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[Used] Galaxy S9 64GB 256GB G960F from $379 Delivered (12 Months Warranty) @ Loop Mobile


Stock priced very competitively against the competition.

Galaxy S9 64GB - Good
Loop: $379.00

Galaxy S9 64GB - Excellent
Loop: $409.00


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  • +10 votes

    shit prices for an old phone

    • +1 vote

      Great for the seller,
      Crap for the buyer…


      Coming dangerously close to the 10e brand new on sale

      • +1 vote

        Where can you get a 10e close to $400?


    They are sold for only a bit less at ebay, depends on condition I guess. The site doesn't indicate if there are any inclusions like charger/cable/headphones etc.


    yeah, nah.. s8's are around $249 so these should be $100 more max..

  • +3 votes

    Is buying any used phone a bit silly mainly due to degraded battery performance which is a large reason why people upgrade in the first place?


      I completely agree, let alone performance and other improvements…

    • +2 votes

      Buying phones without removable batteries is silly imo. I hate that trend and how people have just rolled over and accepted it. These phones could be so much better with a new battery but we can't have it because so many people reward these companies by buying this stuff that's designed to fail and have you buy another phone off them sooner. I am still using a galaxy s5 and would love to find a new phone somewhat similar with removable battery, great screen but better camera and cpu/ram, etc but it seems impossible to find.

      • +1 vote

        Agree, nothing has NFC, the right radio frequencies and decent specs with removable battery, fits in one's hand or pocket properly


        I struck it lucky with my s8 about 15 months ago.. purchased around $400 2nd hand. The battery only in the last few months is beginning to get tired


    I should sell my S9+ at these prices


      If you did want to sell at a more reasonable price then the deal above send me a message - I'm looking to upgrade