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Teclast P80X Android Tablet, 4G LTE 8" IPS 2GB A55 1.6GHz AU $136.03 (US $87.38) Shipped @ Banggood


[On again… maybe they start a new one when the previous one ends?]
Different price and shipping as before, but same total dollars…

( AU$116.41 + AU$7.25 shipping ) * 1.1 GST = $136.03 AUD
$87.38 USD

CPU UNISOC SC9863A Octa Core up to 1.6GHz
GPU IMG-8322/650 MHz
System Android 9.0
Capacity 16GB
Screen 8 inch 10-Point Multi-touch
Resolution 1280x800
Camera Front is 0.3MP Rear is 2.0MP
WIFI 802.11b/g/n/2.4GHz
bluetooth 4.1, GPS, G-sensor
4G FDD-LTE:B1,B3,TD-LTE:B39,B40,B38,B41
TF Card (Max 128G)
Micro USB port, 3.5mm jack, TF card, Sim card slot
Battery 4200mAh
Weight 315g
Size 208x124x9.8mm
Includes USB Cable, Charger, Adapter

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  • With Banggood, if it says "Ship From: [CN] " as a selectable option, GST applies in checkout. You don't see the GST until you get to the final step (Place Order menu).

    • Is GST added to goods under $1000?

      • Yep. Thanks to Gerry Harvey!

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          How come you are really quiet these days? :)

          • @DisabledUser312757: Busy with life. I'm now working, studying, volunteering at an organisation with a cute girl, and it's only going to get busier as I'm starting an internship as soon as this pandemic ends and life returns to normal.
            I'm also sad to see so many spammer reps posting their "deals" on Ozbargain. I mean they aren't even deals, their products are sourced from Aliexpress, DHGate etc. They are either the same price or a ridiculous markup.
            I still log in most days to check the deals and forums, but I just don't have the time and energy as I once did to engage with the community. I still plan on sticking around though for many many years to come!
            Appreciate your comment and you remembering me :)

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    Please note that shipping from china has been affected badly due to COVID19… I am still waiting on stuff from another chinese website - two orders made early March.

  • Thanks OP, but 8inch is a bit small…any idea of a good deal on a 10"+ tablet that's good value?

  • Why is this even a bargain? The processor is seriously sh*t. The UNISOC chip (formerly known as Spreadtrum) was fabbed at an ancient 28nm node. The tablet has a 2gb RAM and 16gb internal memory. OP, you seriously suggest that package is worth $136+? Let's not forget this is a grey import and you might have to waited weeks until it gets arrived in here Australia from China.

    • Can you please recommend to homersyd and I a good value 10" tablet?

      • Depends what you want to do. Xiaomi Mipad 4 @ $250~300 if you are importing. Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019) would still do the job @ $229 (after a $50 voucher) at Samsung Education Store.

        However, if you take all factors into consideration, you would know that ipad just offers the best value for money in Australia even thought Apple tablets are at least $150+ costier than competitors.

    • Agree on grey and delay. 2GB is low, but twice lenovo E locals.
      A55 has improved perf and eff over A53. Newer nodes than 28nm aren't much better in $/transistor or perf because of thermal constraints.

      I'd love to know of better/price local stock than sammy tab A 8 or lenovo E8!

      BTW iPads are great hardware/$ >> iPhones, but can't run apps like http://termux.com (terminal + repository)

  • Teclast in general seems to be decent quality (I've got one, the M20), but 2GB ram is a bit low these days.

    Also the CPU power of these cheap tablets is pretty poor, you will see lag in just about everything - web browsing, etc.

    • I don't see any lag in browsing on mine. These don't have the usual Mediatek SOC and must have better performing RAM/ SSDs.

  • I have had one of these for a couple of months. Its performance is much much better than other cheapies I have bought. Camera performance is the only real negative. Still capable of delivering a reasonable video hangouts call as long as lighting is bright enough. The processor and RAM has been good for all apps I use. Battery life is good and recharges relatively fast with a USB c connector. I have recently purchased a Teclast 10s and I am waiting for delivery. It has a 10 inch screen, similar specs (sans USB c connector) for about $15 more. Hopefully I will like it as much as this one.

    • The 10s arrived. It actually has a USB C connector and is very similar to P80x. Only notable differences apart from price;
      3GB of ram versus 2GB
      6000 versus 4200ma battery
      10" versus 8" screen (both have Resolution 1280x800). This means the 8" screen is sharper. As the GPU has the same number of pixels to push around response seems identically good.
      Glossy back versus fine texture on P80x (texture disguises finger prints and feels good)
      10" is heavier.

      I am not much of a gamer. I use tablets mainly for Media and to replace most of office functions and web browsing. I have Kodi, Mxplayer pro. They run seamlessly. They also will run in split screen mode allowing me to browse on Chrome or read emails whilst watching the news on brave browser on the other half a screen. They both do this effortlessly.

  • The only selling point of this tab is it's 4G LTE capability. The budget Samsungs and Lenovos sold in Officeworks are WI-FI only models.


    It has very poor graphics compute scores, most likely due to using that low-end PowerVR IMG8322 proc. Don't use it for 3d games.

  • Teclast P80X Android Tablet, 4G LTE 8" IPS 2GB..
    stopped reading from there…

    seriously guys, move on..

  • Any good cheap tablets that can decode x265, feature fast AC WiFi and have a 16:9 lcd in the 7-8" range?

    I want something around $100 or so to use with moonlight streaming to stream games from my pc and play them on the couch. I am using my phone now which works fine but the screen is a tad small for my liking and it has black bars on the sides because it's not a 16:9 aspect ratio.