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R.M.Williams Millicent Boot $149.99 (RRP $595) @ Hype DC


Hi all,

Ladies boot in size 6 available at a heavily discounted price - get in early! what a bargain

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Hype DC
Hype DC

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  • Lovely boot

  • Sold out after 179 clicks in less than 10 mins

  • annnnnd they're gone

  • +2

    Great deal.

    Notably they have polish for 5 bucks. N2b

    • Shows up as $14.99 for me

      • +1

        i could have sworn it was 5. damn soz

        • +1

          it was 5 for neutral and some other colour - sold out now

          14.99 for black and dark brown, guessing because they are more popular colours

          • @kirbycario: Damn! Must have just missed it. I was after some neutral as well!

  • +2


  • Hype is right.

  • -1

    hehehe high heel boots lol.

  • Their website keeps shitting itself

  • that's hot.

  • If anyone gets these and their the wrong size, happy to take them off your hands for a premium! Message me.

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