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Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $2.90 Per kg @ Woolworths


Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $3 Per kg @ Woolworths (1.8 - 2.65 kg) weights will differ between States.

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    Coles has them for $2.80/kg

    • yep, got 2 yesterday at Coles
      A bit over $6 each

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      Yeah they've been $2.80 for a while now.

      I pick up 1 or 2 every week.

      Freeze the breast fillets, chuck the legs and wings in the oven, and the off-cuts make for a good chicken soup!

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        I've been cutting them into 2x breast and 2x maryland to make whatever - last couple of weeks it's been chinese soy sauce chicken, and then thrown the wings, carcass, sliced ginger and an onion into a pressure cooker with water for an hour for noodle soup base

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        Exactly this.
        I’m getting approx 800g breast from a 2.5kg chicken
        Cutting up 4 at a time, wings for the cats, seasoning and roasting the rest of the chicken for dinner/lunches and the breast packs small and flat in the freezer

        To buy 2.5kg chicken $7
        To buy 800g breast @$9/kg $7.20

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    These things are massive, i don't know what kind of steroids they are using!

  • Exactly my thoughts… Although injecting is illegal, they feed them mixed with pellets!! But anyway can’t be a vegan so won’t complain lol.. (Gonna be negged by all vegans now)

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      I'll inject them at home with brine, then use my pellet smoker to smoke them.

      Mesquite works really well with chicken

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    To the comments above, chickens aren't injected in Australia, they're just fed the most efficient mix of feed to make them grow. Usually a mix of Cobb and Ross chickens which have been bred to grow quickly.

    A whole chicken like this will be around 30-33 days old and about 1.8kg live weight. Free range chickens grow a bit slower than this.

    • "Efficient". Lol

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        I work in the industry, and efficient probably is the only word to describe it. Cheapest food that you can make them grow to an acceptable size.

        • Interesting. Anything special in the feed? Or just a mix of stuff

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            @Chickenleg: Got no idea unfortunately, I was meant to start one day a week working in feed mill analytics but that got canned. But I imagine it's just your normal stuff. I don't think it's vegetarian though.

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    Hainanese Chicken rice time!

    • ohhh.. Thanks for the idea! Going to try it again now! God I miss it since I can never make it like the restaurants.

  • make sure they are not mouldy

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      It's possible as Woolworths fresh meat, chicken and seafood aren't as fresh as Coles.

      • Do you have more information on this?

      • Would be interested in this as well.

  • Chicken (90%), Water, Salt, Sugar, Mineral Salts (451, 452, 450), Anti-caking Agent (341), Humectant (422)

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    These Corona times.. Money for nothing.. Chicks for free.$2.90.

  • Best way to butcher the chicken to break it up into all the parts? Any tips?

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      Get a boning knife if you can. Otherwise a sharp chef knife will do if it's all you have.
      Lay on its back.
      Start pulling the leg & thigh away and start slicing through skin, then cut through the joint where the thigh bone meets. Chop drumstick off at joint.
      Chop wings off at joint.
      Slice in the middle where the breast meets the bone/cartilage as close to the bone as you can and kind of carve away until.

      It take a few goes to get the hang of it.

      I love chicken ❤🐔

      • Thanks!

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      +1 to boning knife

      If you’ve never cut up a chicken, watch a YouTube video first.

      As chickenleg above your not cutting bone rather just joints, it can also be easier to disclocate joints first.

      Time/effort verses outcome. I can debone the thigh but often leave thigh/drumstick together (Maryland) and use as a large bone in roasting piece or roast bone in thigh and remove the meat and toss into meals or salad.

      • Thank you!

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