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Midea Benchtop Mini Dishwasher $399 Delivered @ Midea via eBay


Let's try this again - last one stock levels were low but it turns out there are multiple sellers under the Midea name selling this.

Seller - saltbanana (Midea NSW P/L)

Seller - Midea-Australia (1/2 listing

Seller - Midea-Australia (2/2 listing)

If stocks are low please check either of the above.

After this last deal was posted I was keen to get my hands on one but postage killed it every place I looked.

Then I saw them on eBay from Midea NSW P/L - Direct!

My office bench is tiny so this fits well especially with no plumbing required


Finish Colour :White/Silver/Black/Champagne
No plumbing required
3 place setting
6 wash programs
Steam function
Dishwasher type:Benchtop
Rapid 29min wash
Fan drying system, insulated water tank


Type of connection :10A plug & lead
Noise when working:58db
Litres Per Cycle:5 Ltr/Cycle
Water Star Rating:3 Stars
Package Dimensions : 435420440mm
Package Weight (kg) :16 kg

Package Includes:

Mini Dish Washer x 1
Accessories : cutlery basket, water jug, drain hose


Manufacturer Warranty 1 years
Warranty Note:A 1-year domestic warranty on all parts and labour with in-home service.
Use:Not intended or designed for commercial use.

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  • +30 votes

    Seriously, if you need to spend $400 just to wash 6 plates automatically, you should not be on OzBargain…

    Maybe post this on OzLazy

    • Want to wash my dishes for me?? :/

      • You are unable to wash 6 plates ??

        • Of course I can. But that's not the point.

          Hands begun to crack after washing by hand too often. Plus I don't always have time.

          By all means if you are inclined to wash your dishes by hand this deal clearly isn't for you. But I certainly find this practical…

          • @bemybubble: you do not have the time to wash 6 plates?

            • @flangeflange: I don't plan on using it to wash plates - I use coffee cups more than anything.

              Where do people get 6 plates from anyway it clearly fits more than that.

              • @bemybubble: Why so judgy just because they wouldn't buy one? A bargain is in the eye of the beholder quite obviously.

                It's just the typical comments you get here by people who can't or won't imagine that anyone has a life or needs different from theirs.

                I have used a bench top dishwasher for 15 years. I live in a flat designed for wheelchair users for the benefit of my wheelchair bound son who I care for. My crappy back and 6'2" in height means washing dishes in a lowered sink is agony. It has saved me a great deal of suffering. I imagine there are countless other reasons to buy including age, disability, time, convenience and laziness (and other suggestions posted here).

                The 2 different brands of washers in that 15 years cost me less than $350 each (on sale) and are used a minimum of once per day. That makes a load about 14 cents each or less if I am doing more (excluding electricity and consumables). I call that a bargain…others may not.

                • @bigpallooka:

                  Why so judgy just because they wouldn't buy one?

                  The question is why be so judgy if I did?

                  A bargain is in the eye of the beholder quite obviously.


                  • @bemybubble: I was agreeing with you about the ridiculous comments questioning you about the need for one not questioning your comments. My first line was just poorly worded as it wasn't aimed at you. While I'm sure few are interested in it my story was a simple demonstration that each of us has our own reasons and if we had to explain every time it would become tedious. Besides, it's redundant. If the bargain isn't for you why bother with commenting except to add information?

    • I think more useful in a small office environment where everyone handwashing shared plates/cutlery with the same dish scrubber is maybe not that hygenic!

      • Exactly.

        This is for a small office. Some of my staff don't wash dishes and if they do they either don't rinse or don't use soap.

        After 30 years I bit the bullet. Not to mention the water savings a dishwasher has over washing by hand…

  • Lol seems a bit much for 6 dishes

  • It says no plumbing required… I did a quick YouTube search and found a video on something very similar which shows a water tank that gets filled from the back and then a drainage pipe for waste water the to go out for .. into a sink or such. If this is similar then you do need some sort of drainage or I guess a bucket you can run the tube to lower then the device.

  • Its a great concept that i saw in japan. If i were paying $400, i'd hope for at least 2 years warranty to be the tester. Someone should invent a similar machine but inside a shower but from the ceiling.

    Don't forget cashback

  • This product might be useful for microproperties, but even then it should be half the price

  • I'm also unsure where everyone in the comments is getting six plates from. The image clearly pictures the appliance with five bowls, four plates and a bunch of cutlery in it.

    I think this would be a great deal if living as a couple, as you often don't have enough dishes to stack a full dishwasher. As with everything, it's a balance of time saved vs cost of item.

  • Saltbanana is a very interesting seller - with such diverse offerings. :)

  • Something like this would've interested in me the days where I really, really CBF washing up on some nights (like on a frustrating day or it's late, rather than laziness) and I was renting a small flat.
    Probably not for $400 though …

  • Get 2, so it will do 12 plates! Math~

  • These are good for people renting, I used to have a similar one and did an awesome job and it's surprising how much it fits in and still works perfectly. But you can find them on gumtree for probably less than half this price.

    • I got an older? different colour? model of this guy on Gumtree just last week and I recommend it. My partner and I are both chronically ill, so without it dishes were piling the hell up and then hurting one of us to do. Note: this dishwasher has the option of being connected to a tap, but it uses something like 5L so I haven't had a problem just filling it up, and emptying the (regular size) bucket I use for the water drainage (the spot we can fit it in isn't near the sink).

  • This is so tiny and terrible, I'm pretty sure everyone can find a bit of space for the slim line proper dishwasher, or a counter top one that's a bit bigger then this. You can't even fit a pan or any pot in this. Maybe you can train your cat or dog to use this as a dishwasher for its bowls 🤔

    • My sister wouldn't be able to fit even a "slim line proper dishwasher" in her tiny Sydney apartment.
      I'm not too sure my landlady would like me having the kitchen cupboard pulled out so that I could have a dishwasher plumbed in. And then I'd be short on cupboard space anyway.

  • Where is it made?