Electricity NSW Deal?

I’m currently with AGL on a 32% discount but the plan will finish end April.

I read online it seem dodo electricity cheaper than current rate which offered by AGL.

Anyone have any opinion which one I should switch to ? Thanks


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      no idea why this got a neg..
      its the only one that accurately includes solar feed in for its calculations and I found it easier to use that the 'gov' version
      The gov version completely ignores any solar feed in, and results in (for anyone with solar at least) poor recommendations on 'cheapest' supplier options

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        Nsw one examines the whole bill and definitely includes solar

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          yep, just went and tried that. Its definitely improved since it was first released. When i last checked that it didn't go gas, and definitely had issues with solar feed in.

          It still doesnt show as much detail of differing plans, but its definitely a quick/useful 2-second bill comparison
          Did both my last months gas and elec bills in a minute. The gas one worked fine, the solar one definitely didnt give as many options as wattever can to see where the variation in feed in/usage calcs come from.

          • @SBOB: Enengymadeeasy now can link the meter . It calculates cost based on daily average Usuage and solar.
            Much improved.

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  • Anyone know if dodo electricity is good or not ? I can’t use those compare as my current plan way better than them but it will expire soon

  • ReAmped Energy was the cheapest for electricity in NSW when I compared a while back, which is probably still the case: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/475414

    EnergyMadeEasy.com.au is the neutral comparison website.

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