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[Refurb] Dell XPS 15 7590 i9 9980HK 4K 1TB SSD 32GB RAM $3369 Delivered @ Dell Refurbished Outlet


To be the "old generation" in the near future (new CPUs are out I believe but not the new Dell XPS 15) but still a solid spec imho and when I've looked at this spec brand new it's often >$5k without the big 25% discounts. Also wary of what the new model will cost with the AUD/USD situation (though seems to better than rock bottom) and availability due to supply chain issues due to coronavirus.

You can also buy extended warranty for these.

Listed as "As New" (cancelled orders or old stock?) and not "Refurbished". 29 units available as at 6pm 25-Apr-2020.

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  • Slow GPU:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5

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      It's not a gaming PC, this is fast for this type of computer.

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        At ~$5K asking price I would have preferred seeing a Quadro P2000 mobile.

        Similar performance but with professional software driver support.

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          I'm not sure the point of your comment.

          This is a XPS, for office work or premium multimedia.

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          Think you’re confused with the Dell Precision 5540 with the T2000 4GB for $4400, which has an identical chassis to the XPS15

          The XPS range is for consumers

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    WOW this makes last MacBook Pro deal absolutely wonderful.

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    I've got an older model XPS 15" model:9550 (2016) which has a battery issue (bulging)

    All the reading I've done, points to it being a defective batch of batteries.
    Unfortunately, in my case, it swelled so much that it pushed out the touchpad and the entire laptop will not power on.

    Dell insist that it's because I've over charged it or through mis-use and want $800AUD to replace all the possible damaged parts (motherboard, touchpad, battery)
    They have not done any actual troubleshooting or inspections, they've just given me a quote based off the explanation I gave them over the phone.

    I'm not saying to not take this up if it's a good deal, just be aware that any warranty on the battery will be max of 12 months from purchase.

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      They've been busy the past year updating BIOS of most of their systems, to address charging issues:

      "- Modified battery algorithm to prolong lifespan and minimize risk of swelling."

      I've seen numerous latitude E5450, E5470, E7270's with battery swelling issues, so I suggest continually hounding them till they fix a hardware issue, most likely caused by their faulty code.

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      lol that's disgusting.
      How is the user meant to be responsible for "overcharging" a laptop?!?

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      They actually had a recall for this and replaced the batteries for free.

      I did this and they honored it even though it was a couple years out of warranty

      • Can you please give some detail about it? My dad's XPS 15 has an expanding battery and I'm really worried

        • There is an official recall link out there where you enter the serial number of your laptop and can book a replacement online. The link should still be out there but I don't know if they are still honouring it considering for a 2016 model its 4 years old now. I did mine a couple years ago.

          Try this link:

    • I have a 2017 precision 5510 that had battery swelling so bad that the mouse buttons didn't work. Read up about it and the free replacement program but Dell said I was ineligible. They told me I should replace the battery because it was "unsafe". Fortunately for me that is a keyword constituting a major failure under Australian Consumer Law and Dell ended up replacing battery for free.

      If you can't get Dell to replace the battery, I suggest getting one of EBay (probably <$100) and doing it yourself. I just replaced the battery in my sons Zenbook and it was a piece of cake following a youTube video. I doubt that the motherboard and touchpad are damaged.

      • Thanks for your comments, I am still in "discussions" with Dell support and they are continually insisting that the repairs are $800.

        I have already got myself a replacement battery, but the laptop will not power on before OR after the swapout.
        This is what led me to contacting them for assistance.

        I will try to get them to mention that it is unsafe.

        Thanks for the tip.

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        I had the battery bulging issue with my XPS 9530(yea its old), every year, 3 times in a row. I've had a warranty to cover twice. Now I don't have and looking to replace it by myself from eBay original item.

        The machine is pretty good, faster SSDs comparatively with HP Elitebook G6(using at work) or any equivalent Lenovo machines and better CPU, GPU which is good for a compact development machine.

    • My old XPS13 also has a swollen battery problem, but I'm still using it.

    • This short video of ABC show the checkout, explains your consumer rights VERY well. I would ask them to repair/refund and if not just go to consumer affairs…

    • @lagomorph

      All the reading I've done, points to it being a defective batch of batteries.

      It is indeed a well-known issue and it affected the XPS 13s too. I've seen two XPS 13s (9343) experience battery swelling/bulging, though they remained functional and the touchpad was still able to track movement normally despite being pushed out of place and bending quite severely due to pressure from the expanding battery pack.

      Both of them had to be repaired out-of-warranty at a cost of around $350 each just for the battery replacement and on-site service (if your touchpad is damaged as a result of battery swelling, that's an extra $129 for that part, which is usually refurbished; the batteries should be new but it really depends on your particular model and stock availability at the time of your order).

      Dell insist that it's because I've over charged it or through mis-use

      Liars. They know full-well this is a manufacturing defect; the Dell technicians I've spoken to explicitly told me it doesn't make any difference whether your laptop is plugged in 24/7 or not, they've seen this issue occur regardless of consumer usage patterns.

      want $800AUD to replace all the possible damaged parts (motherboard, touchpad, battery)

      It's at your discretion; you don't have to opt for any additional parts replacement beyond the battery.

      Sounds like you got saddled with a really sh*tty/clueless support rep.

      they've just given me a quote based off the explanation I gave them over the phone.

      Reply to them and say you only want a replacement battery part ordered and an on-site service call (labour) to replace the faulty battery (assuming you don't want to replace it yourself, which is also an option). That's it. Don't fall for any other sh*t they tell you. You may be able to get Dell to cover the cost of the entire warranty claim if you kick up enough of a stink and cite ACL/ACCC protections but Dell will determine that on a case-by-case basis. Even if others have managed to force Dell into covering all expenses, it's a crapshoot as to whether you'll be able to.

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    Reviews say they are crazy hot and the processor get throttled a lot.

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      I would not buy any i9, it was Intel's desperate attempt to make it look like they were making progress.

  • Ive only just retired my precision m6500 on account of excessive instability. I suspect the quadro 3800 was getting funny and there are always driver issues.

    Optioned the $700 bluray burner and I don’t think I even watched a bluray on it. Maybe one.

    That’s a 10 year old dell workstation for reference.

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    Sometimes I wonder if there's much use in a laptop with such an overpowered CPU and an under-performing GPU.

    Also, with current 10th gen CPU's, I'd highly recommend getting a power efficient 10th gen U-series Intel CPU if you're looking for highly portable and slim laptop with long battery life as opposed to this powerhouse CPU that won't really last as long

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    On paper, this looks like a great deal.
    But you should check out the online reviews BEFORE buying this laptop.
    Seems there is a heat issue that will prevent you from using it to it's full potential.

    Personally I'm waiting for the next gen AMD Ryzen chipset to come out on laptops (~1 month from now)

    • me 4

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    It would be a big mistake to buy a refurb for this price regardless of the specs. Wait another 2 months for Ryzen 4000.

    • Hm I doubt Ryzen 4000 will beat i9

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        You are only looking at the i9 on paper. This laptop is not designed or cooled well to even start to benefit from the CPU it has.

        The new Ryzen runs on lower watts and performs much better with less cooling. It will be way better than this here.

        That said, you already have the Ryzen 3950X coming pretty close.

  • UPDATE: Reduced to $3,219 this morning

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