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Free Delivery on Orders over $25 at McDonald's via Uber Eats


With more and more Aussies currently staying safe at home. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday free delivery on orders $25 and above.

Free delivery on Macca’s orders $25 and over via Uber Eats using the promo code 'MACCASWEEKEND'

How it works:
place an order on Uber Eats spending a minimum of $25
enters promo code 'MACCASWEEKEND'
Delivery fee waived at the checkout

Promotion starts: Friday 17th April 12.00am
Promotion ends: Sunday 19th April 11.59pm

Referral Links

Referral: random (2660)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Too bad the closest Maccas is out of range.

  • Is this the weekend where nothing works and no-one gets any orders delivered? I have memories of something similar from last year.

  • Free delivery anyway if you have an ing card

  • Probably a good thing they jack their prices, less temptation to order Maccas. Could be dangerous during these times.

  • Worth it with bread and milk in your order

  • mcd tastes best cold and stale yummo

  • Didn't McDonalds restaurants in a Chinese city ban black people? I am waiting (although dont expect) the same neg bandwagon on ethical grounds to appear here from the countless YouFoodz posts. Cause that would be consistent and all…

    China McDonald's apologises for Guangzhou ban on black people

    *Edit - wowzers yes, they actually did.

    • Nah thing with racism is it only works one way apparently.

      • That's been my issue from the get go. Inconsistencies and grandstanding, it's so frustrating to see. I'm wondering if the mods will make a call on it as it seems YF are unfairly targeted opposed to other businesses.

        • Its all about which group jumps up and complains the most. Basically some groups have so much power and clout through money, politics, ownership etc that no-one can be racist towards them without a huge backlash, started by them and with their propaganda but at the same time that very same group can be extremely racist to others and get away with it because the other groups dont have the same level of money or power and / or they dont have the same exposure or no.s / population. Having lived in many countries before australia, I am always amazed at the races that claim aussies/ white people are so racist when i (being a dark skinned person) encountered far more racism in all the countries i lived in prior to australia and the countries i lived in are the same people who seem to claim aussies are so racist.

          • @lonewolf: Agree wholeheartedly! I'm really sorry to hear about your previous experiences, having lived in Japan - strangely enough, I know about racism (in a diluted manner) and it disappoints me greatly that fellow humans can be so foolish.

  • This doesnt seem to be wooooorking to bring the price dooooown ugghhh

  • Maccas and HJ App both stuffed tonight