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Harris Premium Whole Coffee Beans - Roasted in Sydney - 1kg X 3 Packs $41 Delivered @ Amazon AU


My first post so be kind please :-)

Woolworths has it for $15 each at the moment. I had a few dollars of Amazon credit so it worked out pretty cheap for me. Best Amazon deal on what I personally think is a really tasty coffee since Xmas.


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  • Price in title please.

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    Le price in ze title, is rule no?

  • Price and store in title please

  • posted this for $28 for 3 not long ago

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      Sorry, I couldn't find any current deals.

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      Sorry, I thought you posted it cheaper as a current deal. The $28 deal was the one I mentioned in my post :-)

      • Just hoping it drops down to that price again

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    Buy Aldicoffee instead for $12/kg. Far better

    • I like both in fact :-)

    • The aldi medium roast? Have you tried the Harris coffee beans to compare?

      • Tried them all. Aldi dark roast for me. I like low acidity

    • Totally agree, Aldi beans are great value. We like Brazil the best, had them all except dark roast and that will be next.

  • is this coffee?

    • yea

  • I used to buy Harris for years, now I'm an aldi single origin ($13.49) convert now.

    Never buy more than you need, as it's roasted and delivered to stores in short order.

  • harris.. premium.. whole..

    something doesn't compute

    • +1

      lol you must be from melbourne

  • is this one nice? bought a 1kg bag on clearance at coles for $4…. mum said it was a bad brand… =\

    • Nothing wrong with it (average) but as above Aldi is better/cheaper and don't need to buy in bulk and let it go stale.

      • How to tell how fresh the Aldi beans are? I bought a bag today with a best before date of Jul 2021. Is that considered fresh?

        • I don't know but from experience they've been good for approx 3 weeks after opening. I typically buy one about a week before my other batch runs out.
          Suspect pretty high turnover at Aldi so it's never been an issue for me.

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