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Gears of War 3 $69 JB Hi-Fi


Gears of War 3 Std. Ed. $69

Seems ridiculously cheap for a local release of such a big game.

You can probably get Game or EB to price match as well.

Also if you preorder tonight you may still get the bonus from any of these stores if they have one.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Same price at Kmart.

  • Yep planning to trade 3 games there and get it for free tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Preorder bonus sounds good too, hopefully they remember to give me it, staff are a bit clueless at my local.

    • Always a bit disappointing when you know more about promotions than they do. Used to work in retail entertainment and it is not that hard to keep track of promotions as long as you have half an interest in your job.

      • as long as you have half an interest in your job

        Alot probably don't care about their job, it'd be "just a job" to them….

  • That's the pre-order price, not surprise.
    Maybe it will be more expensive after tonight 23:59.

  • Does anyone know if the pre-order bonus applies for online orders?

  • This is what all game's RRP should be…

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    I wish I wasn't so hasty to preorder from overseas, would have happily paid $25ish more than I paid for my import version to get this game on launch!

    • Yeah this is the other consequence of retailers being slow to act. Putting the price at $100 and then expecting customers to haggle and price match to gouge the less savvy ones is insulting and annoying.

      Also the $69 price only lasts a couple of days and its back to $100.

  • Just bought this from JB this morning. I didn't pre-order it but it still came with the COMMANDO DOM and MECHANIC BAIRD bonus DLC :D

    Great to see a decent price on launch! Only $10 more expensive than importing.


      You clearly import from the wrong sites if it's only $10 cheaper to import.. I know it's that price on ozgameshop but it's much cheaper elsewhere, my preorder was only $43.99.

      • I realise that the NTSC-J versions are much cheaper but I hate having Chinese characters all over the box art.

  • unless you are a huge fan of this game and really able to commit time on it, why not just wait for a couple of months. i bought gt5 locally for full price and only played for less 10 hours, now only about $30. same to Killzone 3.

    • GT5 is a year old. KZ3 is 6 months old.

      Im sure they are pretty dead online. Maybe not GT5 but online communities move on pretty quickly. Once CoD and BF3 come out no one will be playing gears so its worth getting in now to enjoy it.

      • haha Gears has a huge online fanbase, they will be playing for years to come believe me.

        I dont understand people that think a game is 'old' a few months after release, and never play it again. talk about a waste of money and short attention span!!

      • gt5 price retreated a few months ago, kz3 a couple of months ago. i dont know about gt5, but i am sure kz3 is quite alive :D
        i sold my kz2 about 3 months before kz3 release. even at that time, still plenty ppl were playing that really old game. let alone half year old kz3. when people rush for cod black ops, i never had proplem to find ppl to play mw2 and sold my mw2 for a surprisingly good price.

    • it is not a huge fan matter or even money matter but the heart of gaming.

      Will you watch a football match after it finished for a week but in live?
      You can still watch that and having fun but the feeling is totally different.

      • Disagree. Watcing a football match is totally different from playing a game. In a football match, you are not invoved in the match, while you are when playing a game.

    • Agreed. Did anyone else miss Fallout 3? I had it for ages but never played it, just couldn't get into it. Playing it now though - it's AWESOME. Prob could pick that up for $30 by now too.

  • all those first party playstation games drop in price quick smart, it only took like 2 months for killzone 3 to get to half price. infamous 2 is already about $39. i dont buy playstation games on release anymore, too expensive.

  • This is cheaper than the Launch DLC heh :P

  • Eb at Macquarie centre refused to match. I did not even ask them why, I just left the store immediately and bought it from JB for $69 :D.

    Horde 2.0 is insane!

    • wow, thats where I usually go and they never have a problem matching? Thats surprising. If they refused to match, I would have stood there and pointed out their own T+C and made a scene until they did. Nothing worse than clueless staff who dont follow company policy.

      • I knew that I could argue their T+C and eventually get them to match, but it was much faster to just get it from JB itself instead of going through the hassle.

        I think I will stop buying anything from eb, unless I can find a way to rip them off using trade deals. I don't want to give my money to a company that has ripped off gamers for years and is so reluctant to match their largest competitor.

        The clueless staff member was actually the manager of the macquarie ebgames LOL. She hates to price match anything from what I have heard and seen myself

  • Ended up getting my copy this morning from WOW @ Burranda for 65.55. Gota love a price match and a 5% discount! Screw the hippy that woundn't sell it to me yesterday, I would of paid full price too.

  • Nice price. I pre-ordered it from GAME and got it for $68.00! It was a weekend special or something soo to me this is an awesome price :)