[Announcement] Official OzBargain Mobile App Is Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

I made a available for testing announcement earlier this month for the official OzBargain Mobile App. However that post was sharing the announcement with Dark Mode (which was also made available for all logged in users earlier today). So I think I should probably make a separate post for OzBargain Mobile App and related announcements.

The initial version was published on Google Play Store on 15 April, and it should be available for most Android phones. iPhone version is available on App Store on 7 July.

OzBargain on Google Play

OzBargain on the App Store

OzBargain on Google Play or App Store

Here's the simple description:

OzBargain is the most popular bargain hunting community in Australia where hundreds of deals are shared every single day. It is free for everyone to use, and everyone can sign up to share the bargains they found, discover & vote on new deals, and discuss the in's and out's of favourite deals.

With the official OzBargain app, you can

  • Browse the front page deals and new deals
  • Browse deals from different categories
  • Log into OzBargain for customised feed

The best way to use OzBargain on the mobile is still opening OzBargain website on a browser. However the app would be useful for those who insist using an app.

Change Logs

  • 1.3.1: Fix app crash issue on starting up on Android 8. 20 May 2020
  • 1.3.0: Dark mode, open deal in browser, home page customisation 18 May 2020
  • 1.2.0: OzBargain notification support. 29 Apr 2020
  • 1.1.0: Competition listings. 19 Apr 2020
  • 1.0.0: Initial version, with deal listings, quick search, login, etc. 15 Apr 2020
  • 1.0: Initial version, which is built from the same source as 1.3 on Android. 7 July 2020


  • I never thought I'd see the day…!

    Cheers scotty I'll give it a go, but sounds like the mobile version of the site is still the best

    • Right now the only advantage for the Android app is the notification, which is delivered via Firebase Cloud Messaging. All your OzB notifications will be delivered to your phone, whether your browser is opened to OzBargain or not. With a bit of delay though.

      However judging by the notification you'll be receiving it can get quite annoying.

      • Yeah I'll be glued to my phone, more-so than normal :P

      • With a bit of delay though.

        Didn't seem like much (any?) of a delay to me.

        • I found if the app is cleared from the memory & the device's screen is off, it can sometimes take a few minutes.

      • +1 vote

        Right now the only advantage for the Android app is the notification,

        The main disadvantage is it is only about the deals:( Is there any plans to add the forum section later on?

        Edit: Looks like comp is in there too.

        • Ozbargain app with real time notifications. Yay! More time on Ozbargain

          Gotta chase them all bargains!

          Thanks Scotty

  • •1.2.0: OzBargain notification support. 29 Apr 2020

    This is enough reason to download it I guess.

  • iOS version. It's pretty much done, however at the moment I'm not able to publish it, because (1) I need an iOS device

    You could upload it on TestFlight so we can test it for you?

  • Browser in mobile is perfect but I'll give the app a crack.

    9.43mb, nice job.

  • "because (1) I need an iOS device,"
    oh sure you can afford one… or two :) no need the $2,500 one hahaha

  • at the moment I'm not able to publish it, because (1) I need an iOS device

    Based Scotty using budget Android phones like a real OzBargainer lol

  • using the app right for the deals but where is the forums??

  • Does it notify you if you're within 1.5m of another OzBargain app user?

  • Thanks. Should have posted this as a deal.


  • Disappointed you just made it free from the beginning. Would have been better if you published it for an inflated RRP and then discounted it to free.

  • Any secret easter eggs implemented? ;)

  • Dark mode is 👌 thanks Scotty.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on the iOS app!

  • Can I get an apk please?

  • I can't launch the app. Keeps crashing.

  • Update 1.3.0 (18 May 2020)

    Published an update this afternoon with some new features:

    • Dark mode (change from Settings).
    • Customise home screen to be Hot deals or New deals. Requested here
    • Open deal in browser. When viewing an app, there should be an icon at top-right corner to open the same deal in the current browser (usually Chrome).

    There are also some bug fixes so replying to comments should work properly now.

    Currently there are ~800 installs, 6 have rated the app, 1x 5-star, 2x 4-star but 3x 1-star (all voted on 13 May from a Samsung Galaxy S9).

    Feel free to post up your reviews & feedbacks on either Google Play Store or here.

  • What are the current usage stats versus browsers etc? What percentage of users do you think have transitioned to the app?

    • Hardly anyone using the app. Less than 1,000 installs. Moreover I don't think it meant to be a transition — many people would be using both. The main benefit right now is the notification support — so for those who are on OzBargain a lot & want to rely on notifications should give it a try.

      • I honestly only discovered there was an app as I was bored and scrolling through the forums, clicked on "Site Discussion" and scrolled down. It needs proper promoting! :)

  • Does OzBargain have an app?

    No, our website is optimised for mobile use.

    You can add an OzBargain icon to your homescreen by loading up OzBargain in your browser on iOS or Chrome and then Add to Homescreen.

  • Any news on iOS release?

    • Testing on it right now. Might try to publish it on App Store tomorrow, and then wait a week for Apple's approval…

      • Awesome, looking forward to it.

        • Just an update. Apple has rejected the app for UI/UX reason. More things to be fixed before we submit for review again.

          Also I am taking out Google/Facebook signins for iOS app because we don't have Sign in with Apple.

  • Any chance of getting the forum added to the app? If I receive a forum notification it takes me to the post, but there isn't any direct access.

    If I action a notification though the browser, I still receive the delayed notification on the app. Can a check be made before the notification is sent to ensure it's still valid?

    • The notification has already been sent (to Google Firebase) but somehow it takes a while sometimes to propagate to the device. Therefore it's not possible to cancel it.

  • On the app in new comps it still displays removed comps (duplicate, sockputting etc) but doesn't on the new deals page, not exactly a problem but not sure if that is intended.

    • The listing came from the RSS feed, and looks like RSS includes nodes that have been unpublished. That's a bug on our end and should get fixed in the next rollout.

  • Initial build has been approved by Apple. You can now down it on Apple's App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1519954248

    It should be similar to Android's version. However

    • A different notification library is used, which appears to have faster notifications. We'll be experimenting that on our Android build as well.
    • Log In does not open OzBargain in a web browser but inside a Safari webview.
    • Google / Facebook Sign in are disabled, as we are not able to provide Sign in with Apple.
    • Here's some feedback on the iOS app:

      • Inertial scrolling is different on the index page and on the deals page. It seems like the scrolling inertia on the index page matches Safari (and other native iOS apps inertia), but when you click into a deal on the Safari webview, the scrolling is quite clunky, resembling an Android device.
      • If you click on Accounts, then click on any links going out of the accounts page (e.g. recent activities), you can't get back to the accounts page unless you kill the app and restart.
      • Notifications coming directly to device is great! This will be the primary use of the app.

      Feature requests:

      • Forums!
      • Dark mode match iOS dark mode?
      • To enable notifications do I need to change my preferences to 'Web' rather than 'Email'?

        App is stable and working great. One piece of feedback from me is can we have the ability to share a page straight from the app without opening it in the browser?

      • +1 for dark mode utilising the system setting, please!

    • Another feedback on iOS app:
      - It would be good to have a "back" button from within a deal page to go back to where you were in the deals listing

      Loving the app so far

  • So is there any real benefit to using the app over the web version then?

  • I’m using the iOS version.When I get a notification, I press it, it opens the app but takes me to the home page instead of the deal or comment some of the time. Could be a bug.

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