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Extra 40% off Sale Items at Tommy Hilfiger


Extra 40% all sale items at Tommy Hilfiger.

Stacks with 10% member discount + $20 welcome voucher.
*Welcome voucher can be used only for orders $100 and up (before discount)

Shipping is $7.95 for orders under $100.

I got 4 t-shirts for $80 shipped!

Subtotal AU$167.88
Shipping & Handling AU$7.95
Discount (Take a Further 40% off Sale Styles, Welcome to Tommy, VIP 10% Discount) -AU$95.22
GST (incl.)AU$6.61
Grand Total AU$80.61

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  • +2

    What a madlad

    • +1

      There goes $110 ;(

      • +2

        Love the instant post purchase dissonance

  • For some reason WELCOME20 doesn't work for me. Comes up as WELCOME20 is not valid even though I just registered and signed up.

    • Try log out and log back in

    • +2

      There's a minimum spend of $100 (before discount) to use the voucher. Updated the description.

      • Thanks

      • Worked, thanks

    • +1

      Try WELCOME1995

  • Signed up but WELCOME20 is not valid?

    • +5


      • I agree, what the…

  • Thanks jeans and t shirt for $48

    • +1

      Can you let me know what you purchased.
      Jean's and a T for 48.not bad

  • great sale thanks

  • +6

    Website struggling

  • +8

    Website is not friendly

    • It’s getting Ozbargained as we speak, about 3-5 clicks a second right now

    • That’s a polite way to put it

  • +3

    Site is unusably slow. Most pages just time out

  • +8

    Tommy is overpriced crap. Quality has changed few years ago for sure. I would rather go for RL

    • -1

      I agree. RL is more quality.

      • -2

        I would go for Hugo Boss

        • +1

          Whats the comedian got to do with clothing?

      • not really. its all made to the same quality, same factory, same hands, same materials. average consumer has no idea about garment quality. there is plenty of information on this stuff. every thread on shoes/boots or clothes always has an ignorant comment saying "xxx quality has changed over the years, they make it in this country now (china), 'this brand' is better" but they literally have no idea what they are talking about and the quality is identical garbage

        • Have you ever been to their factory? I mean how can you claim this?

          I've visited A/X, TH and RL factories previously.

      • I'd opt for Brooks Brothers. Less played out and quality seems to be more consistent.

    • -1

      Agree RL much better. Although have noticed a few pieces manufactured in India now and quality not quite what it used to be. I have some polos which are 10 years old and still look and feel great, the new ones are much stiffer and not quite as well fitted or comfortable.

  • $79.81 for long sleeve polo and jeans

  • Website is cooked. Was slow at first but now I can't even browse.

  • I missed 'Small PURE MOULINÉ COTTON JUMPER'. Had anyone a chance?

  • Filled up the cart but I cant checkout, keep getting a 504 Gateway Time-out.

  • +2

    Also not sure what people mean by quality lacking? My tommy shirts are some of the thickest, long lasting I've found. No cheap flimsy thin feel a lot of t shirts have. However I dont really shop outside of the t-shirt/sweater range with tommy.

    • Agreed. I have polos and sweaters from years ago. The fabric is still in great condition and they’ve kept their shape. But yep…haven’t purchased anything else in their range though, so maybe that’s not a great representation.

    • Bought some from Amazon AU which were great quality. Partner got given a shirt from a friend which was the same design but quality wasn't great. It was labelled as Tommy Jeans inside instead of Tommy Hilfiger. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

  • +1
    • 5 Qantas Points per $1 Spent
  • +8

    if you have been to a Tommy outlet in the US, you will never buy it here.
    RRP 279 for a pair of men's pants, that is a joke.
    $279 down to $195 then 40% off is $117, that's still not a bargain.

    • +17

      Good luck getting to a US Tommy outlet.

      • Good luck getting ripped off by this brand.

    • -10

      Tommy is like Uniqlo or H&M there, I think Asians like them, hence the popularity in ozbargain

      • LOL what?

      • you do realise that this is not Asianbargain right?

    • +1

      Same with Calvin Klein, coach, Kate spade etc.

    • I don't want the rona

  • +1

    Stuck in checkout for the last 10 minutes

  • +3

    I'm stuck on checkout:

    Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time

  • +5

    You would think it would make sense for a website to increase bandwidth for a big sale, on a weekend when everyone is stuck inside on lockdown with nothing else to spend money on

  • +2

    lol this site got Ozbargain'd

    The sale started like two days ago but seems like their peak traffic is only due to this site

  • Good deal, site is crapping itself though.

  • +1

    website will be crash soon

    • +1

      What do you mean soon? Lol its already unusable.

      • +1

        i was able to browse at lease, and now….. 504 Gateway Time out! lol

        • +1

          Lmao yeah its ridiculous. The checkout page is completely dead.
          I've managed to get the it to load 3 times but then I get stuck on 'No quotes currently available' for delivery….

          • +1

            @SuperScope: i am going to do check out now, see what will happen to me

            • +1

              @su27km: 504 Gateway time out, not able to check out….. crazy!

              • @su27km: Some people are getting through. I was just redirected to my cart because one of my items was no longer in stock.

              • @su27km: I just got through!

                • @SuperScope: lucky you, i am still trying…. ha

                  may give up soon

  • How the hell do they calculate their discounts??

    For a cart of $216 of only sale items, I got only $92 off INCLUDING $20 off, 40% off and 10% discount.

    Ends up at $123…..???

    • did you change colour of an item and not notice it wasn't discounted? I did this. Also sometimes the final discount isn't carrying over to the final checkout page. Website is generally bonked atm.

      • All my items have only one colour possible, and I also made sure they are all discounted. So yea idk, must be website…

    • perhaps not every item has the "TAKE AN EXTRA 40% OFF*" next to it ?

  • What a substandard website. So far have added 8 items and it's taken me 1.5 hrs. Takes forever to load more items, constant timeouts, and whenever you try to go back after viewing and item you have to spend ages loading more items again.

  • +3

    I like the knockoff brand. Tommy Middlefinger

  • Pretty much no sizes left at this point…

  • +1

    I give up, this is the worst website xp ever.

  • +1

    Worse than Windows XP

  • Still can't checkout. Been 40 mins at the last step at this point. Anyone had any luck ?

  • My cashrewards icon blinked at the top for a total of 0% cashback…

  • Nope

  • Thanks Op! Worked a charm 👍

  • +2

    4 pairs of t-shirts for $80? so 8 t-shirts?

    • You got me. Edited :P

  • Anyone being able to checkout?

    • Jedi level patience is the key

      • lol ok, have been trying for the last hour… still waiting

  • Are they the same prices and variety found at their DFO stores?

  • Is this cod only for new user?

    • Yes, just create a new account with another email if you want to use the code.

  • Checkout is definitely fried.

  • So it says save $50 when you spend $150 with an asterisk.

    The $50 is not applying and I can't find any information on what the asterisk means.SAVE50 doesn't work either.

    • $50 of $150 is for full priced items only.

  • +3

    After clicking the Paypal button at checkout (and entering Paypal details), the page doesn't change to say order confirmed/processing, but the payment went through and I got an order confirmation email. So beware of clicking the Paypal button too many times.

    • +1

      never got to that part

  • +2

    I just got through and I have just received my order confirmation in my email.

    I used the credit card payment option and similar to @Ughhhs experience, once payment was processed the website did not display any confirmation screen. So be careful not to process payments multiple times!

  • +1

    Why would you want to be a walking advertisement for this crap? They probably make these for $5.

  • I can't get the extra 40% off to apply properly

    At check out it says 'take 40% off' but then the discount is more like 15% off.. not sure why

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