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Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Value Pack, Razor Handle with 10 Cartridges $32.50 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon


Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Value Pack, Razor Handle With 10 Cartridges

$32.50 with subscribe and save.

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    No Gillette ever again for me following their toxic masculinity rubbish. Can highly recommend the Prince Calibre 6 blade from Aldi as an alternative - comes in cheaper with more cartridges (original pack plus a couple of boxes of refills) and performs equally as well.

    • Thanks for your post

    • I personally never understood what people didn't like about that ad. But each to their own I guess.

    • Never again.

    • Why are you even watching cancer advertising though?

      • Says the one watching and following Alex Jones shit. What has AJ done to you.

    • Thanks, never heard of that so I'll give them a shot. I like both Gillette fusion and Schick hydro 5 equally well, but go for Schick because their blades seem to last longer and are cheaper.

      I seem to recall you can clean your blades with isopropyl alcohol or something like that to make them last way longer.

    • I was a huge fan of the Aldi blades (before I decided to grow my iso beard), I tried a few different brands after the whole Gillette middle finger to men, and it was a clear favourite. The BIC Hybrid Flex 4 was also a close second, it was too plastic for me.

  • Get a nice Safety Razor, better for the skin and cheaper in the long run. Merkur make some great Razors made in Germany. Beard and Blade usually have Astra Platinums 100pk for $15.

    • Amen. Couldn't care less about the Gilette ad (so many man-babies sobbing about it) but the cost & environmental aspects of a safety razor appealed to me.

      There's less plastic waste from no cartridges and technically the blades can be recycled/melted down (though I'm not sure how practicable this is).

    • Take forever with those things. Not a fan at all.

  • Sorry, Gillette has been 'de-platformed' for me. Woke outfit.

  • Get yourself a double edged safety razor (price varies) and a box of 100 astra premium blades (~$15). Taken me about 2-3 years to use all the blades (not shaving daily). Save a small fortune. Astra are owned by Gilette I believe.

    • Someone else mentioned that above. How long does it take to shave with one of those?

      It feels like 5-10x longer compared to a fusion

      • Depends on your level of expertise using it, I was slow the first few shaves getting the angle right but after that I don't think it is any quicker or slower than a normal razor now. I also find I cut myself less using a DE razor.

    • Feathers also make some great blades made in Japan, but are expensive at 0.37 cents per blades. But the quality is top notch.