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Mont Blanc Presence Eau de Toilette 50ml $19.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


Click and Collect only.

Not in stock in all stores, enter postcode and search your nearby stores.

Purchased as blind buy; very subtle scent. YMMV, can't complain for $20.

Top notes are ginger, cinnamon, bergamot and cardamom; middle notes are apple, sage and heliotrope; base notes are teak wood, sandalwood, tonka bean

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse

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    @ Chemist Warehouse in title?

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        No worries!
        Thanks for posting! :)

  • available for some stores Click & Collect

    Unavailable for Online Delivery

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    Stock avail in Melton, Sunbury & Watergardens

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    No stock in NSW

    Edit: Regardless, its a great price for whomever was lucky enough to get it

  • Just purchased (available in Mildura)

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    Just got a text saying it's ready to collect, thank goodness for 24/7 chemist warehouse, might go down and get it now so I smell pretty for when I go to bed

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      That actually gave me a flashback when we were young, mum used to make our beds and spray a scent on our pillows every single day. It was lovely getting into bed at night and she'd even change them up to avoid getting used to the same one. Bliss.

      Thanks for that smile, enjoy your sleep.

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        You too my friend

      • I do that too, every now and then. Thanks for the reminder! :)))

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    Available at most of the Melbourne Metro stores and thanks I bought one from chadstone

    • I have just collected mine from chadstone chemistware house store. Also few more there at the store, though online you cannot book your order.

  • Bought one from the Whitfords store, cheers OP.

  • Can't find any in Sydney

  • Showed one in my QLD store but said not available for cnc

  • Just a guess but if there‚Äôs only one in stock they keep it on the racks for customers that are are in store?

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      Mont Blanc Legend, not presence

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    I can't afford their fountain pens so I'm gonna spray this on my office Bic pen instead

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    Nah. Not falling for this again Chemist Warehouse. Don't want a cancellation in a couple of hours

    • Same here but i took the leap of faith

  • Thanks, ordered last night in SA and just got my ready to pickup message :)

  • No stock in Sydney

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    I grabbed one of these last week. Not as good quality as the other fragrance they sell. But it is good value for $20. A safe scent. A mix of an oldie called Taxi and watered down the one by D&G. To be honest, I would recommend something similar. But much better quality and longevity, also without the spearmint note. It's called Vera Wang for him. I picked up a bottle (100ml) for $32. At a local chemist. Maybe it was my chemist. Anyway this is my opinion. Perfume is a 20 year long hobby of mine, so please trust me.

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      Man, I trusted you; went today and grabbed both (from Chiefley Drive CW, Preston VIC - both items in stock). Slapped on some Vera Wang For Men in the car to test it on the MRS back home; 10 minute drive later, walk in the house and the fragrance had all but evaporated.

      Generally speaking, gotta stick with EDP.

      • I went to a perfume shop about a year ago. Tested a few perfumes. I never buy straight away, I leave it on the paper and see how long it lasts. Found a nice one $250 for 100ml. Then I lost the paper and never could remember what it was called. Was kicking my self.

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          Eau de Parfum is long lasting; Green Irish Tweed is where it's at. It's on special at CW online too atm…

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            @FittyFitty: Then if you want cheap clone try Armaf perfumes tres nuit pour Homme. Green Irish Tweed and cheap. Lasts about 2 hours on my skin

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              @DisabledUser328845: I'll gibbida crack!

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                  @DisabledUser328845: Are you in the know of any masculine, woody, if not Fahrenheitesque or Xeryus Rougey, fragrances to recommend?

                  • @FittyFitty: Fahrenheit clone, on eBay from chemist warehouse in Preston. Last one left. $40 for the 120ml. Called Mercedes Benz for men intense. It's got free shipping if you add an item just over $10 from the same shop.youll see the offer in the postage part. Personally I like a woody one without any citrus but more powder. Like the EDP of Dior Homme. Or a cheaper one that smells expensive is Dunhill brown. (Man) I think it's called.hidden gem. Test them before you buy this time you sausage. I felt bad when you didn't dig the Vera Wang

                  • @FittyFitty: Now chemist warehouse has extra 10% off for 2 days so bring it down to $36!!

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                      @DisabledUser328845: You've redeemed yourself, cobber; picked it up today and I quite like it.

                      PS: VW is growing on me too.

                      • @FittyFitty: Haha!! Love it. I picked up a bottle of the Mercedes Benz also to give it a Burl, it's good juice, reminds me of an oldie by Lancome called Hypnos for men. It's very potent juice and I accidentally went heavy on the trigger.

      • It still lasts much longer than the Mont blanc. I have both and have done comparisons over a week. Also I'm sure you are aware of olfactory fatigue. But if your Mrs couldn't smell it 10 minutes later, I'm sure you wouldn't be lying. Try moisturizer around the neck in the morning. You may have skin that soaks up all the juice. Your skin may only be suitable for beast mode scents. Eg. EDP cost >$100.

  • unavailable as usual.

  • Got confirmation for pickup at 830am this morning from Moonee Ponds, VIC then cancelled and refunded an hour later. :(

    • Did you get a sms saying it is ready for pickup?

      • Yep. Exactly 8:14 it was ready for pickup, then 9:44 it was cancelled. But the money is back in my paypal alreadty, so not sure I can complain.

      • Actually, if I go and see they still have stock should I complain? Is this fragrance even worth the trouble?
        I know, it's a bargain and as an ozbargainer I should argue just for the savings, but $20 is a lot of loaves of homebaked bread.

        • Very weird they did that. Probably one of the workers wanted it.

          I got an SMS saying they are processing and then half an hour later it was ready for pick up.

  • Price error?

  • All gone now.

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    I managed to get one down mornington peninsula way. Everywhere else was out

  • Suggest you head down the store to check the availability. I found it's available at Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt for & 19.99..there were 3 left when I bought.

  • Darn, I missed out for a second time in a row.

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