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Simple Sanity Hand Sanitiser 1L $28.46 + $9.99 Shipping @ Amino Z


Simple Sanity is all about doing things simply. This is hand sanitiser and it kills germs.

Here's what it is:

  • It's effective against 99.9% of germs

  • It's 75% alcohol as guided by TGA, WHO (World Health Organisation) and US Food and Drug Administration advice for bacteria and virus protection.

  • It's 100% Australian: Made in Australia by Australian employees with a 100% Australian owned business. We use Australian made bottles, Australian printed labels and Australian produced ingredients.

And here's what it isn't:

  • It doesn't have additional chemicals added.

  • It isn't coloured with dye.

  • It isn't fragranced.

Ingredients: Ethanol (75%), sterile distilled water, propylene glycol

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  • +11

    Comes with added 100% markup.

  • +8

    The price is not what you would call SANITY

  • +2

    Good for a Friday night out.

  • +1

    You can't actually drink so there is no need to add the government liquor tax to the price

  • +6

    Dear God,

    Please make it stop.

    Sincerely, 99% of OzBargain.

    Not a bargain, just another spam sanitiser post. And it's not even in stock lol.

  • +2

    The new normality in ozbargain

  • +6

    The new normality in ozbargain , waiting for Xiaomi version of hand sanitiser deals

    • +1

      with no touch dispenser powered by Eneloops.

  • +7
    1. According to the website it's not actually in stock (and the 5% discount is applied for exactly that reason).
    2. Shipping appears to be a flat rate of $9.99 so that means the price for 1l sanitiser is $38.44 … which is much less reasonable than the title would make out.
  • Is it liquid or gel?

  • +3

    You forgot to say you have no stock

    • +4

      this should be clear before you order, instead of the fine print - prob should be in OP title

  • +2

    Worth $5.

  • +2

    Slight Delay - ETA a week

    sounds promising

  • +5

    Impropper label on packaging. These guys gonna get done hard.

  • +4

    They had this up for something ridiculous like $57 a week ago.

    Do yourself a favor and buy your sanitizer and supplements somewhere else.

    • Local shop. Homemade. 280ml. $24.99. Enough said :(.

  • +3

    This dude is copping a tsunami of pent up anger. ozsanitiser. Think this negging might be the new norm to destroy the HS demon.

  • +2

    Losing SANITY SIMPLY over these sanitizer deals

  • +1

    Troll post

  • +3

    Would rather sanitise myself with some JW red

  • +2

    These are going to get very cheap very soon people. Supplies are catching up.

  • +1

    No deal