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[Used] iPhone 8 64GB from $349 Delivered (12 Months Warranty) @ Loop Mobile


Reduced our pricing starting at $349 and now offering 12 months warranty on all used iPhones to go with the free Aust Post express delivery.


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    Website says $354 for me.

    Available $349 on their eBay listing which may be better option for some with more buyer protection for those that don't like ordering from random shopify websites.

    Also note can be had bit cheaper from other sellers on there and prices will drop if/when iPhone 9/SE is rumoured to be announced supposedly today..

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    This or wait till iPhone 9/SE to come out?

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      Do you want a $300 phone or a $600 phone? Not really sure how they’re comparable.

      • -6

        Of course they are comparable.

        Is the $300 price difference worth it?
        Do I want a used phone or a new phone?
        When will each phone get to me?

      • The only difference is that iPhone SE has a better CPU (A13 vs A11), which results in faster performance (in theory) and more camera gimmicks, like portrait mode from a single lens and other HDR stuff.

        Also, iPhone SE is $30 cheaper than iPhone 8 was (because you can't buy i8 from apple anymore, but can always check pricing via wayback machine).

        • Funny thing is that in US iPhone SE is $100 cheaper than iPhone 8 was. OzTax?

          • @corvusman: AUD-USD rate has dropped alot since the i8 was released.

        • +1

          For me, the more important differences are roughly 3 more years of iOS updates, plus dual SIM (eSIM) support.

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            @giles: Come one, my 6s plus is still supported :-)
            So 8 series will be supported for at least two more years.

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    'Probably useful to add description of conditions. The ad price is for "Good".

    Pristine: Device is in perfect condition for a used phone - no marks / scratches / scuffs should exist on the screen or casing.

    Excellent: Device is in excellent cosmetic condition, showing light signs of wear that should only be visible under light. It is most likely that the previous owner ensured their device is covered utilising a protective case.

    Good: Device is in good cosmetic condition that is consistent with general wear & tear - basically, this is what you would expect a normal 'in-use' used mobile device to look like after 18-36months of usage. Any buyer should expect that the device may have some of the following imperfections: Light visible scratches on the screen, scratches on the outer shell/back casing, small dents to the frame.

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    Have a plus vote for being honest and not calling it a refurb like so many other dodgy sellers

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      Used is better than refurb. Refurbished is repaired.

      • +5

        Yes and no… Apple refurb is best.

        New screen, new battery, genuine parts, same guts, Apple warranty.

        1 - Apple refurb
        2 - Used
        3 - 3rd party refurb (generally speaking)

      • +3

        Manufacturers' refurbs are generally very good, from my experience with DJI, Sony and Apple. They usually look like new, opened boxes sometimes resealed, not to mention carry the full warranty. Sellers refurb varies as there is no set standard, some go through a sequence of checks/tests which normal secondhand sellers don't do.

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    SE 2 is a real deal now.

    • +1

      From $749. Quite impressed with the specs for this price.

      • yeah, for people that are into apple apps e.g facetime, imessages or the apple ecosystem, this new SE looks good if you only need small size phone, and the processor means lots of years of IOS updates.

      • Says it's the same price as pixel 3a.

      • I would absolutely buy it if they release SE Plus model. Hate the fringe and miss the button, but can't live with the small screen.

  • iPhone SE smashes.

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      That's a shame. Might have to buy a flip cover for it.

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      Also about $400 in price difference iirc

  • You wouldn't know how small the dent is until you see the actual item so no deal for me

    • Please don't assume all Good units will have every potential imperfection described - we cherry pick the better quality units for our online channels