Intercepting Parcels via Australia Post

Any sellers ever had parcels they required to be intercepted and returned to them? Was it easy to get this sorted?

I just posted today and it could still be sitting at the post office. If it has left, I envision it would be more difficult to get it back.
No idea if Australia Post store would allow me to take it back.

Victim of potential scam as a buyer is adament I need to change the postal address or else!

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  • Get down to the post office asap! Not sure if they'll give it back but it'll be a lot easier to sort out if it's still there.

    • I'm so hoping the postie hasn't picked it up yet! First thing tomorrow I'll be there.

      But guess just wondering how anyone was able to do it if it has left the Post Office already

  • I, as a the parcel receiver, often get the option on the app to redirect the parcels to another address before receiving it.

    I can't imagine why they wouldn't allow a Return to Sender instruction, so better contact the post office.

    • Return to Sender is risky too, what if I get an empty box. It's an electronic device?
      Seems like the buyer is trying everything to get this for free.
      I asked her to send me a screenshot of her payapl transaction which has her address, she's gone quiet since. Probably doing some editing so it looks convincing

      • I've never redirected my parcels before. Do you know if you are covered by ebay or PayPal if the buyer redirects?

        • …covered by ebay or PayPal if the buyer redirects?

          I don't actually know the answer to your question. I'm usually the buyer.

          Someone else might be able to answer.

      • I mean, asking the Post Office to do a Return to Sender, not the buyer.

        If they've got the ability to redirect a parcel for a buyer, they should be able to redirect it for the seller too.

        • You can only do this through the my post account AFAIK, which only the receiver would have access to

          • @realfancyman: Would they do it if the seller requests it?

            • @bobbified: Problem is- I also paid for postage via eBay, the label generator.
              So @realfancyman, not sure what other options I have.
              Am desperate to get it back.

              Not sure if bringing my ID to prove I'm the sender is going to help…

              • @camtg: Out of pocket about $18 for postage as I also paid for insurance.
                But better than being out of pocket $200 - that's if I can't get it back

              • @camtg: This could actually be a good thing as it shows you are the sender whereas if you'd just purchased a prepaid satchel all you'd have is the tracking number.

                Go in and request the withdrawal of post as discovered by holdenmg along with all the details from the eBay label purchase and you should be good

    p.41 - G5.8 – Withdrawal from the post

    Withdrawal from the post
    Senders can withdraw lodged articles only with a valid reason.
    $27.50 per article, plus cost of any telephone calls or electronic messages and return postage (regular parcels)

    • I tried this earlier today. It does exist. However, the lady said it was too late to be withdrawn from post (has to be same business day), so she put in a return to sender request instead. Fingers crossed

  • Did you send to the Paypal address? That's the ONLY address you send to. Doesn't matter what the buyer says.

  • What time did you lodge it? If after 5pm it hasn't gone anywhere which is the cut-off time. If you're unlucky they were late and collected it anyway.

  • Buyer gave you address which I assume is the PayPal and not po box. Did you take pic of package and address.

  • Slim chance that post office still hold on to that parcel by this morning.
    Go Auspost website n email to customer service with as much detail + clear instructions what u want to do with that parcel. (Rang the service line too but it could be busy at most time)
    Likely that parcel could intercept during process if u have enough evidence n act fast.
    Good luck

  • Thanks everyone who posted.
    I used the ebay address which is the same as the PayPal address.

    Couldn't get the parcel this morning at opening time. The Postie came a little later than usual so had picked up the package.
    I took a video clip of me posting the parcel.

    Would you guys still try to get the package back if you're covered by both ebay & PayPal policies?
    (I've contacted both and they said I'm covered)
    They also gave me Auspost's phone number to contact

    Trying to "work" at my full time job at the same time as dealing with this issue

    I've really seen an increase in selling issues during this lockdown period.
    Had buyers agree to buy, but not pay.
    Buy but not pick up
    Buy then cancel.
    It's getting ridiculous

    • Add the tracking number on eBay. Don't do anything else. You've complied with eBay's & Paypal's policies. You've posted to the address registered to the account. It's the buyer's problem now.

      • I've already put in a return to sender request.
        She has apparently put in a redirection request to her "correct address".

        Not sure how this is going to play out

        • So how did it play out?

          • @Moral hazard: I was able to get my parcel back as Auspost was able to intercept it. She was so unhappy - tried to get me to post it to her new address (even offered to pay for the postage - really thought I was that stupid and ignorant to PayPal rules)

            I gave the buyer a (full) refund which didn't clear immediately

            While waiting for it to clear, she attempted another scam -
            Claimed that she never paid by PayPal and that I needed to refund her immediately by a bank transfer. Seriously??? I only accept Paypal

            Refund only just cleared so I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.

            Took a while, but patience pays off! I'm so glad that Auspost was able to return the item to me!