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[Pre Order] Bosch Blue 18V Brushless 5.0ah Hammer Drill Kit - $179 Delivered @ Total Tools


Pre-order through Total Tools for $179. Available 18th May 2020

Pretty good value considering the battery alone costs around $150, and the drill skin is $279 (https://www.totaltools.com.au/18v-brushless-13mm-hammer-dril...)

1 x Bosch 18V Brushless 13mm Hammer Drill Skin GSB 18V-60 C 0615990J9U
1 x Bosch 18V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 1600A001Z9
1 x Bosch 18V 4.0Ah Battery Charger GAL 18V-40 1600A019RN

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  • https://youtu.be/l04usKJYCug?t=291

    Definitely NOT skookum.

    • Battery is old. The new core batts have different cells in them. Makes a significant difference in both hammer drill and grinder

    • I saw Adam Savage say in a recent video how much he loves AvE, I loved hearing that, the guy is the best thing on You Tube

    • Ha ha i watched this last night - that drill got short shrift!

    • But at this pricepoint, can you do better?
      From watching AVE's reviews of "Home Despot" and "Hazard Fraught" tools over the years seems unlikely.

      Comparing to the "comparable" priced Ozito,
      this has ~10%, 5nm more torque (and I bet you the wimpy 1.5Ah batteries that come in the Ozito kit don't even hit peak torque, you'd likely need a battery upgrade to a 4 or 5Ah)
      RPM's are significantly higher 0-400 / 0-1,500 versus 0–600 / 0–1,900
      and the overall build quality will likely be higher by general nature of Professional grade versus homegamer grade parts.

      The Bosch antikickback feature is excellent.

  • considering the battery alone costs around $150,

    sounds like good reason to stay away from the Bosch ecosystem!
    I'm no expert on drills, but I do know the cheap ALDI and Ozito batteries use high quality cells and boards, 4AHr, but you can buy 3 to 5 for the price of one of these.

    Is there any significant advantage for DIYers (home renovation) in a trade-quality drill? - compared to Bosch Green, Ryobi, Ozito, Makita, etc?

    • Depends how often you use it I guess.
      I've had a DeWalt for probably 15+ years, still going strong apart from the batteries needing to be replaced. Use it a few times a month most months.

      If you only use it a handful of times a year, a cheap drill is likely better value and allows you to purchase other tools cheaper that use the same ecosystem (or without adapters for the batteries).
      In comparison, this kit is only $10 more than the equivalent Ozito. You get a bigger battery vs two small ones but it would lend itself to other power hungry tools like grinders and saws a lot better.

  • I took pre-order and Bosch and somehow read it as
    Porsche hammer drill kit

    What a shame

  • Wanting to purchase my first drill set. Recommend this or Ozito? any recommendations?

    • Id like a recommend as well.
      Ryobi One+ is about the same price from Bunnings.

    • This over any Ozito drill. Don't waste your money buying Ozito products

    • Depends how far you want to get into the systems. I have Bosch for the heavier construction tasks but I wanted somne of the types of tools that Ryobi makes that Bosch doesn't. So I have both. If I was only an occasional user I'd probably just go Ryobi as you can use the batteries for other like garden tools (which Bosch doesn't have).

      • LoftyAu and everyone here makes good points. For this price i'd be happy to buy this drill kit as it beats the lower Bosch DIY green line in price, quality and performance. On top of that, look at the 18v tools and maybe see what skin you might add down the track. I really have only ever had a drill, but last month I purchased a Bosch Reciprocating saw and have gone nuts cutting through large roots and branches in the backyard.

        The only thing is I don't think it includes the cool bosch l-boxx storage case. That's a shame as the case would otherwise perfectly store the tool, charger, batteries and lots of bits.

        At the end of the day, Ozito will do the job, but my cordless drill that I use for DIY stuff has lasted more than 10 years on the same battery, too… so buy once. However, take note this isn't a super special price. When you break the stuff up individually you may think, wow, it costs more than $500 if purchased seperately!, but don't fall for that as kits are always much better deal than buying separately.

    • Ozito is good for first, I love my dewalt but it costs a fair bit more.

    • Depends how often you use it. I have AEG 18V and Milwauekee 12V tools which I use most weekends. If it's occasional use then Ozito might be fine but if you use it more often you would want something that has a bit more power. From past experience Ozito stuff didn't survive as long. I got roughly 6 months out of a drill.

    • IMO drills are a must have for any household, much like a screwdriver set or like having a hammer or measuring tape.
      OK so true, Ozito would even work fine there but as the most freq used power tool I'd say it's worth splashing a bit more if you can afford it.

      I always consider kit specials irrespective about the whole eco-system. For $180 for a trade quality kit I say it's a good tool, even if not buying another Bosch blue tool later. It's nice to have the option I guess if there's suddenly a special but I wouldn't put any dollar value on it as such, much like arguing RRP for the battery is $150 …

      That's why I've got tools from so many systems lol. But all have been via specials and cheaper than having any sort of investment in an eco-system. Although I have got a couple of spare Workzone and Ozito batts since they get so damn cheap.

    • This deal that just came to my attention.
      No brainer!

      • What is the difference between the brushless and that one?

        • Brushless will have more grunt and the battery will last longer but you're comparing it to an Ozito…The brushless Bosch for $230 would be good too. Depends how much you want to spend. The impact driver and second battery are well worth it.

  • Isn't this a similar deal in terms of value (if you need a screwdriver):

    For extra $51 you get 2 x 3Ah batteries instead of 1 x 5Ah, a screwdriver and a light.

  • what do you guys think of this deal $150 ,


    1 X 18V 13mm Hammer Drill GSB 18V-21
    1 X 18V 1/4" Impact Driver GDR 18V-160
    2 X 18V 3.0Ah Batteries
    1 X Fast Charger GAL 1880 CV

  • I am looking for DIY electric one as i would be using it 5-6 times in year so dont think battery ones would last..any recommendation.
    Main use would be drill.

    • I find they last fine. Lithium batteries seem to handle been left for a long time!

  • Bunnings deal seems good too - NOT brushless tho!

  • The $230 set is a great deal! Just picked one up at Bunnings Leopold (outside Geelong, VIC). Had the "orange sticker" with $230 on it.
    Very good price and the extra LED light that comes with the pack is pretty handy.

  • Either there's something wrong with the listing or with the website. When I try to checkout, it just loads endlessly in firefox. In chrome it loads but then when clicking "proceed to payment" I get the following error "consumer is not authorized to access self". Whatever the hell that means..
    I really don't want to miss this deal!

    After many attempts, I finally managed to checkout by adding a second item. Even then I could only get it to work on Chrome. What's more, the website keeps kicking me out of my login after such a short duration, as short as 1-2 minutes. If I look at an item, then click on another item after a couple minutes, I am already logged out.

    After my order went through and was paid successfully, I was provided with an order number, however, the order is not found under my account because it had again logged out before the payment went through.

  • This is a great deal. 5ah is a must. Preordered. Thanks op.

  • Ordered one! Thanks!