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100% Cashback on $4.90 Catch Connect 40GB 30-Day SIM (ID 831) @ Cashrewards


A nice offer from Catch & Cashrewards. Tracking notification should take no longer than 1 hour. Note that sale amount will report as $4.45 (ex GST) but cashback will show $4.90 in your Cashrewards account. Ends 11:59PM AEST tomorrow (Monday), unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Cashback is eligible on new services only (ie. new mobile number). A single Catch Connect account can have multiple services, and each service is eligible for cashback.
  • Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase.
  • Cashback is ineligible when store credit or gift cards are redeemed (spent).
  • Cashback is ineligible when using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services.

Stay tuned this week for 3 days of great deals in celebration of our 6th birthday. Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • Happy 6th, CR.

  • Thanks, OP. Ordered

    EDIT: tracked within seconds.

  • So many Catch Connect deals recently! I was gonna order this but then wondered why - there's no way I'll be using it before it expires (on 90 day Catch).
    +1 for the effort and negotiation though, hopefully others can use this :D

  • Perfect, tracked within a minute or so.

  • What if you have done this before (3-4 months ago) ? Still Eligible

  • Thanks TA, for another great Deal.
    Ordered & tracked👍

  • Looking for a deal for 3 months.

  • So can port from another provider?

  • Awesome. Timing was spot on. Thank you.

  • Thanks TA. Good deal! Ordered one.

  • Great deal.

  • Thanks TA

  • Can i do this again if i have ported my number in the past for the same deal?

  • Great timing, TA - current phone deal expires in a few days so I'm evaluating options atm.

  • Can I buy twice using 1 cashrewards account and get two cashback? I need this for two numbers that I'll be porting over with.

  • +1 vote

    Perfect for my covidsafe burner phone ;-)

  • Like others tracked within seconds. Thanks TA and cashrwwards team.

  • Great - current Boost account set to expire in a month, will flip to this for a month, then look for a new Boost deal for the next 12 months.

  • Can someone tell me if this idea sucks. I have a dual SIM phone, I keep an Amaysim PAYG account with my main phone number everyone knows and top up $10 every 365days to keep account active, but don't use it. Can receive incoming calls to my main number.
    I then use the other Sim slot for whatever Sim deal is great at the time and use that for my data and all outgoing calls.
    I dont make a lot of calls to people who know me, WhatsApp mainly, so a different number being used has no affect.

    • No it doesn't suck. Dual sim phones are great for this purpose.

      You could however save $5 by porting your main number to an Aldi $5 starter pack. They remain active for 1 year. You can buy them in store or get it delivered free.

      • Only issue is your outbound number is different to your main number.
        This can confuse people.
        But as you said if you don't make many outbound calls and use WhatsApp it would be fine.

    • That's what I've been doing for over 6 years. Initially carried 2 phones, much easier with dual SIM phone.

      Occasionally people get confused by my changing outgoing number. But anyone who knows me is used to my frugal ways😉

      Just ported my long term number from Optus to free Amaysim SIM on Friday. Amaysim keeps the number active for incoming calls & SMS for over a year.

    • That's exactly what I'm doing with my dual SIM G6. SIM 1 with Boost for voice calls, and SIM 2 for data only.

    • That's nearly exactly what I do, except I entered my Paypal (because it's easy to turn auto payments off on the Paypal site) and set Catch Connect to automatically top up $10 when my credit balance drops below $2.

    • I do the same. PAYG Amaysim $0 per year but must make 1 outward call or txt every 3 mths. Total cost per yr 60c?
      Had the acct for a few years so must be an old arrangement? No annual fee involved.
      The second sim is always one of the intro sims with a new number each time.

      • It's my understanding that any unused credit expires after 365days,and minimum top up is $10.
        I'm assuming I would need to add $10 every 365days to keep number active?
        I can use a $10 28day Amaysim plan now and again to lower the balance.

        • We have 2 of the old deal which are handy to keep our dial in numbers. Must have changed because we have had it for many years and there is no annual fee, just a bill every 3 mths which is 15c or a bit more if i have sent txts using it. I thought they would have changed the name of the deal if you have to pay $10~ yr as that is not PAYG, it is prepaid.

          • @xywolap: Not an annual fee, just have to top up or I lose the remaining balance on my sim.
            I'll look into what happens if my balance goes to $0 and I don't top up.

  • Bought 2 and got tracked within seconds.
    Thanks TA and congrats to Cashrewards team on 6th bday!

  • Hi, If I already registered for this 3 months ago but didn't activate the Sim once it came in the post. Could I use the same Sim once I register now & activate straight away? And will it still be $4.90 for the month? Thank you

    • No. You can do it with Kogan because the activation codes are emailed to you so that code activates any Kogan SIM. Whereas Catchconnect mails you the SIM with the info already coded to that one SIM.

      • That's a shame. Thank you for confirming. Last time it took so long to arrive, may be the same this time if I have to wait for another Sim.

        • Yeah I've ordered 'a few' ;-D and Kogan SIMs usually take 7 days (including any weekend days) but Catch Connect takes 12 days.

          • @Faulty P xel: How did you manage to order "few"? It doesn't let me, maybe I was too late and the offer has a limited number of sims.

            • @CheapieChippie: I meant that I've ordered lots of SIMs over a long time. But I did just order 4.

              Because I buy both Kogan and Catch Connect SIMs I try to make the 'rules' the same for both (easier to remember). So like with Kogan, I ordered one SIM at a time. Maybe that's why? But also when I went to buy SIM #4 their site said the deal had ended… But then I closed all the browser tabs, went through the steps again starting on this page, and then it worked. So I'm not sure what that was about.

              I just went through the steps again as far as I could without purchasing and it seems to be working. Maybe try clearing your browser cookies/cache and/or use a different browser (after installing the Cashrewards plugin).

  • How do you activate these on day 30? I've seen people saying don't enter your details until you're ready to activate, but you have to when you buy the SIM!?

    • you don't have to activate until you are ready to use until day 30 of your purchase. just activated two sims that i bought last month.

      • Yeah there's some piece of info I'm missing here because I've received their SIMs before, waited 3 weeks, then logged in to set it up, but it hasn't reset to day one. People also say something like don't enter your personal details when purchasing, but I can never find how to purchase without entering details.

        • I think you're getting confused with Amaysim. They come pre=activated if you aren't porting.

        • It might have been Amaysim now you mention it. Ok thanks.

          • @Faulty P xel: Yes, Amaysim comes with preactivation, if you wish to port out from other provider you will need to put your details with phone number while purchasing. While with catch connect you will have options to either port in or use new number after you get your sim and ready to use (within 30 days)
            Please remember, weekends processing will give you significant delays. In my past experincen, never had problems porting in and out between kogan and catchconnect (given its in weekdays). Porting in from telstra/boost/amaysim to Catchconnect can be delayed in my experience.

    • This was for amaysim who auto activate Sim cards on order. With Catch Connect the Sim cards don't come pre-activated but to get the cashback you have to activate them within 30 days of purchase. You can activate them later but you might not get the cashback.

  • Wow, cash back tracked within seconds!

  • What is the limit on these? O_o

    • Tried to buy another one but got a red notice at the top stating the offer expired. Weird. Not sure how people bought so many…

      • Try again. I got that. But then I tried again seconds later (closed all tabs and began again from the start) and it worked. Maybe they're doing something like listing 1000, which sold out, so then added 1000 more.

        Edit: Oh same person LOL.

  • Thank you TA!

  • Having Issues with Catch Connect lately in my area or Optus i guess, Drops to 3g in Auburn NSW when making a call and sometimes does not even dial… Apparently tower problem however still has not been fixed over a month.

  • How easy is porting out of catch connect? I remember reading somewhere that porting out of Catch is a pain.

    • I've done it heaps of times, usually takes less than 30 minutes. Problems arise when you try to port with a slightly different name or dob.

  • You already have the maximum of 5 services

    First time I've seen this come up looks like I can't partake in this offer….

  • Telstra & Optus $2 sim card from there website if you need to port from your current number so if you have currently have a Optus based service
    (Optus sim to $2 Telstra sim to Catch Connect sim)
    As isn't usually there could be issues from Optus to Optus?
    Also if I have or will few activated $2 Sims is every number considered as a "new number service with this deal" if I port them to catch connect? I bought heaps of the $2 Sims packs both Optus and Telstra when they were offering them for free 🤑🤪👍

  • Anyone else having trouble adding the credit card? Page doesn't seem to have the credit card number field? Edit: Working for me now.

  • Anyone know how to delete old numbers? Or clear them off my account?
    How long do they stay active on your account without any credit?

  • You can never have too many SIMs!
    Thanks TA

  • Does anyone know how to stop auto-recharge? TIA!