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Giorgio Armani Code Colonia Eau De Toilette 125ml Spray $12.99 (Was $119.99) In-Store @ Chemist Warehouse


Update: Seems as though this is still available in-store at the same price currently. However could be store specific so going to mark as expired anyway, could be still worth a try.

Greetings everyone, seems like an awesome price on this cologne :)

Only available for C&C, seems like plenty of stock around in most states.

Seems to regularly hover around $100 on all other stores, possibly a price error but worth a try!

As always, enjoy!

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      • Got a call from them cancelling the order

  • About to sign up to shopback, any referral code?

    • Sorry can't publish here… have to enable messages to PM you a referral… btw, currently no cashback with Chemist Warehouse

  • +1

    One click per second, Scotty and co will be bathing in Armani code soon

  • Cheers OP. Bought 2. Will be a good gift.

  • +3

    My order got cancelled

  • Did anyone got payment taken out and then got a order cancellation email as I placed about 40 mins ago and still says pending

    • Pre sure you will receive refund soon

  • +1

    Said it was available in my local but then not available anywhere in Adelaide during checkout.

    That stinks!

  • hmm got a text and email saying it's processing. now we wait

  • +2

    Received an email - CANCELLED!

    • Same!

  • +2

    Ordered at Mt Waverley VIC, for pickup, just got a txt saying your order has been cancelled :(

    • +1

      Same here.

  • +2

    Received an email that its been cancelled…. yet site still shows stock :L

    • +1

      Have you tried channeling your positive-energies against their dark evil and having the cancellation cancelled by defeating and blocking their Shtoyle?

  • -1

    Can u cancel an order to get refund even after u receive an email ready for pick up ?

    • +7

      …if youre an indecisive idiot then anythings possible really

      • in the true ozbargain spirit i bought it without thinking and now i realise i dont need it lol

        • sell it to one of the desperados here? seems like theres a lot of people that want to smell like whatever this smells like…

  • Ordered at Haymarket, Sydney, Paypal Payment completed, Now the order has been canceled.

    • must be ordered after me :) I ordered from Hay Market 2 then I checked the store again and it was still showing 2 available even after I complete my order. I haven't received cancellation yet. Let's see. I ordered at 8:39am

  • Order cancelled, party over

  • Seems like if you ordered in highly populated areas, you can still get your orders cancelled even if you managed to place an order successfully online.

  • This has been my go to cologne since I was a teenager! Totes jelly if anyone actually managed to pick one up before the cancellation emails went out.

  • Still avaliable if anyone realy need it $89 now

  • Just successfully ordered one from the Acacia Ridge QLD store, waiting for the cancellation email to come through now

    • +1

      cancelled! morning fun over, congrats to anyone that managed to get it for this price

  • +1

    Got a call from CW saying pricing error and that they would refund

  • +3

    Boo Cancelled.

    They're calling me, if I don't pickup it doesn't count as cancelled, right?

    • +4

      …throw your phone into another room and hide behind the sofa just to be sure….and for the love of god DONT ANSWER THE PHONE!!

      • +4

        they can't rob me of my basic ARMANI-RIGHTS.

    • Ah yes the George Costanza method of avoiding breakups! Its the episode with the funny answering machine jingle!

  • -2

    Recieved pick up confirmation on both orders

  • Click & Collect Order Cancelled!

  • +4

    I will know what ozbargainer smells like next time when i go out..

    • Cheap smelling ;)

  • IT's weird. At check out most stores are out of stock but if you refresh a few times or comb through the suburbs individually sometimes they pop back as being available. See what happens.

  • Price updated to $89.99

    • nope. I still see $12.99 on the page

  • Cancelled too… boo
    Too good to be true anyway

  • -3

    They sell grey import fakes anyway.. not nearly as strong as the real thing. Waste of money tbh

    • you might be right but every now and then I buy this from Chemist Warehouse and my shirts smells even after wash.

  • +1

    Order Ready For Pick Up
    Your Click & Collect Order Is Now Ready

  • +1

    My order just got cancelled.

  • +2

    Thanks Doweyy.

    Managed to C&C at Chemist warehouse Fortitude Valley. Had one literally right next to where I live and picked it up as soon as I got the confirmation for pick up :)

  • Went in store and they said head office has made stock 0 online as it is a price error. Back to full price :(

  • Got my c&c confirmed ready for pickup at Norwood SA when most stores were showing stock this morning. Thanks doweyy.

  • Order cancelled…

  • nice, thanks OP! I had trouble finding a store that had stock, and even if it had stock when you go to the next payment page it would say out of stock at that particular store that you previously chose. For the actual transaction to go through it needs to be a store that has stock on the actual payment page.

    • update, my order has just been cancelled, no reason given :(

  • Product has been red flagged as a pricing error in their system.

  • It was a price error.. now changed to 109.99

  • +2

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

  • Cancelled Fountain Gate VIC :(

  • If you don't get a pickup confirmation within 20-30 minutes, it pretty much means it's cancelled.

    • it says on the email tho, takes up to 4 hours so may not be true.

  • +4

    I just went to chemist warehouse and bought one instore. Whilst the item is not advertised at this price in-store, they honored the online advertised price.

    • That might have been the way to go. I haven’t got my pick up confirmation yet.

    • which one did you go to ?

      • Hillsdale, NSW. Plenty of stock there

    • Salute to your commitment!!

  • Just called the local store who said they have heaps of them but its a price error from head office so they wont honour it.
    She said even if you do it online we will cancel it from our end.

    Fingers crossed to the people who got through it, hope you all still get it.

  • +1

    Ordered from Prahran, but got a call saying that the order was processed as Armani Code, and Code Colonia isn't in stock.

  • Received ready to collect email? Want to know if they will say out of stock or price error if I enter in store and pick up, anyone has experience?

    • +2

      If you get ready to collect you should be in the clear, just went down and picked up mine with ease :)

    • It would be pretty bad form to backtrack after the notification so i reckon we're all good

      edit: hmmmm. Might have to go jump in the car.

      • lol

      • seems like I got my waiting pickup as well.

        • +2

          Dammit. Got a cancelled sms on the way, so close

          • @Chickenleg: got a call from them….. :(

          • @Chickenleg: Managed to get yours? I entered in store and was told that the order has been cancelled, but I did not argue with them…

            • +1

              @jim0519: Damn! Nah i looked at the message, sighed, and turned back home. Should've gone as soon as i got the confirmation i reckon.

  • Order cancelled

  • At 9.02am Brisbane time, still showing at $12.99 at my local store - and stock available.

  • +1

    You have selected “Wait For Restock”. We will fulfil your order as quickly as possible. You will receive an SMS and email notification once your order is ready for collection.

  • Sold out everywhere in West Sydney…

  • Brisbane just gone - missed by seconds.
    Damn meetings! - the bosses can just wait next time!

    • Managed to order one from 9:20, dont know why but it suddenly said brisbane got stock lol

    • Got cancelled damm

      • Bugger!

  • Went to my local store in Greenvale. They had three in stock but they called the headoffice for confirmation and were told this is a pricing error and therefore do not honour the sale.

    • did you receive the ready to pick up confirmation email?

      • By the time I ordered it wasnt available online so went directly to the store to get it.

  • It's price error not OOS but CnC and delivery not available now

  • Order got cancelled here too

  • They just cancelled my order :(

  • I got an interesting message saying the item is unavailable and action is needed. 1) wait for restock 2) cancel order. i clicked 1, wonder how long it will take to "restock"?

    • and yep cancelled

  • +2

    Cancelled Canberra

  • Order cancelled from Hornsby (NSW) - is it worth waiting for "restock"?

  • I got an email my order is cancelled.

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