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Dettol Refresh/Original Healthy Touch Instant Hand Santisers 200ml $5.99ea C&C /In-Store (No Delivery) @ Chemist Warehouse


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  • Now is the time to support Australian jobs, manufacturing and companies like Ego Aqium. Stock of Ultra 375Ml all around the place near me.


  • Is this not the normal price?

  • Normal price. Not a bargain. It’s usually $6.

  • only store in brisbane with stock seems to be rocklea

    • Just had a quick squizzy around my local area and found C&C available at Rocklea, Oxley, Annerley, Woolloongabba, Queen St, Cannon Hill, Tingalpa, Cornubia, Crestmead, Mt Cotton, Shailer Park, Wynnum and both Capalaba Stores. Didn’t bother checking the north side because they can fend for themselves, I’m sure someone on that side of town can add to the list :P

  • I'd recommend going for hand sanitisers with 70%+ alcohol content just to be on the safe side and to use a more effective product in general.

    Dettol apparently has 62% so still good but not as good as other products.

    • Did you check the MSDS to find that out?

      • No he didn’t, but here you go, I did.

        To the original commenter, please be careful to base your recommendations in fact. SA health provide some excellent info on hand sanitiser, available here. This product contains in excess of 60% v/v ethanol and is therefore completely adequate when used correctly.

        Current TGA Guidelines that state higher concentrations of Ethanol/ISO pertain specifically to the manufacture of “Specific formulations excluded from TGA regulation for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic”, nothing else - this is as a fail safe to account for the often less than ideal manufacturing conditions under which many such products are currently being produced.

        Also be wary of the difference between 60% Ethanol w/w (as per the labelling on this particular product) and 60% Ethanol v/v (which is the unit of measurement to which the TGA site refers for clandestine sanitiser production, but, again, is generally not the unit of measurement used on the labels of products) - per SA Health link from above:

        The alcohol content of solutions may be expressed as a percentage by weight (w/w) which is not effected by temperature or other variables during preparation or as a percentage by volume (v/v) which may be effected by these factors. This should be taken into account when comparing the alcohol content of different products. For example, ethanol at 60% (w/w) is equivalent to 67.7% (v/v) at 20oC, and ethanol at 70% (w/w) is equivalent to 76.9% (v/v).

        For example, the “Gold Standard”, the product you see on the walls in most hospitals, Schulke’s Microshield, only declares a minimum 60% Ethanol w/w content. Microshield is a TGA regulated therapeutic good.

        The product we’re talking about has an even higher 62% minimum ethanol content. That’s good enough for me. I didn’t get my calculator out to confirm but a minimum 62% Ethanol content measured by weight would be remarkably close to, if not exactly 70% Ethanol v/v.

        Sorry for the long winded and likely waffling response all, the sleep deprivation is real. Someone TLDR for me! Stay safe!

    • I use this exact same product at home and there is no written alcohol content on the product label. Product is made in Thailand. We used other products made of 70% alcohol before and both me and my partner admit Dettol hand sanitiser definitely has much less alcohol content (probably less than 50%). Firstly you barely smell alcohol when applying to hands. Secondly it dries out very slowly. On the product label it also only says it will kill 99% germs (not virus), while on some other Dettol product (like the Dettol Glen 20) states clearly it kills germs and viruses.

      • depends which germs and which viruses, usually fine print is e.colli and staphylococcus, so other bacteria aren’t in the 99.9% …..
        viruses are the same which ones as many different types.

        i can see now which demographics in america were injecting and drinking antiseptic, we possibly have some in australia …

        hand sanitizer is only a small part of hygiene routine …. which should include hand washing, minimize face touching, etc.

        i saw one person wiping down the steering wheel of their car and interior door handles as they were leaving their car….that is serious sanitization routine.

      • Upon what are you basing your statement that yourself and partner believe this has less than 50% alcohol? Dettol declare otherwise…

        May I just present an alternate possibility - Dettol Instant (particularly the variant which includes Aloe) has a high moisturiser and emollient content, which will a) obfuscate the usually strong alcohol scent you smell when applying these kinds of products and b) be a lot less rough on your hands. Swings and roundabouts of course, as many emollients are irritants themselves. But generally speaking, unless you have a skin condition these additives make it easier for your skin to tolerate the base alcohol and prevents your hands from just becoming a cracked mess. All gel-based products will contain at least one emollient (usually glycerine) to thicken the product and try and contain moisture within the skin. Because most emollients also possess antimicrobial properties, they do double duty assisting in prolonging shelf life, and helping to avoid spoilage should you accidentally drop a few grotty skin flakes in there while applying.

        When so much discussion has been had recently on how irritating most alcohol based sanitisers are, the two above points together may be enough to leave the average punter thinking “oh well this doesn’t stink and it isn’t turning my hands to sandpaper, must be crap then” - Not true!

        Re claims of effectiveness, this is because no product can claim to be effective against viruses unless evaluated and approved by the TGA. This product, much like most hand sanitiser currently floating around, is classed as a “cosmetic”. Source. I haven’t seen any hand sanitiser products on the shelves that make any claims of effectiveness against viruses, this includes the OzB fan favourite, Aquium. Even the gold standard rub for hospital/health makes no claim of effectiveness against viruses.

        PS - the speed at which your hands dry is not necessarily a bad thing nor an indicator of an inferior product. Hand sanitiser is only effective when rubbed in for at least 20 seconds, and so the water content is important as it not only slows the evaporation process down, making you more likely to be rubbing for an effective length of time, but also assists the alcohol base to break down the outer lipid membrane of viruses like Covid. Aforementioned emollients generally serve to slow the evaporation process down even further.

        A lot of anecdotal FUD in this thread but the fact remains that this product is entirely suitable for purpose…

        Oh god, I’ve waffled again. Sigh. Stay safe, stay woke :P

        • It’s spelt memollient.

          I bought the 6-pack from Kogan for $49 delivered.

          Only a week in and the family has already consumed 1 bottle.

          /I put that sh*t on everything

  • My offer is $2, delivered.

  • stop posting these. its not a deal. youre just fuelling hysteria.

  • Guys, what's the alcohol content on this one? Is this Coroner approved at 70%+?

    • Your 70% figure is inaccurate (it’s 60-80%) but yes this is effective against the Coroner. With the current prices I probably wouldn’t waste it on him though. :P

      • The Coroner only becomes involved if there is an unexplained death. So if you drink it and die, it won't protect you from an investigation by the Coroner. However, if you only use it to disinfect your hands, it should provide some protection from the Corona virus, covid-19.

  • It's time to stop panic buying, if you didn't get the memo. It's all gonna be fine - shhhh - shhhhhh.

  • 2 weeks ago I got negged hard for pointing out an $8/200ml hand sanitiser post was hardly a "deal".. now it seems the community has bsckflipped as usual.

  • New discounted price- $5.39 for their MayDay Sale