Which SUV (Honda CR-V Vs Mazda CX-5)

Hello Everyone, I need your opinions as I am unable to decide which SUV should I buy. I have a budget of $35k and these both SUV sits in that range.
Between Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5 they both have similar features except Honda CR-V is more spacious and on other hand Mazda CX-5 has better interior and with more power.

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    Honda CR-V VTi
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    Mazda CX -5


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    Honda are going down the path of Holden(even though they are saying they are taking a different path) and would probably exit the market in the next 2 years! I would recommend staying away from Honda :)

    More info here and here

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    There would only be a small percentage of people who have owned both. Even smaller on this forum.

    Test drive them. Compare features and running costs. Check reviews and H2H articles there are plenty out there. Decide if you want more space or more power. It's a car for you, not us. Depends on your situation/use case.

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      I have done the test drive on both. Mazda has more power and better interior. On other hand Honda is more spacious and fuel efficient. As it getting very difficult to compare as both are winners in different segments.


        Up to you to determine which one is more important to you. Do you have a family that requires more space? Are you tight on budget so fuel efficiency is more important?

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    Why not the new Toyota Rav 4? Cap priced servicing, good tech features even in the basic models.


      Sure if you want to wait a year or more for delivery.

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        What planet are you on? Worst case is up to 7 months for Cruiser, though with deals falling over due to finance issues, some are becoming available much sooner than that to the next person in line.

        Petrol models are available now


    I would go with the one which looks more attractive to you. You will after all have to look at it everyday.


    I vote for the new Rav 4!

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    So I've driven a CX-5 pretty extensively and had an (old) CRV (so not completely comparable). Like everyone else's recommendations, I would test drive the cars and see which one you like better. I know for me that the CX-5 has a bit of a rough ride and noisy engine that really shits me. It feels gutless too. I can't say anything about the newer CRVs so just see which one you like better. I think they're both pretty comparable in terms of servicing and reliability.


      Have you driven the 2.5 or 2.5 turbo CX-5? If any of these felt gutless, I can't imagine how gutless would feel in a CRV with CVT transmission. I haven't driven a CRV but I have driven cars and SUVs with CVT transmission, they are boring as hell.


        I have done the test drive on Mazda CX-5 Touring which is a 2.5 litre engine.

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        The 2.5 non-turbo. Yeah it just felt really whiny and kind of not great? Like the engine noise is loud and it's not smooth, but passed around 60-70km/h it just feels really slow. For an SUV, I imagine it's probably average but there was just something off with it.

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    Worth throwing the Hyundai Tuscan in the mix too, that's a fantastic car.

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    I was in the same situation before back in 2018, test drove both (compared it to a CX5 Maxx) but ended up with the CR-V VTi FWD. The justification was that its predominately a family mover doing city driving

    Basically it came down to space vs. everything else.

    Highest ranking item was the interior space, especially in the rear as baby seats were fitted. CR-V was the roomiest in that particular segment (in 2018, not too sure now) and the flat floor is a bonus. Bigger boot in the CRV too.

    Mazda is more of a fun car to drive, Honda is also pretty good to drive from a dynamics point of view but the Honda's CVT transmission is rubbish and is my major complaint about the car today (its a slow power delivery curve, and if you have to floor it for whatever reason - you'll get this horrible clatter with nothing to show for it)

    Interior style is subjective, I like the Honda's interior layout but equally liked the Mazda as well.

    I average about 7.5-8L per km with the Honda. (weekend freeway driving, weekday school/shop runs)

    At the time, Mazda didn't have Android Auto/Apple Carplay whist the Honda did so that was a nice little bonus. I think Mazda has recently introduced those 2 items into their range.

    You also get a lot more safety gizmos in a Mazda though, Honda is more barebones in that department with the VTi model.

    Its fixed price serving with the Honda - $312 every 10,000 km's.

    Overall, apart from that abysmal CVT - the CR-V's a great car. It's great to drive long distances (took it on a grand tour of South West WA) full of camping equipment and is a great urban ikea flat pack people mover.

    Both are great cars, but its up to you on what is more important for your lifestyle

    Although in 2020, I'll also consider the new Rav4 (in Manual, screw CVT)

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    my in law has a 20 year old CR-V, going strong with regular minor servicing, is very happy with it, although it isnt a CVT

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    toyota rav4


    I'd vote Rav4 over both those options

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    Mazda in the 2010s and 2020s is what Honda was in the 1990s.

    It's a shame, old Honda was a great car company, and old Mazda wasn't that great overall.

    Now, you'd buy a Mazda over basically any other Japanese automaker (within reason, exceptions would exist I'm sure).

    For hatchbacks on stilts, yeah the tall Mazda 3 will be a good car. Not sure what else is it's competition but yeah not the Honda. I own a Mazda, Mazda service is excellent I've found, the product is fairly premium but it's not quite up to say the Germans (but then again it won't fall apart like they do, they're bullet proof)

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    I test drove both. Result being that I went with the CR-V VTI-LX, 2018 MY.

    I have 2 sons who are approaching my height and testing the back seat of the CX-5 was really frustrating - much less leg room and generally less comfortable.

    My pros and cons:

    • CX-5 has more power
    • CX-5 looks a bit more masculine, although I like the look of the CR-V. The CX-5 has a better red colour though, if that's important to you :-)
    • CR-V is more efficient. The engine is good enough. It's no speed machine but it's a medium SUV after all!
    • CR-V had a bit more room for the driver (I've got long legs)
    • CR-V has good Android and Apple integration (in 2018 I don't think the CX-5 was as intuitive in that respect)
    • CR-V has a bigger boot space
    • CR-V has much more back seat room and doors that open 90 degrees (may seem frivolous, but practical when doing family runs with lots of stuff)

    The back seat space and comfort is what did it for me.

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    i'd go for a RAV4


    We have a CRV, I find it quite pedestrian to drive, definitely not frugal on fuel and we drive conservatively plus a bit lacking in features compared to other offerings. We ended up with this through a family redistribution but would I buy one… Nope! Personally I think that Honda have lost the plot and not investing in R&D like their competition.


    We’re in the market for a mid size SUV as well. Recently, going into a Honda showroom vs Mazda showroom, the Honda dealership was WAY quieter. And the reviews online for the Honda’s (user/buyer reviews) mentioned more bad points than the Mazda reviews.

    If resale is a consideration, Mazda seems to have better resale than Honda. We didn’t get to test drive the Mazda but the Honda drove way better than the Nissan.


    Mazda has a better resale.

    I have a cx-5, a family friend has a CR-V. Cx-5 has more power and the interior is way better.

    It costs a fortune to service them with Mazda though

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