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Guzman Y Gomez (Expired) | McDonald's (Fri-Sun, Min Spend $25) - Free Delivery via Uber Eats


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Yes, you’ve got that right, Free Delivery is back with our pals over at Uber Eats and this time there is no limit to the amount of times you can get Free Delivery with no minimum spend to make sure you are getting your favourite GYG on the daily!

Everyone knows that the best way to stay on top of your game in these crazy times is to have a steady stream of burritos delivered right to your door. So just to make sure you can get your daily or even twice daily GYG fix, we’ve set no limits on this new code! So that means unlimited Free Delivery on Uber Eats until the codes run out!

Download the Uber Eats app on your mobile device (links below if you need them 😉)
Apply the promo code GYGDELIVERY
Find your nearest GYG restaurant and order all of your favourites with FREE DELIVERY!
Sit back and let the GYG come to you!!! (as many times as you like, until codes run out!!!)

Alternatively try code GYGFREEDEL (Thanks rynosaurrr)

Expires 31 May 2020

Macca’s Is Offering FREE Delivery Every Single Weekend Until The End Of June.

Promo code for Friday 19/06 to Sunday 21/06 - MACCASWIN (min spend $25)

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Guzman deliver via Menulog for me but won't on Uber Eats even though stores are both on there. Probably just out of the defined delivery area but seems odd.

  • muchas gracias

    • Damn dude, Guzman is my favourite Mexican fast food in comparison with Zambreros, Mad Mex, etc. I love Guzman's chicken, beats out every other Mexican fast food joint. Most other Mexican joints use this crappy chicken mince thingy, where as Guzman's are nice tender pieces of chicken. Their nachos and burrito bowls are delicious.

      Now that I think of it, Guzman has become my favourite fast food in the past couple of years lol.

      • Can we just sit here and enjoy the one thing that makes me a little bit happy. This fresh delicious, tasty, meaty, Turkey-filled, cold cut combo. I eat three everyday to help keep me strong.

        Hey, Happy. Can I have one of those?

        Coming right up. Talk about a hole in one.

    • Bland, boring, packed out with rice and beans and way overpriced. A joke and will never understand their popularity. Quality also varies substantially between stores.

      • I get the nachos or Cali burrito as they don’t pack it out with rice. Still better than most Mexican places especially Taco Bell but depends as the quality varies on each visit but you can add more stuff from the free condiments. They
        chipotle medium sauce is the best around.
        Their prices have gone up recently though.

      • Agreed, it’s a bit overpriced for pheasant food, ie rice and beans 🤷🏻

        • Surely you mean peasant food, unless you've been feeding your burritos to large birds

    • Agree, it is overrated.

      A really good take on Mexican food is Fonda.

      I think it's quite far from traditional, but a really good twist.

      Their normal burrito, is awesome, I can't go back to anything like GYG

    • Their brekkie burrito is fantastic

    • They aren't trying to do "Mexican", it's chain food "Tex-Mex". I don't think there is anything approaching authentic Mexican in Australia - we don't have access to the right ingredients for it. Anything made with yellow cheese is Tex-Mex.

  • Nothing shows up in mine as no shops nearby but good deal!

  • Doe it include Fridays?

  • If you're getting a burrito bowl (which is $9.90 in store) you're basically paying for delivery

    • +12 votes

      Actually, by comparing the normal menu price to those on UberEats it looks like they increase their prices by close to 50% on nearly every item. Seems rather unreasonable.

      Tend to agree that this looks a lot less like a deal now - especially as the saving on delivery for me is only $2.99 - and more like a way to hide what you're paying.

      • +12 votes

        They are very sneaky with these "deals" and they are not worthy of an upvote. Prices have been inflated to allow them to offer these "free delivery" offers, or the other way around, $9.90 burrito with a $5 delivery fee.

        • Exactly, UberEats is always the more expensive option, even with the 15% off pickup orders they are running, it's still cheaper to ring up the store and pick up directly from them. It's a bit of a scam really and in no way supporting local businesses.

    • Yes Guzman have big inflations on pricing on Uber Eats in my view.

      Makes this not worth it for me.

  • Does McD jack up their price in Uber Eats?

    • Not for the store nearby my work or home. Imo quicker to just go through drive through majority of the time. Fresher fries compare to delivery.

    • I assume it's Uber eats who increases the prices. For a $5 Domino's Pizza, Uber eats charge $20. It's too high in the name of free delivery. I uninstalled the app.

      • I chat with one my of local store recently that just opt-out from Uber Eats
        Uber Eats is charging them over 20% commission fee for any single transaction
        That causing them to raise the price just to cover the cost

        I do think larger merchants should have better agreement on the commission percentage tho

      • No it can't be Uber eats, restaurants have the control over prices

        • Yes, restaurants have control over the prices, but they don't have control over the commission that UberEats charges. Hence the jack to cover for it.

  • Never dared try Maccas by delivery.
    Unless you eat it as soon add you get it turns horrible. Cold Maccas fries and cheeseburgers can't think of anything worse.

    • To be fair, if you're going drive through to pick it up and eat at home - it's going to be the same or colder as compared to delivery. They keep it in the insulated backpack instead of your passenger seat.

    • how far is the store? i've got one right near my house and it's always nice and hot

  • My GYG promotion is saying Unlimited free delivery until the 24th of May…?

  • Price jacking bs again, pick up your game Guzman Y Gomez, geez

  • UberEats is unavailable in my city every time there's a coupon like this. Goes back to normal when it expires.

  • Price jacked up by at least $2 for just a burrito. Min spend $25 actually makes you paying at least $6 more. Free delivery isn't free at all.

  • "Promotion cannot be applied because it has not started." I get that for the McDonald's one.

  • mmmm time to get some bowel cancer courtesy of maccas