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7x CORE Powerfood Meals (Starter Pack) $39.95 ($5.70ea) Delivered @ Core Power Foods


Hey All,

Some good pre-made (snap frozen) meals. $5.70 per meal makes it nice and cheap.

I personally enjoy all of them but a note is that any that have chicken breasts a bit chewy.

1x Chicken BBQ Pizza
1x Old School
1x Going Nuts
1x South Chilli
1x Mauy Thai Meatballs
1x Smokey Mountain Meatballs
1x Holy Meatballs


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  • +1

    Everytime I go to checkout: Your order total has changed. Refresh your cart and try again.

    • Worked for me on mobile using paypal 👍🏻

      • It's broken. Tried on desktop chrome, android chrome and android kiwi

    • Couldn't get it to work on Chrome mobile or desktop incl incognito and Safari trying with each payment method ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • I used internet explorer in the end. Must be any chromium browser that has the issue. Firefox might work or safari?

        • firefox and whatever IE is called these days, Edge i think. neither worked

  • Portion size?

    • 300 - 350g iirc.

    • And calories? What sort of range of calories for their meals? Can't find anything on their website.

  • +2

    The smokey and holy meatball ones are my fave

  • +4

    Actually so tasty. My favourite frozen meals!

  • +2

    Worth a try if you need some decent macro frozen meals. South Chilli and Smokey Meatballs are my favorites

    • +5

      I've tried most of them. Much better quality than your average frozen stuff from Woolies/Coles, there's a lot of meat in most of them and they leave me feeling more full than most others. Usually they go for 9 bucks a pop at Coles, but at this price it's definitely worth it for me.

      • usually sold for $6-6.50 at resellers besides coles - I've bought them from Supplement stores and gyms. Seconded the quality is great. Holy Meatballs is the best. Old school is too dry, the rest are somewhere in between in terms of texture and taste. Overall, great for planning your meals, calories and changing things up.

    • +2

      They're decent meals, if you're actually interested in performance premade meals after trying both I'd say MyMuscleChef is worlds above most of the rest in quality.

  • Grego just reviewed one. Looks pretty ordinary.

    • +1

      Ordinary for $9, but at anything under 6 bucks it moves into 'worth it' territory over normal frozen meals.

    • -2

      Grego has NFI

  • +3

    I legitimately got violently sick from one of these when they first launched. Few days later they issued a recall, can't go near them now.

    • +5
      • +1

        What does the recall of those with a best before from 05/03/2020 – 04/10/2020 inclusive. (from your article) mean? Is the year of the dates meant to be 2019? Or these meals can keep up to a year?

        Oh I googled and so from October to Jan the recall still occuring? And it's of all 7 varieties of this pack, and its for meals dated expiring March 2020 - October 2020? And your article 38 people unwell nov 2019 after these meals,

        But ongoing issue, and 89 ill by Jan 2020???https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2020/01/australian-salmonella-outbreak-grows-bush-fires-threaten-food-safety/


  • Every time I log on the discount isn't working… using chrome??? Help!

    • +1

      I'm using Chrome, try incognito or another browser?

  • Nothing amazing. High sodium junk.

  • +2

    These were half price at 4.50 from coles last couple of months

  • I wait for them on sale at Coles for $4-4.50

  • Selling for $7 at Coles right now, if delivery is not an option for you. Tried the chicken ones personally, pretty tasty but really good macros and ingredients.

    • +1

      cant stack discount codes

  • +2

    Loaded up last time they went on sale in coles, one of the few frozen meals which actually have a good amount of meat in them

  • -1

    I made the mistake of trying a number of these core powerfood meals,about 5 months ago from Coles (when they were on sale at half price). All of them (except maybe one), were horrible. And the one with the chicken breast…omg. the hardest, dry-est, awful-est piece of chicken I have ever eaten.

    I steer clear from these meals now, at ALL COSTS. And seeing above, someone mentioning that there had been a "recall". …i am not surprised in the slightest.

    • +2

      I tried both the chicken breast ones, I think they were pretty tasty, not as bad as you made it out to be.. Personal preference I guess.

  • How are they going to deliver these to people in regional areas without the products thawing?

  • +2

    For that price I'm happy to try it! No new codes from youfoodz for ages.

  • +29

    Anyone notice the sockpuppeting in these comments? Multiple new accounts with [First name] [last name]

    • +4

      Holy crap, nice call out, there's like loads of comments made by 'people' that literally joined 30 minutes ago.

    • +4

      Not going to order now, hate when places do that kind of crap, same with so many places on google maps, always just 1 review and always 5 star…

    • +6

      I’m curious what all the deleted comments said!

  • +1

    Anyone know what happens with delivery if your not home.

  • For someone who has tried all major meal preps these have to be the best value for money. In terms of flavor they are great compared to the others. Deep south chilli and going nuts are definitely my favorite. Only one i found tops the flavor chart really over this is muscle chef but at $14 a pop vs $5-6 in this deal, no brainer. This deal is great to ad to your freezer.

    • Most of the My Muscle Chef meals are in the $9-$10 range no idea where you pulled $14 from?

      • That's the price they use to be when i was trying different one's out. they've slowly decreased their prices since all the new brands are out and that price was from when they use to do their "weekly/monthly" meals. Still for $6 a meal is great value for money.

  • +2

    These are awful.
    Wasn't surprised they were recalled
    Start learning to knit, because after eating 9, you'll have an extra foot

  • +1

    I thought Spudshed WA have them and cheaper than $5.70ea, I will go and check it out and will report back.

  • Is it just me or did upvotes go from 66 to 37

    • +9

      30 Votes have been revoked by moderators, we are in the process of sending PM's to all the voters who participated in artificially inflating the votecount.

  • I always get these when they're on special at Coles. Gotta be careful when you get them the packaging isn't cracked. I think about 10% of the ones I check are. Don't go near the chicken breast ones either they're horrible. I normally get meatball ones.
    Chicken pizza is also trash, I'm sceptical there's much protein on it half of it is BBQ sauce.

    • Are these in the freezer section in Coles?

  • It's very rare but they have been $4.50 at Coles before, still this is a great deal

  • +6

    Holy sockpuppet, Batman

  • +1

    Lol why did they need to sockpuppet…

  • They use to be $6.95
    Coles took them on, suddenly $9

    Website states 7 meals value is $99? 🤣🤣🤣

    They refused to ever sell direct to me, I wanted 20 a week. I guess they have no choice now, however if Coles has them on sale under $5 then selling direct with no middle man they should price them better!

    Unfortunately there is small business who do meals for $7-9 fresh weekly, I can't see how frozen meals are worth as much as fresh meals.

    • what small businesses? i would be interested.

    • Interesting, i've always known them to deliver for quite sometime now. Maybe a new direction for the business? But was happening before Covid as such. Possibly tied to when Coles jumped their prices up so much? Heh.

      I think the $6-7 dollar range for a ready-made meal is pretty good especially targeting marcos/protien etc.

      Small business made meals for that price? That's excellent. Would happily support them!

  • Because they last long term when frozen? But 7-9 made fresh is pretty norms. imo

  • I got a few when they were half price at Coles.. even at that price point I'd never buy them again. Very average even as far as frozen meals go imo.

    • That's BS… Most frozen meals are trash quality protein and full of salt, these are good

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal

  • I've tried a couple of them from Coles (when they were half price and cheaper than this deal). The meatballs were good but the Thai Hard vegan protein was rubbish. Wouldn't pay $5 for them personally, I prefer some of the wellness bowls if frozen food is on the menu. And what's with all the sockpuppeting on this thread? Are they that desperate to sell their food?

  • +2

    Was gonna give these a go, but after seeing all the sockpuppets decided to stay clear

  • These guys had a pretty serious recall over eight of there products (salmonella). The recall was over 7 months of shelf life product, which makes me consider their food and safety practices. Both my partner and myself had to take time off work after eating these products before the recall was announced!

    Sockpuppetting and removal of any negative comments on their social media (during the recall) rings alarm bells!


  • this is not a deal.

  • Can someone explain what the delivery statuses from their couriers mean? "Collected" doesn't mean "Delivered" I'm guessing. GOt confused seeing "Collected" and not receiving anything. I guess it must mean collected from the company.

    • Yep you're correct. I got mine delivered today to Brisbane.

      • curious … how do they get delivered ??

        • Mine got left out the front of my house with no door knock. Block of ice. Some insulation. Not a big box.

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