unanswered, logging a neg for this company. (Which I realise is too late!!)

      • I see that they are editing their reviews and neglecting to post the many which are not glowing of their product or service.

        Small wonder the CEO and Founder is now avoiding this site or refusing to respond to the queries and concerns…

        Oh - and don't forget to got into votes at the top of the page and revoke that positive vote.

  • Another hand sanitiser spam, no deal just “normal” inflated price. You can post this product at ozpromotion, not here.

  • Shipping is 14.95 for BNE. You only get the shipping cost when you enter an email , address, and phone number. :)
    That's a good way to harvest data.

  • Not sure why hand sanitiser has become so in vogue when we're trying to kill a germ that will be shifted by freely available in large quantities dishwashing liquid.

    • Certain jobs like mine, do not give you the opportunity to rinse your hands of dishwashing liquid with convenient running water several times an hour.

      • That would be fair enough if I had said there was no reason to buy sanitiser. Of course there are legit reasons to buy it. It's a bit strange how all hand soap and sanitiser is out of stock in supermarkets yet dishwashing liquid remains in stock without issues.

    • Are you serious? Ahhhh because we cant have basins and taps in your car, or outside shopping centres and shops?????????? I don't know why I even responded to you I couldn't help it.

      • You may cool your jets, sir - at face value, that was indeed a very stupidly worded comment

        I was actually referring to the fact I can go to the shops and find zero hand wash, zero ethanol stuff and as much dishwashing liquid as I could possibly want.

        Obviously there are reasons to buy it the ethanol stuff.

        Last time at the shops, I had to buy some body wash (also freely available in massive quantities) and stand there next to my car with a meager bottle of water, rinsing off.

  • Another SPAM profiteering post.

  • There are more hand sanitisers available in the market via new local manufacturers (not TGA approved). If that is the case, I hope they follow WHO recommended handrub formulations and guidelines (revised April 2020).

    I found a few that seems to adhere to requirements:

    Supplier (State Based)
    Liberty Kombucha (VIC)
    Laclinica (VIC)
    Brisbane Distillery (QLD)

    I have more info on hand in excel… unfortunately I can't attach it here.

  • Spam post, RRP, no value to be seen here.



    I am the CEO & Founder of FeverMates, and I can tell you this is not a scam. The FeverMates team have been working very hard to get these essential products out and were delayed due to public holidays.

    The product page last week clearly stated that the ESTIMATED shipping time was Wednesday/Thursday 9th April 2020. As some of you can appreciate, supply lines are going crazy, and we missed this estimated day because the pumps for the bottles were late by ONE day.

    FeverMates has been in business for over 5 years as we started with developing and selling stick-on thermometers. We are also affiliated with www.mediband.com and www.medibc.com, as well as www.handband.com.au.

    We have an external shipping provider that will be playing catch up with our small effort of shipping some orders out last Thursday. They have advised that all orders should be completed shipping today (Wednesday 15 April 2020), and moving forward will be shipping daily until we run out of stock.

    We are not trying to mislead anyone. We have been very fair and reasonable with the pricing. We could be charging $30+ as others are, but we have not done so, as this is plain wrong. We have also placed limits on our site for purchasing to stop hoarding and profiteering. Later today we go live with pre-approved bulk orders so that we can be sure that larger quantities are being directed to essential services, charities and others who need it most, and, again, to stop profiteering.

    The shipping costs are fixed express courier charges and are what our external shipping and fulfilment provider charge us. It is fixed depending on KG and is to ANYWHERE in Australia - so, the shipping company might make some on metro deliveries, but probably won't on rural and remote areas. This was the lowest cost fulfilment agency we could find. To metro, once shipped, it should be 48hours. Just to give you an idea, if you purchased 4 spray sanitisers and 4 gel, that would effectively be 4 KG, with the express shipping cost of $21.50. Further shipping pricing is as follows: 1-3KG, $17, which would cover around 5 sanitisers weighing 500ml each.

    IVE is the company that is assisting with shipping - they will be emailing full tracking details shortly with a phone number that customers can call if there are any tracking issues.

    I hope this helps and sets your minds at ease and thank you for your patience.


    Michael Randall
    founder & CEO

    • Not overly impressed with your express delivery. Tracking said I was supposed to receive yesterday. Just checked it again and it now says delivery is due tomorrow.

      It also doesn’t appear to be contactless delivery. Looks like we need to sign for it or they take it to a post office. Is that correct?

    • Still haven't received mine yet. Says shipped on Tuesday but no tracking number provided - "No tracking number has been provided by FeverMates" is what the Arrive app says.

    • This is clearly untrue, isn't it Michael?

      People who ordered two weekends ago (ie 4th or 5th of April) were given shipping dates of Wednesday 8th April.

      You say you had a one day delay due to a supply chain issue and yet like others, I have just received shipping advice saying that my order has now been packed and is awaiting pickup and distribution today. Clearly it was not one day late as you indicated above and was not even four days late as your original "Your order is on it's way" email from Tuesday indicated. Instead, they have been packed for distribution today and presumably will not leave you Erskine Park "warehouse" and/or be received until next week.

      People paid a premium for your product on the basis that it would be shipped over a week ago and it still hasn't left your facility, contrary to your assurances above.

      Businesses are experiencing shipping delays in the current environment - we get that. But the misinformation above makes it seem more likely that someone is not telling the truth. When my business had a supply chain delay last week, I worked a couple of days over Easter to get it back on track, so it would not impact future orders. Somehow, a one day delay has put your existing orders more than a week and a half behind schedule. After paying $16.95 for express delivery (in my case - to an address less than 20km from your facility) to wait over ten days due to a one day delivery is unacceptable.

      Should we presume that IVE will be refunding your and our shipping costs for these delays?

  • Still not recieved.

  • Still not shipped

  • They're charging almost $17 for shipping but refuse to provide any shipping or tracking info.


  • I just received an email today 17th saying it has just been packed and dispatched from the warehouse at 11.30am.
    They lied and said it was shipped on Tuesday 14th, and even sent me an email on Tuesday saying it was shipped back then.
    Thats why they didn't (rather couldn't) provide the shipping number on Tuesday.

    • Yeah.. I'm still yet to receive the email but also got shipping notification on Tuesday without any tracking details..

  • Website promised shipping on Tues with high Express postage which is fine as we are happy to pay. Forced us to download Arrive app to view status of postage and it indicated Shipped. However, fevermate hasn't shipped the product. Highly misleading.

  • Ordered 5 Apr, ETA 20 Apr. Not going to order from them again

  • Seems like they are using normal parcel post too instead of next day express post that we have paid? Is this fraudulent?

  • Ordered 5 Apr, advertised ETA was 8 Apr. Received SMS on 14 Apr saying order has been shipped, received another SMS on 16 Apr saying order has now been processed & tracking will be sent within 24hrs… still waiting for tracking details.

  • ordered on 5th Apr for Sydney metro and still no signs of delivery. Have chased multiple times fevermates for this, always crappy response. Paid for express shipping thinking that delivery will be done in a day or two. Now more than 2 weeks have passed, regrets this purchase. Will never order with them.

  • Still have not received my order!!

  • Mine arrived today.

    It doesn't have a very nice smell.

    EDIT: Ordered it on April 8th.

    • Lucky you, I ordered mine on the 5th and I still haven't received it yet. It was only posted yesterday according to the tracking number and with normal auspost, not the express shipping that I paid for.

      • I ordered on the 5th and got it delivered on the 17th, which is still quite a bit longer than advertised. What's taking it so long to dispatch unless seller didn't actually have it in stock.

        • I think you've nailed it there…

          • @UncleRico: I finally decided to neg it. Initial purchase was made on the promise of item in stock, not a "preorder". I actually had courier delivery on Saturday the 11th for other purchases so the idea that Easter holiday delay shipping by 1 week doesn't really cut.

  • We ordered on the 9th and it was delivered today in Melbourne

  • Ordered on the 5th still not received (Melbourne)

  • Pre-ordered on the 5th for supposed next day express shipping by the 9th, received tracking email on the 14th and eventually received on 19th to outer Sydney..

    Lots of five star reviews on their website, despite concerns listed above including frequent complaints of delayed shipping and leaky bottles - including a curious one saying "4 stars due to 3 of 4 bottles arrived leaking from the cap" only for their ratings to show up as five star reviews.

    Price has since increased to $16.50 + postage and 4 bottle limit removed.

    So much for the whole philanthropic "to prevent hoarding and price gouging" spiel that was on their website…

    They filled a short-term need, but not impressed by the misinformation from start to finish.

  • Just received order (vic).
    It is normal parcel post and not express post like what we have paid for!!!
    This is fraud.

  • Ordered on the 5th. Still don’t have it.

    Was meant to be dispatched on the 8th. Finally got tracking information which shows it was dispatched on the 20th.

    Won’t be ordering again.

  • Fevermates experience

    1. Ordered 2xsannitizer on the 5th April. Paid for express courier shipping $16.95 (advertised as 1-3 days).
    2. Advised shipped on the 17th April.
    3. Requested refund of express postage fee and to be charged only for non express postage, refused to refund. Blamed supplier.
    4. April 28th the order has not arrived.

    Amazon experience

    1. Ordered 2xsannitiser on the 17th April. Free prime shipping.
    2. Advise expected May 5th
    3. Delivered 24th April
    • If/when you do receive your order, be sure to leave an honest review - if only, so they can refuse to publish it along with all of the other sub-four and five star reviews which never make it to their website…