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Santiago, Chile from Melbourne $612, Sydney $592, Brisbane $623 Return on LATAM (June-November)


For those willing to roll the dice. World should be fine by November?

From secretflying:

Auckland – Santiago: $571 NZD
Sydney – Santiago: $601 AUD
Melbourne – Santiago: $612 AUD
Adelaide – Santiago: $617 AUD
Brisbane – Santiago: $623 AUD
Auckland – Sao Paulo: $680 NZD
Auckland – Rio De Janeiro: $680 NZD
Auckland – Buenos Aires: $687 NZD
Gold Coast – Santiago: $645 AUD
Melbourne – Rio De Janeiro: $680 AUD
Melbourne – Sao Paulo: $685 AUD
Melbourne – Buenos Aires: $692 AUD
Sydney – Sao Paulo: $695 AUD
Sydney – Rio De Janeiro: $695 AUD
Adelaide – Sao Paulo: $698 AUD
Adelaide – Rio De Janeiro: $698 AUD


LATAM Airlines

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  • Unless there is a vaccine, no the world wont be fine

    • +2 votes

      Even then, vaccines probably will inly be effective for 6-18mths.

      I wouldn't be making any OS travel plans (except NZ) for the next 12mth-24mths.

    • This is not the case. It is clearly described in the scientific literature that with appropriate testing and isolation protocols normalcy can return with a few modifications.

      Government policy does not follow the science, as obvious with high degree of variation between governments state and international. Buying the flights are a gamble on the policy, but based on current data it would be possible that travel can happen safely.

      The government may have put us in a hole with our cases heading to zero. No natural spread means we as a nation will be highly at risk of a further outbreak. A vaccine as our hope is insane, Coronavirus vaccines are difficult to produce and have to date not been demonstrated on a large scale. You can either read the literature yourself or listen to the recent ABC Coronacast with Dr Norman Swan where he acknowledges what I said above.


        Actually listen to his recent Health Report. It sounds like vaccines probably won’t be a long term solution either.

        • No, you are right. The Coronavirus vaccine studies have all demonstrated short term immunity, and he notes that natural exposure results in an apparent increased immunity compared to the vaccine. Unfortunately infection carries the significant risk to vulnerable populations and also possible lung damage to younger ‘low risk’ groups.

          There has been some recent findings that could focus the vaccination development to be more effective, and boosters can prolong immunity but as late as 2019 there were significant concerns noted with efficacy vs uncommon but significant side effects eg. Hypersensitivity response when an immunised individual is challenged with virus exposure.


          The Coronacast episode for anyone to enjoy.

  • +13 votes

    Lotteries should be posted in the forums !!!

  • Why not just burn $592?

  • Thanks OP took a gamble for November.

  • Brazil are going to get hit real hard very soon, this is not a gamble at all. Have you not seen how they are handling it? Will be worse than US.

    • Yep, they're in for a hammering. Of all the idiots in power throughout the world right now, Bolsonaro is the worst.

      • Stiff competition too with President Cheeto, and Duterte. Scotty from marketing is middle of the pack in comparison.

        I think Indonesia is going to get smashed by covid and they're a lot closer.


          Although to Duterte's credit, they have less cases then us with 4.5x the population. Their death rate is much higher thought.

        • Indonesia are a ticking time bomb with their massive smoking population too.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: Yeah, death rate is a better indication.
            Sweden who did no real social distancing now have a 10% death rate with approx 1300. Deaths per 1m population will likely catchup with Spain Italy etc in a few weeks.

            Melbourne/Sydney - the furthest you'll get on this deal in 2020 im afraid.

        • -4 votes

          ah, I see the 'Orange Man Bad' brigade have arrived.

          • @miq: Never said he was bad, it was a comment on his fake tan. Agent Orange is more appropriate.

          • +1 vote

            @miq: Where? Certainly not in the above posts which deal with nothing about Trump.

            So…just out of curiosity, are you the leader here of the 'Orange Man Good' brigade?

            Lay some goodness on us about him then.
            How is he doing 'good' as opposed to your idea that some here believe "Orange Man Bad" ?

  • I don't believe this is an error fare - LATAM are advertising it on their home page. If you are going to book - I would book direct with the airline at least.

    • This, book direct with airline is no brainer.
      I booked my trip at early Jan before covid really a thing worldwide, to fly in July via Aunt Betty.
      They cancel policy is to charge us $250 per ticket, even most airlines not charging passengers due to this pandemic

      • Haha -me too, early Jan, Aunt Betty - I knew better, but booked with them to save a few $$ - error.

  • This isn't a pricing error. This is the new price to travel across the world.

  • I doubt the international travel ban will be lifted by then.

  • SARS was active for I think 2 years.

    • -2 votes

      I didn't stop travel.

      We holidayed in Europe during SARS.

      Easy to find hotel rooms.

      • +3 votes

        8000 cases worldwide is probably why travel wasnt stopped with SARS. I cant remember how many covid cases were reported before wider travel bans were in place.

        I wouldnt be counting on the planet being back to normal by November regardless.

  • I spent a few minutes trying to determine what the cancellation policy was. Couldn't find anything concrete.

    Nevertheless, there's no way that this is any more than a gamble at this point.

    • +1 vote

      Couldn't find anything concrete.

      No concrete. They just dig mass graves…

  • The favelas will probably be a lot safer by then, since there'll be no one around …

  • Good luck getting your money back !

  • I guess having idiots stump up cash for unobtainable flights is cheaper than getting a bank loan

  • FYI travel insurance won't cover this if you end up having to cancel due to the pandemic.

  • This could be cheaper. I have friends who travelled to Chile for 650 on november last year, so, considering the current circumstances, i would expect these to be at most 450.

  • Incredibly irresponsible and selfish to travel (especially to countries like these) during this pandemic. Anybody who thinks everything will be all hunky dory in a few months, especially in developing countries, is absolutely kidding themselves. If you want to go over there, buy yourself a one way ticket and don't come back.

    Not to mention lack of cancellation policy info and the fact that no travel insurance will cover loss of fares etc. You're just throwing your money way.

  • Out of interest, those who came back (ONE WAY) from Peru recently on the 'rescue' flights were paying in the realm of $5k a ticket…(!)

  • Here I am trying to cancel my flights booked last year to Santiago for September.

    The carrier still haven't bothered to cancel it themselves. Seems irresponsible that they think it will be safe to travel around those times .

  • Just don't. Chill. In 12 months it will still all be there. Deals will be even better when the fear has subsided and foreigners are welcomed again.

  • I am ready to book. Just finalising plan B. Does anyone know who LATAM prefers as their liquidators so I can get the claim forms before the rush.

  • O/S won't be feasible until at least mid 2021. At best you will need to add 14 days extra when you arrive and 14 days when you get back …

  • Include a free cancel anytime policy and we have a deal.

  • Was this a price error? Coming up as double for me on LATAM'S website.

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