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Garmin Fenix 6 or 6S Sports Watch $599 + $4.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$350 off. Cheapest these have been as far as i can tell.

Link to 6S https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/garmin-fenix-6s-sports-wa...

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  • gosh sif someone would buy this for $1g..thanks OP

  • nice, got my 6 pro when garmin messed up and released that discount code wrong. good to see that these have dropped.

    well done OP

  • Whats the going way to get cheaper gift cards/cashrewards for jbhifi? My fenix 5 battery is shot, so this looks pretty good

  • Great deal but I'm going to hold out for a sapphire glass variant.

  • Good price, if I didn't have my 5 plus I'd snatch this up

  • shame it doesn't have music :(

    • Yeah, Shame. Only the 6S Pro and above has it.

      Purchased my 245 Music a while ago and love it :)

      • yeah i've been doing some research and i'm pretty sure that's what i've landed on - want something running-focused with GPS and spotify sync. any issues with it?

        • Battery drains pretty quickly if you have the GPS on after a run. Pulse oximetry also drains quick if you use it too frequently; however, it's nice to have while sleeping.

          The sleep tracking data is more robust than on previous devices.

          No problems with spotify.

          Most Bluetoth headsets will pair with the watch; however, some of the cheaper "CHi-Fi" headphones on Amazon have issues. Not sure if mine was an isolated case or if it's something else. I have other headsets such as the Sony WF1000xm3 and Plantronics Backbeat 410 - they pair without an issue. That said, my CHi-Fi headphones from Amazon that I used for running, they pair fine with most devices, just not the watch for whatever reason.

          With respect to the screen, it's great. No problems. Previously had a Vivoactive 3 - need to sell it. I put a tempered glass screen protector on the 245M from ebay. It's cheap and occasionally needs to be reapplied after 3-4 weeks, but it's worth it - no problems.

          If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

    • Do you mean storage for music or spotify? I tried running Spotify on my 5s+ but it was draining my battery rapidly (less than a day usage).

      As a sports watch (activity only i.e. without music or map), I can get about 3-4 days before needing to recharge (20% battery).

  • Definitely a good deal. My 5p saphire still strong and I cab't justify such a short upgrade with a so expensive gadget. I highly recommend if it's your first Garmin or upgrading from an very old Garmin. I upgraded from a 405cx with a dying battery/trashed bezel and couldn't be happier.

  • Good deal but just note it only seems to be the non pro versions on sale which don't include music or maps

  • Does this have music? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Vivo active 3 Music but as much as the JBHiFi site seems to say it does it looks like only the pro has music storage?

  • These once has NFC and all major banks support it. makes it a great deal

  • FYI - perhaps combine with the "Bonus $10 JB Coupon with $100 JB Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/534359 ?

  • G shock GBDH1000 is coming soon for this price.

  • No Garmin Pay on these apparently? These are the basic editions…

    On the JB Hifi site it says it does have Garmin Pay for the 6S but I checked Garmin website and the Silver ones dont have Garmin Pay and only Sapphire/Pro/Solar have them.

    Can anyone confirm?

    • Trust the Garmin site. JB also says it has WiFi which is incorrect. Misleading ad they have

      • Thanks… Great deal on this but i guess i'll wait for the Pro version…

        • pro version has better battery life, storage for maps/music, wifi. no reason to get the standard really except at the moment its significantly cheaper

  • How does this compare to Apple Watch?

  • Can't decide between Garmin Vivoactive 4 or Samsung Active 2. There's been no sales for the vivoactive 4, active 2 has the LTE and generic functions for me, plus with the Amex Deal and additional $25 off with Kogan. Not sure I need the fenix though, appreciate your views


  • My wife and I just recently bought the Vivoactive 3 from Jb for $249 (price matched Rebel) and there should be some parallels.
    Absolutely love the accuracy of Garmin's GPS + Galileo, absolutely despise the inaccuracy of sleep tracking which is a problem across all Garmin devices. Apparently last night i was deep sleeping and REM sleeping while on the iPad?
    The Garmin interface and app is a bit convoluted. The lockable screen mechanics is frustratingly thought out - have the watch face locked and at night tap the screen to illuminate the watch and see the time but instead you get a great big padlock icon right on top of the time display. They need to allow notifications and alarms to disable the lock screen for that particular alert when they pop up. In the morning when my alarm goes off I need to press and hold the button to unlock the watch before I can dismiss or sleep it, this is the same with any other notification - I cannot quickly read through it.
    There are a quite a few different watch faces to download and may take some time to get the one you want. For some reason watch faces are unable to access any weather data from the watch and the only work around is to find a watch face with a seperate OpenWeather icon.
    Garmin Pay is a very useful feature.

    Its a good watch, but its a fitness watch more than a smart watch.

    • thanks for the comments, I've currently got an apple watch and part of me wants to swap to the Garmin, reviews like this leave me split.

      • Ultimately it depends on what you need it for. My must haves were: no more than $250, On board accurate GPS, Interval (Run/Walk) ability, as accurate as possible HR, not having to recharge almost every night, smart watch functions. The ability to make calls or store music were not things I needed. Samsung and Apples watches were ruled out because of the battery life and questionable GPS. Amazfit watches have great battery life but mixed results with GPS and HR. Polar and Sunnto seem to have great battery, GPS and HR as does Garmin. Garmin won out when JB Hifi allowed us to have the Vivoactive 3 (black and rose gold versions) for $249. Before that I was contemplating the Forerunner 45 but it seemed limited compared to other watches at its price point.

        I had an Amazfit Bip and my wife had an Amazfit Pace which were good but not accurate.

        Im happy with the Garmin but it does have it short comings- sleep tracking, clunky and sometimes confusing interface, but I wanted it for exercise tracking and thats where it excels.

        • my main reason for changing is because Apple Watch battery life is terrible. if you don't have a solid routine you always forget to charge the thing. then you go to exercise and its got like 20% left. Also fitness tracking, which garmin seem to do better.

          neither do sleep tracking, but i'd like it. Also silent alarms are a must.

          Also I've had an apple watch for ~3 years now, so sometimes just changing gadgets cause new gadgets are fun!

          • @reveler: I don't have a Fenix but I have a Garmin Instinct, and my wife use Apple Watch. I can only say that it depends on what you want. I like my watch to withstand rough handling, and also not bothering about charging it everyday. Garmin Instinct does everything I want from an easy functional watch - notifications, running, walking, maps for trail walking, sunrise/sunset time, charge once in 2 weeks, take it anywhere, do anything with it, calories, steps, compass, GPS, alarm, move alerts, buttons (i like buttons on a watch), etc. These are top things which appeal to me. Apple Watch - only thing my wife loves about it is to take calls if phone is not around.

            • @ssikkh: I recently recently bought a Vivoactive 4 (Darth Vader variant) from being an Apple Watch user since not long after launch. I moved to Android and so the Apple Watch was redundant but having used an Apple Watch for the last 4 or so years, moving to a Garmin was quite easy as I found half the features on the Apple Watch I never used.

              Wanting to get fit and not needing all the extra fluff that a proper Smart watch comes with along with terrible battery life, I found the Vivo 4 to be a great middle ground between an outright fitness tracker style watch and a full on smart watch.

              It has just enough smart notifications that I need, lots of watch faces to choose from unlike the Apple Watch and great battery life with the added bonus of being a more accurate fitness tracker overall.

  • Pro isnt on sale unfortunately

  • I know Fenix isn't the same as Forerunner. I just want to share my experience, when it comes to swimming, as I have a Garmin Forerunner 235. I bought it a couple of years ago. Everything was fine until last year when I had my 235 in a swimming pool, a typical one. Maybe it's just my bad luck. Ever since then, I haven't been able to power on my 235. Because my 235 is a few years old, warranty doesn't cover the damage. Suffice to say I've since been skeptical about the water rating.

    On the website, 235 has a water rating of 5 ATM, whereas Fenix has a rating of 10 ATM.

    A watch with a rating of 5 ATM is supposedly able to "withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 metres". The pool I went to, however, was no deeper than 2 metres. On paper, 10 ATM should be better than 5 ATM.

    Just saying … YMMV.

    • Have you contacted Garmin support? I've found their after sales service to be excellent. Just last week I got a refund on a 235 i purchased over 3 years ago.

      Call them on 1800 235 822

      • I appreciated your suggestion. I've called Garmin this morning and I was offered to pay $140 for a factory refurbished 235 with warranty. They didn't offer to repair my damaged 235, nor did they offer a refund of any sort. Instead of taking the offer right away, I told them I'd rather using that amount as credit to get an upgrade, e.g., a watch with rate of 10 ATM. I just need to produce my proof of purchase to see what they can offer. I gotta check my CC statements 1st.

  • I would much rather buy Forerunner 935 for $399. But it has not been reduced back to that price for a while now. :(

    • Out of curiosity, any main reasons why you would rather the forerunner 935 over the Fenix 6? I am in the same position and was waiting for forerunner to drop also, but tempted on this now.

      • +1 interested to know as well.

      • To start with, technically it is more correct to compare fenix 6 with 945 but I am happy with 935 features and do not want to pay extra.
        Well, I mostly want to use watch for sports and not concerned about the design or extra rugedness. There is a wheight and size (at least thickness) penalty for using fenix 6.
        Some reviews also state that 935/945 record more accurate tracks (possibly, more plastic in case?).
        935 is simply 200 dollars cheaper!

        • I think the comparisons are between the 935 and Fenix 6, and the 945 with the 6 Pro and above. The 945 and 6 Pro have music and maps (and are priced accordingly)

          • @Riker88: FYI Rebel now has the FR935 for $449. Not the $399 price seen last year

            • @jk91: Thats a great price on the 935. Having read more reviews, I think I'll wait for the 945 or 6 Pro to drop in price. Don't care much for music, but maps and pulse oximeter on the 945 will come in useful. However, if the 935 drops again to $399….

  • Garmin Fenix 6 is back to 949, still available from Amazon for 599 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VVM1VM6/ref=twister_B086XTLY...

  • Anyone that owns the 6s with the 42mm face, do you wear it all the time? Does a business shirt button up over it?

  • 6s still for 599, 6 is back to full price for few days now. Caved in for the 6S, looks nicer than my Vivoactive 3 which is still full functional - time to sell the VA3

  • I just got a 5X for $499 - was a price error. so they did it for the incorrect ticket price.
    Is that a good deal since the 6 is out?
    That was at the top top of my budget mind you.
    Not sure if I sould return it and get rufind if folks reckon the 6 will come down to sub $500 in time?