Air Asia Sale coming soon - any news?

Just had the email, but no details, yet…



    I won't fly with them again unless they get back to their old sale prices. I flew countless times with them for $250 return all in including taxes and bags.

    It's been around double that recently. When you consider the AUD is so much stronger than it was a few years ago, that makes it even worse. When the AUD goes down in the future it could get even worse…


      They still do this. Their last sale I was tempted to fly ex GC for $261 return (but the missus chucked a fit as we're saving for the wedding but we'll likely fly with them for my bucks in a years time). The trick is to search for the flights one way not return.

      A good site to 'research' during sales is it'll come up with 15 days worth of flights.

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    $250 airfares is not sustainable for ANY airlines so its unlikely or at least very rare to get sale fares hitting that mark again. Even $300-500 airfares are great still when you think of it historically.


    I think (and hope) that this sale is for the short haul flights. About a month ago they released long haul flights for next year. I booked KL to Gold Coast for August (long haul) and now need Phuket to KL (short haul) to complete the journey. I booked Gold Coast to KL to Phuket in, I think, June this year. Will be heaps cheaper than any other airline.


    I hope it's for all flights……


    Short haul flights are much cheaper normally. Around $50 a flight if you book early. $100 if you book late.

    Getting out of Aus is the hard bit (unless you live in Perth or Darwin.)


    Free seats it's saying now. Let's see….

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