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$15 off Online Order at Roll’d


Got this in an email as my suburb has not yet started ‘Rolld Run’ (online service)

Seems to be generic code. Not sure of expiry. Enjoy, hopefully some of you get a free feed

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    at Roll’d


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    Any minimum spend? Delivery or pick up?

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      I just put an order in, and for pickup at least, which is what I did, it works and you can choose what day/time you'd like

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    Thank you OP, just got $15.50 worth of food for $0.50 :)

    • howd u do it? mine says minimum $20 order

      • Might depend on store or maybe state. I checked 2 local stores in WA and was able to apply the coupon.

  • Are these franchises or are they all company stores?

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      Found an article from a few years back:

      Around half of Rolld's stores are company-owned and another half franchisee-owned with new franchises priced between $280,000 and $400,000, depending on the size of the store.

      That might explain minimum order prices. I think a lot of the places were struggling pretty badly before COVID. Went to redeem a freebie once and it turns out I was their first customer of the day…they were open for about 3 hours at that point.

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        Would be good if there was a way to know which stores were company-owned. They often have offers I would not be comfortable taking up from a franchisee.

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    when i try to order i get "Invalid Coupon Code"

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    Getting Invalid Coupon Code when ordering. Might be valid in only a few stores.

  • I get ‚Coupon code not found‘

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    Thanks op for feeding me :)

  • Says Coupon not found

  • There are only 2 places for pick-up in Sydney; Parramatta and Castle Hill.
    Coupon works at Parramatta outlet. Just used it. Thanks OP.

    • Rouse Hill NSW also works for pick up :-)

  • Could I ask how you do pick up please? I'm in Melbourne, and even though there are at least 3 stores nearby the only option seems to be delivery from the cbd (which I'm out nod the zone of!) Anyone in melb having luck?

    • yep same here, can't get this deal, melb store has limited delivery zones and the rest of the restuarants the code is not valid.

  • Invalid coupon code now :(

  • My wife and I just ordered, the coupon seems to be still valid for us - we are in WA. Thanks OP free lunch!

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    Worked just now at Parramatta NSW

  • Still works on Parramatta NSW store.

  • how do you guys order with pick up options? it doesn't seem to let me pick up from web order?

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    Just picked up an order at the parra store, no issues and very empty atm

  • Hm invalid coupon code for me at Parra now..

  • "location offline" :(

  • Worked for me for the Met Centre store just now.