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Large Hawaiian Pizza $7 Any Time @ Pizza Hut (Pick-up Only)


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As part of Pizza Hut's Unreal range, you can buy the following pizzas at any time (pick-up only).
* Note that you can not alter any toppings for these deals
* Also not that these pizza deals are Deep Pan base only

Hawaiian: Large $7. Medium $5, Small $3
Margherita: Large $7. Medium $5, Small $3
Americano: Large $7. Medium $5, Small $3

I personally recommend the Hawaiian (if you're not a pineapple hater).
I've been getting it for the past few months and have never been disappointed.
Bigger than Domino's, better crust, more cheesy and tastier in general.

The medium size is perfect for lunch, and who can say no to a $5 lunch?
Small is good for a snack, but less value for your dollar!

I can't say the same for the other 2 flavours, so try at your own risk.

Oh and compare the Domino's Value Range if you want, but we all know that they have hardly any toppings.

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