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20% off Shoei Helmets @ MCAS


MCAS has 20% off shoei helmets, including the GT AIR II, which is a new model. The biggest discount I've seen on them recently was 10% at Brisbane Motorcycles. It seems like a decent price for AU Stock, but still a bit more expensive than a grey import.

Beware, the website is terrible and the discount code box is hidden away at the checkout.

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  • Discount code only applies to full priced items…

    • Thanks - I should've mentioned that in the original post. From what I can see, the only discounted Shoei helmets are the old models on clearance. It looks like they have >20% off already, but still a bit pricey.

  • You can buy solid color GT AIR 2 from Championhelmets for around $630, no deal for me

    • That would be the cheaper grey import I mentioned above. Lots of websites selling grey imports at similar prices.

    • Champion Helmets / MotorGearStore would be considered a grey import as already mentioned. They are a Dutch-based company and I’ve never seen any Australian supplier beat them in price. Given the current delays in domestic shipping alone, I’ll give ordering from NL a miss due to the current pandemic and lack of international flights even for freight.

      • I agree and that's absolutely right. It took me about 3 weeks to get my helmet from them during last year black friday sale, considering this pandemic, shipping would take much longer. Unless people are in a hurry to get a helmet during winter, then I think $200 difference is still worths a few weeks of wait.

        • Absolutely. I just purchased a Shark Evo One 2 from a Sydney supplier for $519 versus $416 from Holland. No regrets. It came in 2 days.