This was posted 4 years 2 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Switch] Ring Fit Adventure $109 + Shipping (Free With Club Catch Trial) @ Catch


In Ring Fit Adventure, you will explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life fitness exercises. The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories included with the game detect and measure your real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions, like jogging in place to move your character through the world using the attached Leg Strap, or squeezing the Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into a powerful attack. By playing the game daily, you can regularly work out various parts of your body. With additional mini-games and workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience for players of various skill levels and lifestyles.

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    Ordered a switch from catch when it was in stock from the 18th or something and it still hasn't been delivered, just been sitting at an auspost facility since the 21st, not even processed just "arrived at facility" :(

    • it's been 10 days, you should chase it. if you got a tracking number, get auspost to follow up or something. might be a bit slower coz of covid19..

      • +1

        Yeah I submitted an enquiry 2 days ago, nothing back. Waiting in queue with their live agents so lets see how that goes :|

        It sucks, all my other deliveries from auspost have made in on time during this pandemic. I'm afraid they've lost it or something.

        • I had one item that disappeared for 3 three weeks, Auspost declared it lost. Was waiting for seller to confirm with Auspost so they could refund me when it finally arrived.

        • did you pay with paypal? at least you'll have buyer protection. same with this product, sometimes their stock showing is not real time and inaccurate. fingers crossed it actually arrive but there's a chance it might not due to its popularity. anyway just use paypal in case there's dispute or if something goes wrong.

        • AusPost has been all over the place recently. I think it's worse if interstate.
          I ordered from catch and it was shipped on April 6th. It finally arrived on Wednesday 29th, after sitting at idle at "Tullamarine" since the 21st. There is hope!
          Even some things I've had within the same state took 1.5 weeks.
          Throughout all of this, I was getting some regular Amazon deliveries through AusPost. Amazon seems to have some priority service with AusPost, taking 2-4 days on average.

          • @jinde: That's exactly where my switch was sitting on the 21st. I'm glad yours shipped! I just got off from the live agent and they told me that it arrived in SA today and just that the tracking hasn't updated. About time!

            • @batflaps: It sucks but just be glad it's only a video game. I'm waiting on a modem to arrive from qld for over 10 days now sitting on "arrived at facility" status. I've got 2 kids trying to do remote learning atmo with no internet because we're waiting on this to be delivered. Have had packages arrive that were sent on same day and after, all from qld. Frustrating to say the least.

              • +1

                @Villainous: Buy one from gumtree locally?

                • @truetypezk: Been ordering eveything we need online to avoid heading out and do the right thing.

                  The closest seller to the model I ordered was/is a 2hr round trip.

                  Was cheaper to buy on ebay so it was the logical solution at the time. Didn't expect for it to be held up.

                • @truetypezk: I just re-read my first post and should clarify. When i say no interenet i mean as in a connection coming to the house.

                  They are using hotspot via mobile to connect to the internet so are able to continue their learning. Just very frustrating for the time being is all.

                  If we literally had no internet connection then i would certainly jump in the car and buy modem locally on gumtree.

    • Ordered on the 21st too, mine just arrived today in WA.

    • +1

      I think the tracking is all messed up right now. I had an item sitting at "shipping information received" (which usually means it hasn't even been picked up yet by Aus Post) for three weeks and then it was out for delivery. No steps were reported in between.

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    Thanks OP, was sent $15 off $60+ spend which stacked well with this. Couldn't get a free trial so paid $6.50 for 1 month membership. Total came to $100.50

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    Be quick, nearly sold out!

    EDIT - And it's gone!

  • Seems to be sold out already?

    • +1

      yeah 450 blokes were on the page last time I checked. Not surprised..

  • +1

    Yup sold out. I was on the fence anyway, since it seems like gyms might be allowed to open up soon. Saved $100!

    • where did you hear that?

    • +2

      Collague of mine actually discuss this and opinion Falls on two side.

      Me and a few others think Ring Fit is better cos there is no ongoing cost and if you feel you are not displine enough to do it often enough, you can sell it and chance are you will make a profit.

      Others prefer gym cos they can mingo and have others there as motivation..

      For me this new Switch and Ring Fit is way better deal.

      • +1

        For my uses ring fit is nowhere close to the utility of a proper gym, only useful as a stopgap since gyms are closed . Since Nintendo are ramping up production of ring fit, unlikely to make a profit if you sell it.

        • If you know Nintendo long enough you will understand their sale strategy. They are one of the pioneer of "Hunger Marketing", Arguably before Apple.

          I just got my Ring Fit delivered from Big W and The Switch about a week ago. My opinion is both are not cutting edge tech so not difficult products to produce. Nintendo "could" have change their manufacturer chain quite easy if the rumor that they have production is true.

          The question is why do they want to? Remember the old days of Iphone release till Iphone 6. Those huge long queue and new of price jack are priceless marketing.

  • It’s in the news … stores were asked to formulate plans in advance of opening up.

  • Still some stock left in some JB HI-FI stores in WA.

    • Which ones?

      • Cockburn & Booragoon when I called them last night, best to check with them.

    • 3 in stock at Malaga, 2 now since I just put one on hold.

  • +6
    • -4

      $15 above rrp

      • -7

        the negger got covid19

      • it's only $15.5 difference though.. and you need to have catch club number to save $9 post fee, and you don't know when it will arrive

    • Thanks, got one!

  • And it's gone…

    • You perhaps are not aware that Catch is part of Wesfarmers group which is a massive conglomerate. They far from broke and closed. Obviously like most business they are operating during the times of COVID-19. Calm down with your ranting.

        • I don’t, just a reasonable person but that’s perhaps hard to understand.

        • -1

          Wow negging people for actually offering you assistance!? Great Ozbargain community spirit!

          EDIT - Actually see you've not been a member for long, much to learn young grass hopper!

    • -1

      Many businesses are not operating their call centres atm but you can contact them via their help pages.

  • Mine’s shipped already. Hopefully it’ll arrive before my daughter’s birthday on the 14th. I’ve not had issues with any other parcels, in fact, I’d say I’m getting things faster from VIC or NSW. Stuff from China/AliExpress though is taking twice as long as usual which is usually long anyway!

    • It arrived today hence I’m relieved! Thanks again OP!

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