Query Regarding Harvey Norman Product Care - Claim after Expiry

Hi All,

Once i realised i made a stupid mistake, i thought this is the only forum who can help me.

I have purchased a Lenovo MIIX laptop from HN in Mar 2017 and i purchased 2 years of product care along with it.
I had an issue with the laptop when my wife was overseas in December.

I was naive in thinking the 2 years ended in 2019 and so the product is out of warranty and did not case to reach out to HN.
Last couple of weeks, i reached out to a laptop repair centre and they advised me to confirm if the product is out of warranty
When i reached out to HN, i was told i am late by 2 weeks and my warranty has expired and that the system would not allow to apply for a claim.
I felt dis-hearted as my stupidity and laziness has costed me.

Being from IT, i believe if HN is willing to verify my claim whether the laptop was infact not working from Dec, i am sure they can find enough evidence if a technician looks at it. However, they have disregarded my request saying it is my fault that i did not apply for a claim on time (which i agree is my fault).
I need advice if there is way i can raise such an issue and get HN technician to check my laptop to proof my claim is true and get my laptop repaired or replaced ?
Is there any merit in trying ?

Appreciate your help.


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    Call a current affair and they will look into it for you.

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    I doubt they would help you even if you made the claim within the extended warranty period. These policies are rarely worth the paper they’re written on.

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    I would speak to the manager and inform them about your consumer rights. Two years is not a reasonable amount of time for a laptop to fail (even a cheapie). If the manager decided to be a jerk, lodge a claim with consumer affairs and the small claim tribunal in your state.

    • Normally these things should last 4 years 3 months, on the 10th day, just before midnight….

    • It's been 3 years. I wouldn't expect warranty cover.

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    If I were you, I would not take a photo copy of the receipt and extended warranty (and write a claim letter on the computer) and send it to Harvey Norman warranty claims (by normal mail).

    Also, I would not backdate the letter to make sure that they will honour the warranty.

    I would not anticipate that their claims department would assume that the letter got to its destination late due to Corona.


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    I see no reason for HN to pay for your laptop repair.

    • If one goes by the rule book and rejects the claim on basis of claim date, may be yes.
      I'm looking for opinions and suggestions if i can get HN technician to check the laptop as i know for the fact that it stopped working when it was taken overseas in Dec and like i mentioned, i did not take it to HN assuming the warranty has already expired until recently.

      • I don't think there is a 'Harvey Norman technician' though.
        They would send it to a repairer and would need to pay that repairer.

  • What is wrong with your laptop?

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      It came from Harvey Norman.

    • I haven't got it checked by any other repair centre yet as i wanted to the opinion from the fellow Ozbargainers.
      I have confirmed though that there is nothing wrong with the charger.

  • Hi OP, i saw you reached out to me on another post.

    unfortunately after the manufacturer warranty it lands on the hands of product care. to make a claim you can either call them or do an online claim (generally HN would more than happy do this for you but because it is out of product care they can't do much help). regardless if you did try to claim they will refuse the claim straight away as your product care has expired.

    in regards to having a technician look at your laptop it depends what HN you go to. some are actual technicians that have the skills to see the issue (if its a quick fix it not they will have to send it off) whereas there are some that just sends it off to an authorised repair agent. but because it is both out of warranty and product care they will charge you for the inspection/assessment. you probably are best off having a third party looking at your laptop and/or purchasing a new one.

    i hope this helps x

    • i'll like to add that when it is under product care. the product requires to be sent off to an authorised repair agent by product care NOT HN and they are to deem that your product is faulty or not and once it has been deemed as faulty they will ask if you want your product to be repaired or replaced. unfortunately your product care has expired and thus cannot do a claim.

      • thanks a lot for taking time out and responding .. cheers ..

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