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National Space Centre to Stream Free Planetarium Show via YouTube "We Are Stars"


The National Space Centre is giving families the chance to enjoy a film night with a difference.

The Leicester attraction will be streaming a planetarium show online for the first time ever, on Friday, April 24 - and you can watch for free.

We Are Stars will be available to view from 6pm, and will enable families, adults and children to explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, and our explosive origins.

Developed by NSC Creative, a team of animators based at the National Space Centre, We Are Stars has played in planetaria around the world.

However, this is the first time the show has been able to be seen outside the full dome and enjoyed, in full, in the home.

Credit to hukd

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    We're stars was a charity collaboration of heavy metal musicians in 1985.

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      Why is it that such a high percentage of physicists are into heavy metal?

      • +5

        It's heavy metals. There's a whole bunch of them which formed straight after the Big Bang singularity (but are no longer with us).

        • +2

          It's heavy metals.

          What lead you to think that?

          • +1

            @jv: A copper told him.

          • @jv: It's all iron maiden till it goes supernova.

        • RIP Freddie Mercury

        • Uranium my parade with these puns.

          • @Sydney2K: Not all physicist are into heavy metal. There are plenty that aren't. You might say they are acdc about heavy metal.

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    Daughter Went to the Science Centre in Winchester England and watched this… later when to the Space Centre Leicester for a Star Wars day and as a change to the normal shows they showed this instead… then went to a Planetarium in Moscow and they showed this… finally the mobile planetarium came to her school and… yes… they showed this.

    4 visits to planetariums and the same show each time… I shall make sure she sees it a 5th time.

    • +6

      Daughter Went to the Science Centre in Winchester England and watched this…

      Our kids just went to Sciencworks in Spotswood… It worked out cheaper.

      • +3

        We were in the UK at the time so the flights to Oz would of made it prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

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    thanks op

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    This will be excellent for those families who have set up dome-shaped projection screens in their ceilings !!!

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    Starts at 3am AEST.

    • +2

      should see lots of stars then if its not cloudy.

    • Yeah,great time for famalies to watch. lol Plenty of other space stuff to watch on You Tube. Still gave an up vote.

    • +1

      Anyone know if it will be viewable after the live stream ends? My niece and nephew would love this.

  • Is this still available? It says the video is private when I click on it.