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Great Northern Super Crisp Lager Beer 48 x 375ml Cans $83 Delivered @ CUB via Kogan


Great Northern Super Crisp cans being marketed as a 48 pack for $83 on Kogan. Bulk buy bargain!

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  • +10
    • +15

      Yep, and to be fair, unless I was getting paid to, I wouldn't consume this garbage anyway.

      • +4

        unless I was getting paid to, I wouldn't consume this garbage anyway.

        and even then, it would depend how much ;)

      • +2

        This is the best beer-flavoured water! How can you not like it!?

        • -2

          All beer is "beer flavoured water" (+ alcohol).

          What is your point?

    • +5

      4.5/5 stars from 140 reviews and 86% would recommend.

      Oh well, I guess it's time to stop putting any worth in Dan Murphy's reviews.

  • +21

    $83 to be disappointed 48 times…..no thanks

    • -11

      Being cans.. Yes.

      If they were stubbies I'd be all over them, easily the best beer IMO.

      • +4

        I'd legitimately be embarrassed to admit that in public, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

        • sorry that it doesnt have perfume in it or the other hipster crap you weird beards like in a beer.

          • +2

            @HKS: Yeah, hipster crap like hops and malt. SLOW DOWN BEARDO THATS NOT MANS BEER THATS GIRLS BEER LOLOL

            • -2

              @jjcf: LMAO 10 downvotes because people don't like the beer?

              Don't know why y'all hate it? It's paletable unlike something along the lines of Guinness

    • -2

      Excuse me it's delicious

    • I like them

  • +2

    This isn't a bargain lol. Absolute garbage beer.

    • +3

      It's literally one of the most popular beers in Australia, so you and your taste buds are in the minority

        • +4

          and then crush the can on your forehead….right….

      • +2

        "It's literally one of the most popular beers in Australia" a look at stock levels at any liquor store would make most people doubt that. Can you show me one unbiased link to a list of Australia's most popular beers that would support your claim because i have just been through a lot of list's and cannot even find it mentioned.

        • My source is working in popular pubs in both Queensland and New South Wales.

          • @haydent: Yeah I suspect most of the hate is coming from people in major cities and unfamiliar with pubs.

  • +1

    That's very expensive.

    • Also not included in BCF promo

      • how do you know that theese arent the marked BCF promo boxes?

        • A specially marked carton of Great Northern Brewing Company beer.
          The participating products are 24 x Super Crisp and Original bottles, and 30 x Super
          Crisp and Original cans (subject to stocks remaining)

  • +1

    Very expensive drain cleaner.

  • +4

    Mid strength garbage.

  • +4

    TIL - there is a Great Northern defense force.

    • -1

      Yeah, looks lile the marketing depts & ad people/ have discovered OzB and are out in force to +1 their products and -1 comments whom -1 their products. OralB were the obvious ones -1 any knockoff toothbrush heads.

      • +1

        I'll defend Great Northern Original in a bottle to the death, it's my favourite Australian beer. But Super Crisp, man, it isn't very good at all. I'd say most people who hate Great Northern have only ever tried canned Super Crisp.
        Then again, taste is obviously subjective…

        • +1

          Yeah it depends on the circumstance from which you're requiring refreshment. If it's a lawnmower lager (you're hot & need a quick slam-it-down thirst quencher), then sure I'll even drink err xxxx. But a lot of the mainstream beers in Oz just taste terrible, especially if they warm up after 5mins. They don't have a huge flavour and the traditional Pride Of Ringwood hops used for bittering is just overpowering when it's not ice cold.

          My pick of mainstream tap beers are Carlton Draught & Tooheys Old.

          I'm with you on the original is much better then the super crisp…or xxxx or vb

  • +2

    Avoid this beer. It actually tastes terrible.

  • I can't remember which one tastes weird but they have two versions of this beer… One was ok the other weird

    • The "Original" is what you want.

      Unfortunately I was given a case of "Super Crisp" in can tonight in payment of a favour, but hey it's free beer.

  • +4

    I tried this beer once. It's vile.

    Tastes watered down too. Yuck.

  • While I do enjoy craft beers, this is my goto camping/session beer. Expensive 'deal' tho

    • Yeah i just go for the cheap aldi cans. Cans for camping are handy.

  • with the amex credit offer Kogan OL ($100/$25) this beer and buying a $17 gift card from kogan might make it a worthy deal?

  • i don't mind lagers but this ranks pretty low for me. Would rather buy VB/Corona but if you haven't tried it give it a shot.

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