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If anyone is after a welder, DO NOT buy the one from aldi. For an extra $100 you can get a industry grade mma welding machine UNIMIG welder
19/06/2019 - 20:12
Just the blades it the blade holders included?
22/05/2019 - 09:07
How does this compare to a dyson v8? I have a v8 though a lot of times it struggles to pick up stuff om going over. Don't understand whats...
19/05/2019 - 22:44
It would be a question my darling since we are in find me a bargain section
15/05/2019 - 12:46
Been looking to buy one of these but can't seem to find a deal anywhere and I hear there are a lot of counterfeits online. Any bargains on...
15/05/2019 - 10:20
Easily. 1500amps and 19800mah. Would most likely even start a 6.5t pantech
07/05/2019 - 01:09
is this sale still going? looking at the bh028 but its at full price
23/04/2019 - 20:11
8 years ago I bought 2x4gb gskill for under $40
23/04/2019 - 14:10
I have the 75" P5, not the oled but this is my second Hisense tv. My first one is still going and I've had it for over 8 years and havent...
20/04/2019 - 08:20
I did all that when I first bought it. Nothing stopped it from getting high temps and thermal throttling
04/04/2019 - 23:43
I did. Also replaced stock fans with 2x120mm noctua fans
04/04/2019 - 23:42
When I bought the card I replaced the stock fans with 2x120mm noctua fans. Also reapplied the thermal paste. Case cooling is good
04/04/2019 - 23:41
Had a Winforce R9 290 OC. I bought it for $100 used but it died today and I need something with either same performance or better but at a...
04/04/2019 - 18:50
Yoga 530 is very good
28/03/2019 - 20:58
sorry i meant "lifted" my max to 90. Typo
17/03/2019 - 16:12
lol I know its not a race. Though going off your comment, you didn't seem to say that about Christianity and Judaism. So much hypocrisy in...
17/03/2019 - 16:10
ufsta was awarded a badge.
17/03/2019 - 13:25
You're also not giving me free water
16/03/2019 - 21:43
Typical racists. If it happens to their own kind it's very bad but it if happens to others they don't give a shit. We're all humans,...
16/03/2019 - 21:42
Ok so I've listed my budget to maximum $90. Are the 2 headsets above still the best options in my price range?
11/03/2019 - 21:13
Looking for a headset that's comfortable and has a ok sound quality and a good mic. I play csgo on the rare occasion a few times a week and...
11/03/2019 - 16:41
how do I update to tyzen 4? I install any update that that comes up on my phone for galaxy gear
10/03/2019 - 23:13
Of course. It's only 3.8k
10/03/2019 - 18:16
I was looking at this. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-30-curved-219-ultrawide-75hz-freesync-gaming-monitor-2560-x-1080/ Are these...
02/03/2019 - 00:07