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[NSW, VIC] 3Kg (Approx) Scotch Fillet Black Angus $75 + Delivery $15 or $0 with $125 Spend @ Vic's Meat [SYD, MEL]


Seems pretty good deal for Angus scotch fillet, not sure of the usual price..

Southern Rangers Angus Beef are pasture raised in the pristine Gippsland region of Victoria, and are Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Boasting natural marbling, beefy flavour and superior eating quality.

This is the cut that ticks every box: flavour, texture, tenderness, juiciness. This Angus grass fed Scotch Fillet has enough marbling and fat to ensure incredible flavour. Test your butchery skills and cut into individual steak portions for BBQ, or alternatively roast whole in the oven for the ultimate juicy roast.

Each Scotch fillet will feed 5 to 6 people.

Also have Eye Fillet, Approx 5Kg $135

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  • $25 a KG for Scotch Fillet at the moment a bit rich unless it marble score of 7.:)

  • $135 for eye fillet (approx 5kg)?!

    • oops fixed

    • Buy first, ask questions later.

  • buy 1 get 1 free? so you 6kg for $75? absolute steal if it is! what sort of marbling is this?

    • It's not, $75 for 3kg is the 2for1 price. Also $15 shipping.

  • Looks like they don't deliver to Adelaide. Is this mailed to Victoria or to just eastern states?

    • +1

      Seller website front page says delivery to Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane and Gold Coast "coming soon"

  • I'm in Melbourne and they don't deliver to my suburb.

    • Im in SE suburbs and they deliver to me. It says the beef is from Gippy, so maybe the butchers is out this side too.

      • +4
        • The Angus comes from this place

        • The animals are killed/processed here before being hooked and shipped to Sydney

        • And all of Vic's butchery is done here

        It disturbs me, sometimes, how much interest I've developed in dead cows.

  • No delivery to metro Victoria.

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    Nice find OP! 5kg delivered for $27/kg delivered = win!

    • I am in Sydney so have never ordered from them before. The price is certainly attractive. May I know if you have ordered from them and if the quality is consistently good (and represents good value at their listed prices?)

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        I'm in Sydney, too. I usually buy from Australian Meat Emporium (AME) as it's usually a bit cheaper than Vic's for Angus and Wagyu. Both of their HQs are less than 10km from where I live, but if I don't have to leave the house unnecessarily I'm happy to score free home delivery.

        But currently AME has their "everyday" (generally grass fed Hereford) Scotch Fillet on special for $19.99/kg and their Angus is currently $36.99/kg. IMHO this is a genuine deal…and a bloody good one at that.

        • Many thanks!

        • I usually buy from AME and have had some fantastic beef from there.. But as you mentioned their Angus is almost $10 per KG more plus free delivery.
          Hopefully it's as good as AME :)

          • @Aussybob: Honestly, I prefer Vic's but AME is usually better on $ for quality basis. This is an awesome deal.

            That said, the two cuts I always go to AME for are their:

            • Wagyu brisket - bloody incredible and requires little trimming
            • Angus beef rib fingers - which have been outrageously cheap since COVID impacted their export business
            • @OzDJ_: I have had the brisket and it is amazing, esp in the smoker.
              What are Angus beef rib fingers? How much and how do you cook them?

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                @Aussybob: The rib fingers are literally just the meat from between the short ribs. Usually a cut for the export market (especially the Middle East).

                Easy to remove the bit of membrane, add a dry rub and then shove into the smoker at 120oC. Hit them with a bit of rib sauce at the 1hr and 2hr mark and you're done after 3hrs.

                Grab some slices of soft white bread, slather on some butter and then bung in a couple of rib fingers. So decadent.

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        They supply a lot of hotels/restaurants but with covid, they're obviously not buying anything so they are selling to the general public instead.
        They do a 200 day dry aged steak that normally sells for $220 at Firedoor in Sydney, so the quality is definitely up there.

    • How long can/should you store 5kg of meat ? I'm the only one who eats meat in my house 😢

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        Frozen? 3-4 months is quite safe.

        Fridge? Up 3-4 weeks assuming it's still sealed in the cryovac bag. Once that bag has been opened, 3-4 days.

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        Portion it in to 300-500g steaks, whatever size takes your fancy, then freeze them individually. Cryo vac bags would be best but sandwhich bags with all the air pressed out will do in a pinch.

  • Anyone had their Eye Fillet? 5KG lots, but I guess I could roast it and have the leftovers thin sliced on toast for breakfast;-)

  • with delivery it’s about $30 kg, good price if you want black angus which is usually more then the generic beef at the butcher.

  • Are they precut? Or a whole cube roll?

  • Deal is expired price is now $27.99 /k. $110 for 4kg

    • Eye fillet special still available ($135 for approx 5 kg). Ordered just now

      • Thanks.

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