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[Kogan First] Kogan Dual Monitor Mount MK2 $35.99 (Was $89.99) Free Shipping @ Kogan


First time poster, please be kind!! I was looking for a dual monitor stand and came across this one:

Raise, swivel and tilt your computer monitors, and free up your desk space for a more efficient working environment with the Kogan Dual Monitor Mount MK2.

  • 360° Dual monitor mount with adjustable arms
  • Optimise viewing with adjustable height, swivel and rotation
  • Height adjustment range from 200 – 400mm
  • 85° Upward and 15° downward tilt angles
  • Supports 17” – 36” screen sizes
  • Weight capacity up to 12kg per arm
  • Secure clamp for 20 – 100mm desk thickness
  • VESA compatible for 75 × 75mm and 100 × 100mm
  • Reduce desk clutter and help optimise your work space while alleviating neck and eye strain with the Kogan Dual Monitor Mount MK2.

Just received it today, and have set it up on my desk. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Very heavy and very very sturdy. It does not feel like a cheap product at all.
  • The mounting mechanism is strong and rigid.
  • Instructions assemble were clear and setting it up was a breeze.
  • For $36 shipped, I am extremely happy with the quality of the product.

To get it for $36, you need a Kogan First account. You can sign up with a new account and activate the 14 day free trial and cancel the trial after you have bought it.

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  • +1

    damn good deal if I'd say so myself. time to get myself a new mount!!

    • yeah i definitely would recommend this one, im quite impressed

  • Showing as $89.99, is there a code or something I'm missing?

    • +1

      you have to be a kogan first member, but you can simply sign up with a new account and do a 14 day free trial for kogan plus

    • It's $35.99 only if you have Kogan First subscription.

    • Derp, thanks all

  • -2

    Thanks but why would not I trust so many sold items -

    • +1

      I don't have any experience with the stand that you linked, but for one the Kogan listing is cheaper and it supports larger screen sizes too (36" vs. 30"). But those are my thoughts :)

      • Indeed a good deal; shame that I have a non vesa monitor.

  • Am I missing something, it's still 89.99

    • +1

      you have to be a kogan first member, but you can simply sign up with a new account and do a 14 day free trial for kogan plus

  • Hi guys, dumb qn but a simple one. Will this work ok with 2 different monitors or lack of adjustment makes it a no go?

    • +2

      if both monitors are VESA mount compatible, i dont see a problem with using 2 different monitors. just note that the arms are linked together, so when you adjust the height, it will move both. But you can still tilt, and angle the monitors individually.

      • Cheers mate :) I'll have a look at how they would like up first I think.

        • Just check the alignment of the vesa screws at the back - they could be aligned to the middle of each screen or a set distance from the bottom. I've checked this before with some of my monitors and they were both in the middle. If thats how you like them, should be able to manage.

        • I have two different monitors and although I don't have experience with this exact mount I had a similar one and could not get them to align like I wanted. Ended up with a gas sprung one which worked better.

  • OP does this mount has any cable management function?

    • If you look at the pics you will see.

    • Looking at the pictures from the link I see cable mounts running across the arms and then you can feed the cables down the main tube.

    • Cables can enter from the back of the central tube at the base and you can route the cables out from the top.

    • Buy a roll of velcro strapping. It's what I use on my mount.

  • +4

    Don't forget the "Get $5 off your first order when you join our daily newsletter! Enter your email to receive your unique credit offer." deal as well.

  • -1

    what if your monitor doesn't say anything about VESA?

    • Check if it has a rectangular pattern of screw holes on the back, in one of these formtats:

      Almost every monitor in the last 10 years, and maybe more, have these standard holes.

      • looks like it… need to get the screws though…

        • they come with the vesa compatible screws in the box

          • @dazzsser: yea i dont think i'll be able to findthe box or the screws anymore..

        • "Vesa Screws" $8 on ebay and surely cheaper if you find out the screw specs.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, exactly what I've been looking for. Nice post!

  • This shows that both 34" ultrawides and normal 36" monitors have the same width, so this should be fine with a 27" paired with a 34" ultrawide right?

  • +2

    Get the commercial grade monitor mounts from a recent deal here instead.

    Likely to be better quality, and cheaper as well.

    • They're in a deal to offload the majority to a distributor - haven't answered my email from Saturday morning and many others.

    • I bought 2 of the Dynamo single arms, just delivered today. Pretty expensive at $70 each, but worth it for gas-strut arms

      • I was looking at them as well but was worried that my 8.2kg LG 34inch ultrawide might be a bit too heavy for it to consistently stay up at the same position. 5-6kg monitors would not have an issue but was not sure about heavier ones.

        Have you attached some heavy monitors to those gas strut ones and are they holding up firmly or seem a bit 'bouncy'?

        • I still haven't opened the box, it's in the garage :(. I'll probably get to installing them some time tomorrow. But my monitors weigh 5-6kg (Samsung 32 inch), so I hope it isn't an issue. I can always return them if they're bouncy

  • -3

    Can someone help me! Will it work if i only have one monitor? Can i hide the other arm if i use one only? Please reply asap

    • dunno please let us know how it goes asap

    • you wont be able to remove, or hide the second arm behind the first arm. so i dont think it will work well with only 1 screen

    • Use a grinder and cut the whole thing up. Re weld it and make it decent as this is Kogan crap quality.

  • -3

    Coming up at $90 for me

  • +1

    Got this like $30 last year, I think we should wait until it has further price deduction.

    • +1

      That is the one I want.

  • anyone actually have one and could measure the maximum height of the arm centre? what about monitor border side by side? I need centre of the beast at 42cm above desk.l

    • the tube is approx 50 cm tall

  • -1

    Did these come with screws?

    • yeah these come with vesa compatible screws and washers

      • how do you know these comes with screws?

        • the mount itself comes with screws. i know because i received the mount today

  • Anyone know how to get a 2nd free trial? I signed up with alternate email but looks like it remembers other details for the trial.

    • +1

      Use a different set of information? Maybe register your mum and send it to her place?

  • -1

    Anyone use this with a 34" ultrawide?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Cheers, grabbed two. Got a new desk arriving tomorrow so the wife and I can co-work from home and this should mean she won't try to steal my rig.

    Now just need a good deal on a couple more Dell Ultrasharps.

  • Can you adjust the length of the arms horizontally? It seems you can, but if someone can confirm that would be appreciated.

    • +1

      no you cant

  • can this handle two 34" msi ultrawides

  • Good deal. Shows how much mark-up there is @ full price doesn't it.

    Retail is for suckers!

  • Thanks got one. Sign up a trial to Kogan first ;-)

  • Great price OP but I was 2 hours late, till next time 😢

  • Hi guys, this is my current setup:

    I want to change my monitor mount, because as you can see from the second image, the mounts protrude too far from the wall for the position that I have them in.

    Ideally I would like to have more space in front of the monitors than behind, but due to the type of stands, pushing them backwards will separate the monitors, leaving a gap in between them, as seen here:

    Should this stand achieve what I am after? Based on the photos on Kogan, it will allow the monitors to be positioned in the manner shown in the first example, but still allow for the monitors to be closer to the wall/back of the desk, but I would like to be sure before purchasing.

    • +1

      yes you can definitely achieve the layout you are after, as that is how i have set mine up

  • any others on special?

  • Dang I just need a single monitor one that isn't overpriced. My LG monitor stand is really wobbly so whenever I just touch the desk it wobbles a lot.

  • Oh damn it, ordered this last month for $59.99. Solid deal though.

  • +1

    Wow mine arrived today (very fast) and is super solid. Cheers OP! Had been waiting on the f80 deal which is on Amazon from time to time. This Kogan one was much cheaper and does the job well.

    • wow cant believe they delivered on a sunday! hope you enjoy

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