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Kogan 70" Smart HDR 4K UHD LED TV Android TV Series 9, XU9210 $1099 (Was $1499.99) + Delivery @ Kogan


Just got this in an email. I'm mainly interested in opinions/reviews on this item. Price seems pretty reasonable.

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  • Imagine seeing someone’s 70” tv and thinking oh sickkkkk then getting closer and realising it’s a Kogan 😷

  • Not sure on the quality of this TV, but for $889 I was able to get a 65" Samsung ru7100 last year. 5" less for a well known brand and IMO a really good tv, to means you could probably get a much better 65" for the same price or less. But the bigger tv might be more enticing for some.

    • Pretty good picture on that but that's a budget Samsung model, should be able to get an equally good picture from a TCL and pay less.

      You would really need to go for a Samsung 8000 series for decent HDR

      • agreed the ru7100 is hardly impressive. Had a 49" that got damaged so had it replaced with a Hisense 50p7

      • Agree re Samsung series differences.
        Am I the only one who cannot stand TCL TVs though? The auto-dimming is super stupid (even when most settings turned off). Its also not very bright, and the interface is extremely not user-friendly (e.g. the channel up down buttons are inverted depending on whether you are scrolling live channels or scrolling through the guide!)

    • My dad's 4K Samsung has weird colour patches. Don't always trust the brand, my 4K polaroid from Big W for under $400 has lasted longer.

  • The more recent Kogan TVs I've seen are average quality, ok if your source is very good like Bluray or 4k disc but generally below average for antenna feeds. Viewing angles aren't the best either

    That's just been my limited experience with them

  • I envy people who can watch crap TVs

  • Very sneaky making their basic TV called Series 9.

  • Would you but this or an Aldi equivalent?

    • Neither?

      Why do you want a bad quality TV for?

      Aren't you curious why it's so cheap and others are more expensive?

    • My Aldi TV (65" 4K) is going well since Sep 2017. I would say Aldi TV is good value for money if you can get the settings/ colour adjustment right. If you don't like it, returnm it within 60 days. I have to mention that I chose to get the non-smart Aldi TV and using a Chromecast Ultra to make it smart ;-)

  • My father bought a kogan screen a few years back, its dead now and i distinctly remembering that the viewing angle on it was terrible.

    you had to be sitting dead in front of it at thew same level or no picture worth watching.

  • I have the Kogan 55" 4K LED TV (Series 8 KU8000) including Google Chromecast, paid $439.00, a bargain at the time but hate it. Wish I'd bought a decent Samsung FHD at the time for the money. Can't comment on current Kogan tvs but I wish everyday for this one to die so I can get a better tv.

  • Save your money. Kogan products are always lead to regret.

  • It's disappointing that none of the TV reviewers ever cover off Kogan.

  • I just paid 1300 for my Samsung 75 ru7100

  • I’ve got a kogan in my bedroom and I think it’s pretty darn decent lol. Are my eyes just crap?