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Online Accounting Software with Payroll (Australia) Only $4 Per Month for 2 Years (STP Lodgements Cost Extra)


Normally $10 per month, we've knocked 60% off the price. Our online accounting software includes Invoices, Sales, Purchases, GST & BAS, and Payroll with Single Touch Payroll lodgements to the ATO.

We are an Australian owned business located in Melbourne (did you know MYOB and Xero are foreign owned) and we are doing our bit to help struggling business owners, so please don't apply if you don't have a real business.

Fine print:
* Deal is open to the first 50 registrations
* Discounted for 24 months, then price reverts to full price
* Additional $2 per employee per month for Single Touch Payroll lodgements to ATO
* First payment required at end of 21 days trial period
* Payment in 6 month increments ($24)
* No contracts, stop at any time, no refunds
* All prices exclude GST

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  • +6 votes

    What's the point of offering payroll without STP? And then offering STP on a $2 per month per employee thereafter. It's ridiculous and barely competitive even at the discounted rate.


      We have variable pricing on STP because our STP gateway charges us per employee per month, so it's really a matter of covering costs. Also, if you compare us with MYOB and Xero for accounting and payroll, you will see we are very competitively priced.

      • +6 votes

        Reckon One and QuickBooks are your competitors then. And reckon has a free STP app for up to 4 employees.

        Frankly, I'd say QuickBooks is the one to beat with their pricing and phone app integration.

        • -8 votes

          Go for it!

          • +8 votes

            @sundayaccounting: Well, I won't. But I often have to advise clients which one to go for. In your case, you're offering a substantial discount to get people in, then you're more expensive than some of the big players and don't seem to offer some of the features they do. It's actually quite risky getting a client into something that's unknown. Particularly because it often becomes a very long term decision.

            But I wish you well in any case. Here's a tip, make accountants your advocates. Whatever it takes, and then you might have a chance.


      You are comparing Apples and Elephants….their pricing is hands down cheaper but DYOR on what is best.


        Thanks, exactly my point that we should compare only apples with apples

    • +1 vote

      payroller.com.au offers their payroll module for FREE with STP!


        And how much does payroller charge for their accounting software to send invoices, track GST, prepare BAS, prepare profit & loss reports, balance sheets, cash flow reports, reports for preparation of tax returns?

  • +1 vote

    Myob STP only cost $5 per month.


      Incorrect comparison. You have referred to an STP only price where as we offer a full accounting system and payroll.


    a lot of them offer fixed fee for STP.


      Can you complete your analysis and tell me what they offer for accounting and payroll, then we can compare apples with apples

  • +1 vote

    I have XERO and Pay $50 per month, i don't use STP feature.

    How does your software and interface compare with XERO? re: Invoicing etc.

    I was going to switch to Quickbooks as they were cheaper and the Interface to customise my Invoices was better (XERO use DOCX), but after the conversion, not all my records from XERO went over, so I didn't change.

    As the EOFY is approaching, now is the time for a jump maybe.

    PS: Do you have bank feeds?



      Conversions are never easy. You could pick a target date of 30 June and cutover the account balances and any open items (like invoices not paid).
      Our invoice format can be fully customised. Like Xero, we use .docx template which you can edit and setup exactly the way you like it to be.
      At this stage, we don't process bank feeds. It's on our roadmap but I'm unable to advise when it will be delivered. How many transactions do you perform a month?
      Xero is a mature product so moving to our software will result in some things not being what you were used to. Having said that, we do some cool things that no one else can do, like audit trails, multi-user access, limiting access on a user by user basis. I guess it comes down to how badly you want to save $550 a year?
      One thing I can promise you is that we will spend the time it takes to help you to become successful in your business.
      If you like to know more about our product, service and vision, please drop me a line at [email protected]

      • +1 vote

        Bank feed is standard function for online accounting software nowadays. The “cool things” are standard features too and everyone else can do. This is not a deal, but more of “you get what you pay for”.


          Please get your facts straight. The cool features are very unique and definitely not standard and I welcome you to show otherwise. Also, if you don't think the deal is good value, well that's fair enough and I accept your position but your attitude is truly disappointing. I have offered all we can to support you and your response is to throw shade on my business. That's not cool.


            @sundayaccounting: You took it personal.


              @AussieGargain: I'm a real person, running a real business, in difficult times and despite the hardships we face making revenue, we offer a great deal to help out other struggling business owners. Then you rock up and make false claims and casually put down our efforts. So, yeah, I take it personally.

              • +2 votes

                @sundayaccounting: Facts: 1. audit trail - every single GL transaction is audit trail with supporting documents e.g bills/invoices - name one accounting software doesn’t have this; 2. Multi-user access & limiting access. Again, name one accounting software that doesn’t have this.

                I downvoted not because of the deal, it’s because you’re running a business shouldn’t take the criticism personal. That’s a business risk to clients.

                Audit trail:



                Multi-user access with access control:




                  @AussieGargain: Thanks for the details. Here are the errors you've made:
                  - GL's are not audit trails. You are confusing an ATO audit where you have to substantiate record keeping versus IT audit trails that show each time a record was changed, by which user, when it was done, the before and after values.
                  - Audit trails for MYOB doesn't exist, you have pointed to a desktop product on Mac, that has no online capability, that is now decommissioned. Please see MYOB's website https://www.myob.com/au/accounting-software/accountedge
                  - Your Xero links are to the community page discussing feature requests. A feature on the future roadmap does not count. Please point to the formal documentation or product features page.
                  - MYOB AccountRight provides granular security but not audit trails. We offer both.
                  - MYOB Essentials and Xero do not offer granular access controls. We offer user by user security profiles to determine which functions they can perform. We have the capability to limit one user to just sending invoices, and another to running payroll only, and another to access reports, and so on. If you disagree, please share a link to MYOB or Xero's website.
                  - You don't need to explain why you down voted. It's your choice. I understand that you don't like it when someone calls you out for factual errors and being insensitive.


                    @sundayaccounting: Myob offers granular access controls. User access controls & audit trail in essentials. Myob is expensive and I believe you get what you pay for.


                      @Global bargainer:

                      • It doesn't make sense to refer to 'MYOB'. MYOB is a company with many products. Be specific. Which product are you referring to?
                      • I have said above that MYOB AccountRight offers granular access controls, so you're just repeating what I've already established.
                      • You said MYOB is expensive. One again, you make generalisations without merit. Be specific. For what size business or which industry, are you referring to? Do you mean it's expensive for a company turning over $5M or expensive for a sole trader turning over $80K?

                    @sundayaccounting: lol you just couldn’t let go your ego… Last reply here. Yea, I don’t trust your company or your accounting software as no abn etc listed on the website. Data security, stability and ongoing support are also concerning. It seems platform is operated by one man with ego taking things personal.

                    1. GL and trail balance are audit 101.

                    2. Any accounting software will have detailed UAC, which is basic. No need to prove. Xero has free trial anyone could test. The UAC function is there in Xero at least 6 years since the 1st operational company I’ve created in Xero.


                      @AussieGargain: More assumptions and generalizations without merit. False and misleading. What next, name calling?


    I agree, bank feeds are a must. I have been looking at changing from QuickBooks but the hassle just isn't worth it.
    Good price though.


      Thanks, appreciate your balanced view

      • BTW, bank feeds are on the roadmap, but good things take time, so in the meantime, larger businesses will probably look elsewhere, and fair enough.
      • Our sweetspot are those businesses with under 250 transactions per month on their bank statements.

        I use less than 50 transactions a month, but still, getting bank feeds into the software of reconciliation is a must.

        I will wait till the end of the financial year to decide …


    I am happy with my Excel :)