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Scotts Aloe Hand Sanitiser 500ml $5.99 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ Chemist Warehouse or My Chemist


Greetings everyone, Chemist Warehouse has now dropped the price on this Hand Sanitiser after the frenzy :)

Scotts Instant Hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs* on your hands with no rinsing required. Its quick and convenient and leaves no sticky residue. Perfect for use in the home and office

Also available at My Chemist and you can get 4 for $23.96 (2L total) delivered using the coupon "FS7824".

As always, enjoy :)

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  • -2

    Scotts Aloe Hand Sanitiser 500ml $5.99

    Is Scotts one a lot better than Neils ?

    • +3

      Yes but not as good as Matthews as Matthew is a gift from God.

  • +41

    Just a word of caution: this stuff smells absolutely horrendous, and the smell hangs around for a while as a bonus.

    • +1

      I agree, it makes me gag! I can't use it anymore.

    • -1

      that might be due to the key ingredient: "fragrance" as listed on the link…

      • +13

        Fragrance being Citrus Vomit in this case

        • +8

          With hints of cat poop and a note of liquefied monkey fart, yes.

    • +3

      Agreed, I got some in the last offer. One of our juniors came home from ACO all day at Coles and commented "oh not that stinky sh!t - we have that at work!"

    • +1

      A lot of shops around here had Scotts at entrances for customers to do their hands for a few days then it was gone. I assume because it REEKS.

      • +1

        naw coles still using it

    • +4

      We use this at home & it smells ok to us.

    • +3

      If this is the same stuff that they have at the entrance to Coles then I think it smells really good.

      • I almost feel like the one outside coles doesn't stink like the one I have at home…

    • +2

      I have it and it's fine - reminds me of cut grass actually.

    • +1

      Disagree - our household thinks it smells perfectly fine.

    • If it smells that bad, it’s probably not a great deal. I got some at Aldi at a reasonable price and it smells decent.

  • Contains 70% v/v Ethanol

  • But I've still got 4 bottles that I paid $11.99 for last time!

    • Same here :(

    • -1

      Can we ask for customer fairness or something like that? Actually it is not fair for us

      • +3

        How do you mean "customer fairness"? Either return and repurchase or let it go. You purchased when demand outweighed supply - this translates to a higher price.

  • +3

    just bought this 1 Litre bottles for $9.99 each plenty of stock in Aldi


    • +8

      I got ripped off then…

      Mine is only 975ml

    • Is this good? How about smell?

      • It has little bit strong smell and sticky as well, but overall acceptable.

      • Feels good, little sticky for maybe ten or twenty seconds but then dries off nicely and has a bit of a pleasant sweet smell. Like most Aldi products, better than expected.

    • Aldi one smells like shit.
      Its sticky as well, doesn’t flow well.
      Moreover stocks are very limited and very rarely available.
      Don’t waste time on it, Scott’s is much better.

  • +1

    Aqium is more expensive and contains less for the 375m bottle but I would purchase Aqium over this stinky stuff any day :P
    Just happy that my chemist warehouse has it available

  • Horrible smell and cheap for a reason

  • -1

    How do we know if Scotts was washing his hands before he making them?

  • It took weeks for me to get my order from one of the previous deals, most people had major leaks in transit, all mine leaked too but i only lost like 50ml from each, so no biggy.

    • Hah I was wondering if it was just me. Only one of the bottles leaked a bit.

      • Me too

  • Is this the one that smells like fruity genitals? A greeter at the supermarket gave me some hand sanitizer before I entered the store, the smell made me wanna dry retch,

  • No No No ! I hate the smell of this

    Scotts Hand Sanitiser.

  • they smell way too bad to have any use, please don't buy.

  • +1

    Great stuff. Bought two before and will definitely buy some again when it runs out.

  • I never like the feeling of using sanitiser that doest need to wash off.

  • +1

    honestly, with sanitiser as cheap and readily available as it is now, buy another brand. This stuff smells absolutely foul, much better products out there.

  • +9

    I must be the only one that doesn't mind the smell. At least it's not a rotting corpse.

    • +4

      I recently saw it at the local supermarket entrance and was almost excited to see just how bad it smelt.

      Was pretty disappointed by the lack of any strong or bad smell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Definitely doesn't smell great but nothing I would describe as bad.

      • +1

        It tastes better than it smells too.

    • +1

      You're not the only one, it does have an alcohol odour to it, but not objectionable.

    • I actually like the smell. The missus hates it though!

  • -2

    Hope this is not the one with water bottle cap. Like the Pump Spring water. Some kids can mistaken it for water and take a swig.

    • +1

      Solution: Use this for refill into smaller bottles. 👍

  • +3

    I don't find the smell of this particularly unpleasant.

  • Thanks, got one for pickup at city store.

    Can't wait to try / smell it. 😬

    • smells bad!

  • +1

    Bad smelling gel :(

  • +1

    Isn't the one available at Aldi from today cheaper than this and also have 72% alcohol. That is also Australian made.

  • This is a good sanitiser but a pain to use as it doesn't have a pump.

  • +1

    Please don't buy this it will kill me

  • +1

    Aldi got it on sale today for 9.95 for 975 ml…lots off stock at albany creek store

    • +1

      I prefer my sanitiser fresh thanks.

  • Received by courier three bottles. All leaked. Calling them doesn't help as they are only returning emails and this isn't great either as it's taking them weeks to reply.

    • same thing happened, might have lost 30ml due to leaks since the bottle needs to be upright

  • Grab one from CW, just FYI it smells pretty weird…. does not smell like alcohol, more like traditional chinese medicine…

  • wish they could sell it without fragrances at all. Just ethanol and water. I'd go for that and sanitize my guts.

  • The smell that kills the virus if it doesn't kill you first.

  • +3

    Thanks OP! I'm an Uber Driver and Uber have informed us that they will now re-reimburse us up-to $20 for the purchase of hand sanitizes! got the 4 bottles delivered so at the end of the day it only cost me $3.96 for 4x 500ml Delivered! Amazing

    • +1

      Hmm ozb register as user driver to get discount for buying sanitizer? :)

      • You could but there's at least $1000+ in upfront costs 🤭

        • Wow thats a lot! I guess thats that then!, then again its less than the effort i've seen on some schemes to get a bargain :D

  • We have this stuff at work, 4 of us think it's really good since it doesn't really have a smell and it's one of the instant-evaporating ones. One person thinks it smells too strong and just disgusting, much like the people in this thread. We have another brand that smells like rotten coconut which is considerably worse and more memorable to me so that's possibly overpowering my experience of this Scott's stuff.

    Maybe on here it's a case of sensitive noses, good for sniffing out good deals but not so good for tolerating the smell of hand sanitizer.

  • IGA were selling this exact same product and size for about $19 few weeks ago.

  • +1

    Finally purchased a hand sanitizer after 3 months of this crazy commotion. Shout out to OP🙏🏼/🤝
    Few points to note-
    1. This has soap like smell which lingers on(i find it pleasant)
    2. if you put water on hands much later it ‘washes off’ but not the smell.
    3. Makes skin very dry.
    4. Is quiet fluid, hence sprays well from the kmart spray bottles.
    5. Stock in plenty across CWH until selfish hoarders find about it.

    • Thanks for this review :-)

  • +2

    Am I the only one here that enjoys the smell of these? C'mon guys it doesn't smell that bad.

    It smells like 80% Fruity Asian Aloe Vera Drink and 20% Ethanol.

  • Given all the conflicting comments on the smell it makes me wonder if they changed the fragrance.

  • the 450ml bottle has the weird citrus smell, i have both and the 500ml doesn't have the same smell.

  • i have a different squeezee scotts bottle, and there is no fragrance.

  • They need to use duct tape over the lid, would stop leaks.

  • -1

    Tried it at work. Smells like vomit mixed with poop.

  • +4

    I paid $26 for this exact product a few weeks ago 😠

    • +1

      just purchase another 5 bottles and it can reduce your unit cost to 9.33….. still its a good deal.

      • very smart!

  • I bought two the last time, one leaked, but nothing major. It does have an unpleasant odour, my daughter added a few drops of essential oils into each bottle, and even though it didn't completely mask the smell of it, it did make it better.

  • +1

    Check the ingredients, if it's made from ethanol or ethyl alcohol, then it will smell quite bad. I made this mistake and it smells like a v strong tequila!
    Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol is the stuff they used before it became in short supply when the pandemic hit. This stuff is the best. Check ingredients.
    Also if it just says alcohol denat. then it's most likely ethanol, the smelly variety.

    On another note, to fix it, add some essential oil, but make sure it doesn't make the % alcohol lower than 60% and ineffective.
    e.g. pure eucalyptus oil. I added 30mL to 500mL of 67% ethanol, and it's still well above the 60% threshold.

    Anyway, bring back the isopropyl alcohol variety!

    • true….but i still purchased 3 for my office….:(

  • shitty smell

  • Just tried it at Coles out of curiosity.
    Omg I don't usually care for smell but this stinks very bad.
    Very hard to get rid off too. The only good thing I suppose is that you will not touch your face by accident.

  • Well GBO(nsw) have 1L first aid brand hand Santizer with a dispenser pump for $10. Can't really say what it smells like, didn't buy the crap since I'm still going through my discounted RRP aquim supply which should last 2 more months.

  • Got it last friday for RRP, and now they refused return (new covid return policy)

  • Got my delivery yesterday, well packaged box, no leaks! Was surprised after reading other people's experience !

    As for smell it's I honestly think it's fine and other people are just being over the top! It's not a beauty product, it's hand sanitizer! Just my 2c!

    Now to offer it to my Uber riders 😬

    • Well Uber are suprising me here, they just sent me this,

      Thank you for making a previous request for reimbursement. You can now make a second request for reimbursement of sanitisers and disinfectants. To request your second reimbursement (up to the approved value), upload a clear photo of your receipt indicating a recent purchase of sanitisers and/or disinfectants at the link below. See below for offer terms.

      Reimbursable items are:

      Hand sanitiser
      Isopropyl alcohol
      Disinfectant spray
      Disinfectant surface spray
      Disinfectant wipes

      So Looks like I'll order another 4x 500ml Bottles :)

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