This was posted 1 year 7 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ALDI Ferrex High Pressure Washer 2000W/2219PSI $129 @ ALDI


With auto start/stop function
Featuring an 8m high pressure hose on a reel for easy transport and storage
5m power cable
Includes a range of high pressure accessories
Power: 2000W
Working pressure: 10.2MPa (102bar; 1479psi)
Maximum pressure: 15.3MPa (153bar; 2218.5psi)
Waterflow rate: 5.5L/min, max. flow: 8L/min
Spray gun with adjustable lance with various nozzles and extra turbo nozzle
Includes patio cleaner attachment
Integrated detergent tank with 1L capacity

Note this time ALDI change their brand name to Ferrex, Previous version was Workzone brand.
At the moment I can't figure out the difference, all the functions and spec looks the same. The previous Workzone version is a very good choice under$150.

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    Thanks OP great for bath time for the kids

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      Or if you ever run out of toilet paper

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        Or sanitizing your hands by removing a layer of skin

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          Can't have unclean hands if you don't have hands.

    • 🤣 You are a great parent.

  • Bought the identical spec Workzone High Pressure Washer 2000W/2219PSI $129 @ ALDI in sale 7 months ago.
    Didn't work well with patio sprayer - repeatedly stopped rotating, nozzles fell apart. Returned

    • I can confirm. Spray on my Work Zone one stoped rotating. Must admit, Aldi do a simple return process

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        Aldi move the responsibility on to their suppliers when things go wrong. It's how Aldi keep costs down.

        • It might be a painful policy when it goes wrong, but it makes the job super simple for returns in 60 days. Got the petrol jet washer for $161 last week, and their support was actually really decent. Kept it and got spare battery cable coming (apparently). may be the website for info on this product (maybe)

          • @TheLurker: That support is from the supplier to Aldi, not Aldi.

            As there are many suppliers, that support varies from none (refund only) to it seems your experience.

    • I have the lastyear workzone model - I couldnt get the workzone patio cleaner to even plug in? how did you ?

      • The patio cleaner clicks into the end of the lance with the trigger (where you normally click in a nozzle).

  • FERREX (Status Date: 2019-11-05)
    & WORKZONE (Status Date: 2016-07-12)
    are examples of Aldi's many trademarks.

    Current Trademark Owners: ALDI Inc.

    Aldi has previously changed the trademark on it's electronics from Tevlon to Bauhn.

    • Yes, ALDI seems to change manufacturers every time, even under the same brand.

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        That's normal practice at Aldi.
        All that matters to Aldi buyers seems to be the number of features at a low sale price - rather than quality.

        So previous model is no indication of current model. May be from a different factory & perform differently.

        Was approached for help by their main electronics supplier Tempo, so learnt the Aldi buying & supply processes.

        Their previous trademark to Bauhn (TVs etc) was Tevion - a long time ago.

        Seems they're updating their trademarks.

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    Is there a Bunnings equivalent we should keep an eye on in case they drop the price?

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      Hope they discount a karcher…

      • Karcher's are overrated. It costs heaps and you have to buy individual parts separately. Dad purchased a top of the line model, a month after the warranty ran out it broke down. Cost of repair was higher than buying one of these Aldi ones. He now has an Aldi model.

        • Previous deal discussions have been that these lightweight Aldi washers have a plastic pump, against metal with Karcher.

          ACL overrides manufacturer warranty - so should have pressed for free repair - if faulty under warranty conditions.

          With the Aldi washer I bought 7 months ago, accessories failed or fell apart within 1 week of use! Could only return for refund. It is unlikely these Aldi washers can be repaired.

          Karcher offers a longer warranty (5 or 7 years) than Aldi (3 year).

          Warranty has been extended on Karcher washers (by registering online):

          High Pressure Cleaners/Washers purchased after 01 April 2018 have increased warranty durations and when registered online are eligible for a further 2 year extension.

          3yr Warranty plus 2 year extension
          · K2 & K3 High Pressure Cleaners

          5yr Warranty plus 2 year extension
          · K4, K5, K6, K7 Water Cooled High Pressure Cleaners

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            @the INFIDEL: I recall OzB's favourite pressure washer brand from a few years ago was Gerni in terms of performance and build quality but don't know how they are now.

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              @ccrap: The Gerni Classic 130.3 PC X-TRA also won the 2019 Choice Award compared to other pressure washers. Too bad it's now discontinued.

    • I'm predicting a Bunnings clearance of Gerni similar to Supercheap soon

      • Hopefully. I want the 130.3 classic that's in stock at my local.

      • They just bought exclusive distribution rights, why would they clear them?

        • I was told by another supplier that Nilfisk/Gerni are stopping providing consumer units to market and just focusing on commercial grade machines (probably because of competition like this deal). Could be misinformed though. Have you heard otherwise?

    • They're doing the RYOBI pressure washer for $130, I'll be getting one of those instead, lower wattage and psi, but the flow rate is much higher (5.5L vs 6.67L) and is the only numbers that really matter.

      • i was considering the RYOBI as well, can you tell me the difference between the two as i am new to this pressure washing game.

      • Which model is it?

      • Checking Pricehispter shows that the unit was around $100 at one point.

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    Can anyone who owns one comment on whether this is actually a good unit? Or what other brands in this price range do you recommend? I have an older pressure washer that's on it's last legs, and am looking for a replacement

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