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Dell: 14% Cashback @ Cashrewards


Today Only. Enjoy :)

Special Terms

Cashback is not available via the Dell Outlet Store.
Cashback may be ineligible if using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards.
Alienware monitors are classified as Alienware for the purposes of cashback.

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Expires: May 6, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Take 30% off selected tech
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Expires: May 7, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Up to 15% off XPS PCs
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Expires: May 7, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Up to 30% off selected tech
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  • Am waiting to see if there is an extra 2 hour bonus after 12pm.

  • Was thinking of going for U2719DC. Can anyone please provide feedback on this or a similar model? Will be using it mainly for work. plan to also use it for streaming via Chromecast when not working and editing photos from phone.

    • I have the exact same question! Would love to hear anyone's feedback.

    • I was going down that path, ended up with a Samsung CH890 - 34" 1440p curved ultrawide with USB-C. It ended up being about $200 more, but if I'd gone the Dell I would have wanted to get 2.

      I was skeptical of the Ultrawide but it has been really good.

    • I bought this monitor a couple of months ago at Mwave. I looked at curved ones but straight lines looked skewed especially when working with spreadsheets so I ended up getting this Dell.
      Initially I thought it's a bit expensive at just under $700 but it's a solid monitor with builtin USB-C dock. You're also covered if there's a dead pixel through out the warranty period (2 or 3 years, can't remember) unlike most other brands who only cover for the first few months. Screen is bright and clear. Viewing angles are great, no complaint there. I use it mainly for work and photos on a desk.
      Dell Display Manager software allows to change brightness, contrast and display modes without having to fiddle with the buttons on the monitor. It has different layout options that makes it easy to arrange multiple windows on the screen.
      USB-C dock really handy. You get 2 USB ports to charge your phone as well.
      The only complaint I have is the lack of USB Upstream port. All the USB ports on the monitor only work when connected via USB-C. I have my desktop and a work laptop (USB-C). I can't connect my peripherals (printer, keyboard, mouse, mobile phone cable, etc) to the monitor. It would only work when I'm using the laptop. If it had USB Upstream, all I'd have to do is plug that into my desktop and have access to all peripherals on any PC (one at a time of course).

      • Thanks for your feedback. I think it ticks most of my requirements. Regarding the lack of USB upstream, any suggestions/workaround? Sorry for the noob question - so if I have to connect my laptop, and want to use an external keyboard, I will need to go through a separate dock connected to laptop or give up a USB port on the laptop just for the keyboard?

        • You don't need a separate dock. You can plugin the external keyboard straight into the laptop.
          If your laptop has USB-C then you can have the keyboard plugged into the monitor and just connect the laptop via the USB-C cable.
          Also, some laptops have USB-C port but it can't be used as a dock connection.

    • Same here, I was thinking about U2719D to save some $$, not sure if usb-C is really important given that im also using new MBP.

      • I think in this case, that USB-C delivers power to your laptop which is a plus once we all start going back to office, we can avoid constantly taking the charger back and forth.

    • WoW. Ordered on 06/05 at 11:50 pm. Cash back tracked on 07/05 at 12:30 am. Delivered by Dell via Startrack on 08/05 at 4 pm. That was super fast.

  • Awesome! I was looking for a 2k60 monitor.

  • If only their 4919 is on sale right now!

  • Another good deal from Dell, if you're happy to wait months for your stuff to arrive, with no shipping updates.

    • hahah this so true! Bought a desktop from them 2 years ago, I had no idea wth was going on until I hit up their support and was told it's delayed..

    • I got a customised SFF in a week.
      Some products had a 3-4 week wait but Lenovo and HP waits were longer for similar products

  • Can you stack cashrewards with AMEX Statement offers?

    • Yeah would like to know as well.

      • I think it would - method of payment doesn't matter with cashback from recollection.
        My cashback and statement credits were both successful from my Microsoft store transaction ages ago.

  • FYI. 20% off Dell Ebay is still active (ends 07/05/2020), most items work out to to be cheaper there unless they are exclusively sold @ Dell website.

    • I got a Dell Advantage coupon which I can only use on Dell website ;(

      • hey same.

        Will that stack with this though?

        I'm guessing it should as its basically just a gift voucher.

  • this would have been good it i could stack it with purchasing 25 laptops for work.

  • Would this stack with this promo? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/531144

  • Not sure how others have gone with Cashrewards and Dell in the past but I'm still trying to get my 16% cashback from boxing day.

    • Did it register to your account and you're just waiting payout or it didn't even register?

      • It tracked properly initially then a few weeks or a month later it changed to a much lower value. I questioned Cashrewards and they put it back to the original value.

        Then waited 90 days that they said it may take to be approved and asked again since it was still pending. Told it was declined by Dell with no specific reason given.

        I was very cautious because it was a large cashback so I sent Cashrewards an email with screenshots I took at the time showing the Cashback Notifier having the deal activated and Adblock off etc. They have marked it pending again and sent back to Dell for review so playing the waiting game.

        • Cashrewards is dodgy with changing your Cashback to a lower value without reason and then declining it without good reason.

  • Can anyone help me validate if the cashback is applicable to new XPS 13 laptops?

    • Unless it is excluded I cant see why not.

      The 9300 series laptop have the 15% off applied as all the other range of XPS. The terms say above that it includes XPS with 15% off, so I cant see why it wouldnt be included.

      • I am bit sceptical as I can't terms and conditions where it says XPS laptops. The only thing that I see is for XPS models is for XPS PCs with 15%.

    • ok just spoke to Dell sales rep and they mentioned that there is no Cashrewards on the XPS laptops :(

      • The only reason a Dell sales rep would say that is because they wouldn't get a commission. The best ones to ask would be Cash rewards.

        There is no coupon for the XPS so just pure cash off. So I cant see any reason why the 14% cashback wouldnt apply in this case.

        • Never trust the Dell chat guy. They're generally not very knowledgeable at the best of times and will lie to you and say things like this to get the commission

  • Are the XPS15 laptops included in this deal? What is the % off offered on them, on top of the already 15% off provided by Dell o9n their website by default?
    I do not have a cashrewards account, and I am always a bit careful about creating new accounts with online services which require a lot of identifying info to just create an account with them.

  • If anyone wants a laugh, I just went through about an hours worth of googling, adware cleaning (found nothing), head scratching as I just couldn't get cashrewards to work.

    Then I realised…VPN is connected.

    Works fine.