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40% off Friends & Family Sale (Full Priced Items, Minimum Order $150, Delivery $10 or $0 with $100+ Spend) @ Sea to Summit


A friend of mine forwarded me this deal from Sea to Summit.
They sell all kinds of camping gear thats usually quite pricey but 40% off is a good deal.

From the email:

Available for three days only, our exclusive friends and family event is on now and ends Sunday 10 May.
Enter coupon code FAMILY40 at check-out to receive 40% off full priced items on orders over $150*.

*Friends & Family discount code FAMILY40 must be applied in the cart and is valid for orders over $150 until 11:59pm AWST Sunday 10 May 2020. The Friends & Family discount cannot be combined with any other offer or discount and applies to full priced items on the seatosummitdistribution.com.au website only. Bulky item freight is charged according to the freight calculator during the check-out process. Bulky items may be shipped separately and take longer to arrive.

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  • What website?

  • Yeah it's expensive but it's good stuff, or at least what I've bought has been good.

  • Furno stove + Pot set is good value

    • It is, but 40% off brings it down to $49.79… it's $47.90 at Snowy's, with free shipping if you spend $49+.

      I have one and it's fantastic. Pretty light, stable, really fast (albeit quite loud at full blast). Would definitely recommend it.

  • An Australian company that innovates and makes great quality gear. Well worth it especially with this discount.

  • A bit gutted, I bought new S2S sleeping matts a few months ago and have only used them once since then.

    They make really good gear, but I can recommend to stay away from their sleeping bags. Havent had the best experience with them.

    • I bought one of their Trek II sleeping bags, it's great. Used it in -5 deg and slept very warm. What happened with yours?

      • Down isn't distributed evenly, doesn't have much loft and doesn't seem to be nearly as warm as it's rated too. My Mrs is quite a cold person so I swapped sleeping bags with her and even I was cold in her bag and I'm a very hot sleeper

        Could have just been the one we received, but for the price I would get something else

        Edit: Can't say enough good things about their sleeping matts though

  • Nice deal thanks. Picked up a couple of things I've had on my wish list waiting for a decent discount.

  • This is awesome, managed to get an expensive down sleeping bag for $100 less than other places are selling. Thanks!

  • For the cyclists among us, the POC Ventral Air Spin and Omne Air Spin are both 40% off which makes them excellently priced!

    RRP $399 down to $239.40 delivered.
    RRP $279 down to $167.40 delivered.

    Never seen them at this price before! Thanks OP!

    • Very popular brand, so I'm told…🙂

    • farked! I've been after the Ventral Air Spin for the last year. Can't believe I missed out on this deal. Gave it an upvote but wasn't aware S2S was selling cycling helmets.

  • Is the website working for other people?
    Seems down to me.

  • How fortuitous! I just bought a splitboard ahead of the upcoming winter season, and was debating what I would do for collapsible ski poles, as I didn't want to pay through the nose.

    $200 poles for $120 with free shipping? Booyah!

  • Great deal. These guys are the leading company in the outdoor retail/wholesale space. Excellent customer service, fantastic innovation in their own products and really great distributors of top notch brands. Their prices are not cheap, but great value. At 40% off retail, a really good bargain.

  • Cool. I got the helinox camp chair and a few dehydrated meals. The helinox chair is the only chair worth carrying on a hike, all the other ones are too heavy/big to bother carrying so if you want a chair to sit on after a long backpack hike at the end of the day you have to shell out for this ultralight chair, stoked to get it for $90. Thanks. I bought another chair and I got it and it was bigger than my tent, weighed 2.7kg, I returned it, it was ridiculous in my pack. This one weighs only 900 grams and packs much smaller.

    • Lol hiking with a chair.

      • All the power too them

      • After walking 8-10 hours with 10kgs on your pack then setting up camp a chair is a godsend instead of sitting on the ground.

        • Is that the weight for a day walk or multi day? Genuinely curious as I have a Helinox and a Monarch but it's unlikely I'd ever take them on a hike. I bought them for kayak, bike and car trips. If that's your multi day set up I'd be curious to know what your loadout is as mine is more like 18kg.

          • @apsilon: Well I started with a 40 litre backpack because it was bought firstly I only intended to use it as a carry on bag on planes then I found a good sale to get me started with hiking gear and I did a lot of research listening to experienced hikers/campers so I went straight to the light stuff, I squeeze everything in my 40 litre backpack so I would say it's enough for a weekend set up and if I wanted to do any longer I would have to get a 60 litre pack. I have been continuing to add to it like this chair which multiple hiking experts say if you want a chair this is the only one light and compact enough to bother carrying. But I also have a foam mat from clark rubber I can use which just slides up against the back wall of my bag.

            It's a set up designed for one person, my tent weighs 2.7kg, my sleeping pad weighs 500 grams, my sleeping bag weighs 1 kg, the chair weighs 900 grams, my pack weighs 1.4kg. Those are the major weights in the bag coming to 7.5kg, everything else is just a bunch of little knick knacks but I have kept everything as light as possible such as buying a small microfibre towel weights 180g but I haven't weighed it yet absolutely fully loaded for a trip with everything including water and clothes and food and electronics so maybe it might push 15kg fully loaded for a full weekend trip with all the bells and whistles but I have gone in with the lightweight compact mindset from the start learning from other people's advice so it's as light as can be on a good weight distributed backpack it's pretty easy to carry with a fair bit of weight in it it just feels like piggy backing a toddler.

            I'll let you know the full weight with absolutely everything I need it, probably underestimated with 10kg but not much more.

            • @rudiger1234: Ahh, OK so without food, water and clothes. My 18kg is fully loaded for 3 winter days. Thanks for the reply.

              • @apsilon: No worries. Once you have the you know pretty much universal light weight hiking/camping gear, it's just a game of millimetres and a pissing contest really unless you really are setting out on a 200km hike you don't have to take it that seriously but I just don't like being wrong, buying the wrong thing and have to go out and buy something more expensive so I have the right thing. That pisses me off. But when it comes down to it if you want to get a kilo or two lighter it will be by doing picky things like getting a titanium spork or snapping your toothbrush in half or your clothing and food choices. Some things I determined ok the only option is to pay the premium for the light weight gear, like the chair, other things, like packing capsules from the camping store for $30 each I didn't determine it worth it, I just bought a 50c pencil case from kmart to do it. Or I bought 2 1 litre water bottles from woolworths for $5 each. They want $70 for a waterproof pouch to protect your phone and electronics, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find something else suitable for much cheaper. But I had to cough up for the little stove. Half the fun is in the planning for me, I haven't actually been able to go out with my new set up yet which is annoying because I am ready so I guess I'll be in the backyard soon. But overall I have just been slowing gathering stuff when something jumps at me, I reckon I have gotten pretty much everything at 50% off getting a few things here, a few things there when deals pop out. Probably spent $600-700 now but it includes pretty much everything I'd ever need for any conditions and I reckon it's good bang for my bucks because I should be able to get many trips away out of it for the price of a few days in a hotel. But I probably enjoy planning and organising as much as I enjoy actually doing it and doing research and getting ideas, improving things. I'm just that kind of person, like to keep things lean. But at the end of the day 3kg is not a big deal haha.

                • @rudiger1234: Yeah I'm much the same, bit of a gear junkie and enjoy the planning etc. I haven't been able to get out for a while but had finally got everything set up to where I could again and was planning a longer trip before all this started and now it's not going to happen as personal situation has changed again as well. I'll keep dreaming and planning though.

                  • @apsilon: Honestly just force yourself to do small trips. Take days off during the week, sick days… Whatever

                    I would frequently take days off during the week to go hiking to test my setup and basically, to enjoy my life. It ticked some people off, such is life.

                    Most workplaces are happy to bleed you dry and never reward hard work.

                    One of the first things I'll be doing come end of lockdown is heading into the mountains for some winter hiking, my setup is only slightly lighter but honestly anything sub 20kg for winter (with food and clothes) is a damn good weight. Most of the refinements I've made over the years of winter hiking are for safety or function. Chairs, too much electronics, solar panels, jetboils, freeze dried food are not going to get your feet in your boots.

                    Buying gear thinking it will one day tick an imaginary box is a huge trap people fall into instead of hiking and immediately knowing what you can and can't live without.

                    • @Telios: Yeah I have places marked, 4 types of places, within an hour away and free or cheap camping I can pick up and go in a moment if I feel like it (can be gone for just an afternoon or just 24 hours), a little bit longer but in the same state (a weekend), interstate (long weekend) or overseas (takes a lot of planning, probably need a week). 6 months to plan overseas, 6 weeks to plan interstate, 6 days to plan same state, 6 minutes to plan something close. Then you will be going away pretty much all the time. The cost rises for each one two of course.

                    • @Telios: It's not work that's been stopping me, works easy to deal with. I'd be away right now if the situation were different but it's not going to be like this forever.

  • Bought a sleeping mat for a gift to a friend. I have the latitude 2 sleeping bag and comfort insulated plus mat. I would recommend both.

  • Looks like they have cancelled the code. It's not working for me :-(

    • Edit. Tried again a short while later and it worked. Picked myself up a quality sleeping mat 🙂

  • Thanks OP - ordered Ascent II sleeping bag over Spark III for versatility, price-beat Comfort Light Insulated sleeping mat and Black Diamond Spot 325 head torch at Anaconda for an extra 10% off :)

    ps S2S still has lifetime warranty :)

    • I got the ascent 2 and the SI camp mat. I have been looking for ages. I have been using my old mountain designs sleeping bag for nearly 20 years. That is worn out and will become my summer one.

  • Thanks OP - what a legend! :)

  • Has anybody received any of their items yet?

    Apart from their intitial email, no correspondence from these guys.

    Are they legit?