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[WA] Free 600ml Masters CHOC No Added Sugar @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App (5/5 to 9/5)


Freebie for WA Fuel App users only.

Runs for 4 days from today until Saturday so should be plenty of time to get your freebie.

Don't forget to screenshot your barcode in case it disappears.

Edit: Code works for the Choc flavour only, although I did manage to get the Ice Coffee one thanks to the staff member manually overriding it. YMMV

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  • Remember to lock in 78.9 today and go in tomorrow when it will be empty.

  • I can't find the ingredient list, just wondering what type of artificial sweetener they are using?

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      um, they're not using artificial sweetener?

      it's no added sugar, which means they don't add any more sugar than what is already in the milk i.e. lactose which is 27.6g per serve for both the ice coffee and choc flavours

    • Cant say what it is exactly but it is classed as a toxic dangerous good before been diluted and mixed In.

      Source: have had to pick up the empty flavour containers for work and didn’t have the right signage to pick it up.
      Interesting enough different flavours are different forms of DG. Not all but some.

      Taste good though.

  • Offer only available in WA

    As in, you will get this offer only if your location is in WA
    you can only redeem it at WA stores?

  • Picked up one from spudshed for 99c for a laugh. Tastes strangely like the normal thing, it's actually quite sweet. Expected an artificial like sugary taste but none were found. Would buy again

  • Sometimes they double check that its an app and not a screenshot. At least they did to me twice in the past

  • havent drank Big M for a long time now. Nostalgic