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50% off ASICS GEL-Kayano 25 - Men's & Women's $129.95 + $9.95 Shipping or Perth Pickup @ Jim Kidd Sports


Save $130 on Asics GEL-Kayano 25 Selected Styles only at Jim Kidd Sports Online! ONLY AVAILABLE VIA THE LINK IN THIS POST.

Don't pay the RRP of $259.95! For our Oz Bargain Customers Only - you pay $129.95, everyone else pays $159.95!

Selected Men's & Women's Styles - get in quick, while stocks last!

Offer is limited to the Kayano 25 Styles listed in the collection available via this link.

Important Information: If you have placed an order and have not received confirmation of your order, please ensure you check your junk/spam mail boxes for communications from our team.

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    Great price

  • +5

    Apparently you don't reply to any queries when orders go wrong?


    • -4

      Hey there,

      Our online sales team does their absolute best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. Sometimes, emails may slip through the cracks and get lost along the way but especially in a time like this our online team is making it their best effort to get back to customer questions in a timely manner. If you experience any issues with your order you can contact us on facebook, via email, via our website contact page and even via phone. We are always here to help as much as we possibly can.

      Happy shopping & stay safe!

      • +7

        Emails - slip through the cracks….riiiiight

      • If your emails "slip through the cracks" you're doing it wrong…

    • Harvey Norman pretty much the same thing. It took 2-3 weeks to get an initial reply and then finally got through to someone. At the end of the discussion they said they would have a customer service representative follow through. 3 weeks later nothing.

      • Datto - Cool story, but this is not a deal re HN.

        • I didn't say it was. I said it's the similar thing.

    • TL:DR - My recent order order got messed up, but the response has been decent for me.

      I ordered two pairs from the last offer, to cut a long story short lets just jump to the order confirmation email that showed wrong sizes. I rang them within 20 minutes of ordering. It was meant to be corrected but that slipped through the cracks. BUT I actually know the staff acted on it as the note saying the order sizes are wrong, and the instructions to the packer to pack the right sizes is part of the label that addressed the shoes to me. So the girl I spoke with had tried to sort it. My guess is the online system is too easily ignored by the packing staff and too hard to simply alter the original order once placed. (GUESSING)

      So they arrive Thursdayish, I open the bag, and the wrong original order sizes were there. Immediately I rang them once again, and they have hopefully (I havent seen them yet) the right sizes assigned this time, and Aus Post tracking shows they had the new shipment request within an hour of my call. If tracking is reliable, it was collected by Aus Post before 2pm Friday and on its way. I also had the return label within a similar timeframe and I sent them off late Friday arvo.

      I had to pay packaging, I was at Aus Post and it was near 5pm Friday (Qld time) so I had to buy their box to keep the shoe boxes safe, $5, or come back Monday. Ill live.

      Apart from it went wrong in the first place, which these things happen, and the $5 box, I cant fault their response. Despite the negs to his/her comment, what the OP says up there is how it was for me. Pretty easy and straight forward.

      • -1

        Wait so did you initially order the wrong size or did they gave you a different size to what you ordered?

        • Nah, Im assumng noscripts addon in FF broke the website and while I clicked the right sizes and it appeared to highlight that change it just added default sizes to cart and I didnt notice. Both sizes were the smallest they had.

  • +1

    Ordered in the last sale a couple of weeks ago and the kayanos were delivered within a week 👍

  • +2

    I currently run in these, great shoe!
    Well worth the price.

      • +2

        How does running on water feel? It sounds awful! 😂

        • Soft and fulfilling for the half a second I'm literally on it. Then pretty wet after that.

      • +2

        You can’t compare the 2 shoes. Kayano’s are a pronation shoe so they have an extra layer of support in the sole. Flynits are a neutral shoe so don’t need that extra support to stop the foot rolling. Neutral shoes will always be lighter.

  • -1
  • OP, do you have any Kayano 25 in 2E width?

  • +1

    Great deal. Run in the 25s regularly.
    Chewed through two pairs over the last couple of years.
    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Wish you had my size 13 men. Always out of stock…

    • What?!!? No size 13? Ahhhhh…no deal from me either. :-(

      • Hey you two! We did have size 13 in a few Men's Styles but unfortunately they sold out and we do not have a restock coming at this stage. We do have a few Men's size 13 Asics shoes on our website so feel free to check out the website and hopefully you might find a decent alternative!

  • Got mine today from the last deal. Nice shoe and recommend. Though check your junk email box for their confirmation emails

  • +1

    I have a lot of shoes including a couple of pairs of Kayanos, I don't get the love that these shoes get.

    • They are the most comfortable shoe I've had for running. I guess everyone has slightly different feet and running style. I only manage 700 or so kilometres out of them until they feel as though they've lost their support.
      What do you find best to run in?

      • +3

        Not knocking the shoe at all and definitely everyone has different feel and needs, I just think Kayanos get a disproportionate market share probably on halo effect. People hear Kayanos are great give em a crack and say they feel great when they should probably be in a Nimbus- for example. I reckon a fair % of people buy them on name/recommendation alone and don't know whether they need a neutral shoe or something for over/under pronation.

        Depends what running I'm doing which shoe I'll chuck on but if I had to choose one for everything from 0k - half marathon, right now the Hoka Rincon is my favourite (still looking at others though). Only got it a couple of weeks ago but it's light, responsive, low offset (I prefer), good size toe box and heaps of cushioning. Won't last anywhere near as long as a Kayano though but that's comparing a heavy (315g) stability shoe to a light (210g) neutral shoe.

        None of that matters really though- get shoes that feel good, don't give you grief (blisters/pain) and if required feel fast. I haven't tried them all so I still don't know if I'm in the best shoe for me and every season regardless of how good a shoe is manufacturers improve or degrade their existing models.

        • That's really interesting.
          I tried the Nimbus a while ago, but I tend to run like a noob and the Kayano seems to help me maintain a much more stable gait. Maybe it's all in the mind. But who's complaining at this price.

          • +2

            @irdonn: Oh, Kayano may be best for you - don't sweat it, I just said Nimbus as an example of a neutral shoe vs Kayano as an over pronators shoe.

            • @bxpressiv: I bought Kayano's based on reputation the last two times. Got a lot more active in running and had some issues with plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Based of what I have researched, and I don't claim to know really, I think these shoes were a significant contributing factor.

              I check the tread on my current pair and see the wear is wrong. It suggests that under pronation is an issue and I had the wrong shoe. AFAIK the Kayano's are a structured shoe good for overpronators. It appears I am either neutral or supinator. I am going to grab a pair of nimbus or something similar and see what it does. I definitely would recommend starting here and learning a bit before buying Kayano's if buying for running.

  • Thanks op, got a pair for my wife

  • How do these compare to the Gel Nimbus 21?

    I currently run in the Gel Lyte33 II and like how light weight it is.

    • Different models suit different running styles. I found the kayano more comfortable than the nimbus.

  • Thanks rep. Picked up the black/blue SP!

    quick question - is this model the standard D width? Also do they run a bit smaller than the standard model?

    • Hey G Wok, sorry we missed this! Somehow we missed all of our Oz Bargain notifications. All of the styles discounted are Standard Widths (male & female respectively). We have some size guides attached to each product that should help you out, otherwise I would recommend visiting Asics' website for a more detailed explanation.

  • Thank you. Got a pair for mom. Hor the size is similar to the 7 she wears. Thanks

  • +1

    I have Kayano 23 and 24, no complains. But I don't really run, more as everyday/gym shoes. Should I get something else, like a cross trainer? Or can't go wrong at this price anyway?

  • Thanks, grabbed a pair (same as my current pair). Great price. Been running in kayanos for years, recommend.

  • Are these shoes listed as UK size or US size?

    • US once you open the deal.

  • Mine came in a few days ago. Feel real comfty.

  • +1

    Great deal. I dont understand why there is so much angst

  • Awe man no Us size 12 or 10.5. I needed 2 pairs in All Black or Black and white in men's.

    • I need a US size 7 in Womans too in all black if you can work out a deal for me and ship it when its back in stock I'd be happy to place an order for all 3 shoes.

      • Hey El Grande, sorry for the delayed response. Somehow we missed a lot of these notifications. Unfortunately, we are unable to discount the Black & Black/White styles at this time as we did not purchase them at the same price as we purchased the styles currently discounted. Just a few months ago we had all of our Kayano 25s at $199.95 and they retail usually at $259.95. We hope you can understand why we are unable to discount these styles further, and enjoy the $100 you are saving by shopping with us.

        All the best & happy shopping!

  • So, are others getting confirmation emails or postage tracking?

    I got the PayPal email but no email from Jim Kidd.

    • Hey FicklePickle! We have been experiencing an issue where our confirmation & shipping emails from our online team are ending up in customer's junk/spam mails. I would recommend checking your junk mail for an email from [email protected] and you should find it in there. If you have not received in please let us know or contact our team via email.

      • Hey I haven't got a reply and haven't received my item, I have tried email and have got nothing back?

        • Hi Martin,

          Please Private Message us with your Order Number so we can look into it for you. Otherwise, you can phone (08) 9303 2324 between 8am-4:30pm AWST weekdays and ask to be transferred to our online sales department and someone will be able to help you.

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