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Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Size 4/6 (Girls), 5 (Boys) $34 ($28.90 S&S & Prime) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+) @ Amazon AU


Looks like a good deal, $6 cheaper than last time, but only girls available at this price.

Size 4 is a 116pk (9 to 14kg), size 6 is a 96pk (15kg+)

Note that these are nappy pants, not regular nappies.

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Size 1 Newborn 216pk, $42.50 Delivered with Subscribe & Save & Prime or $45 for those without prime. Also appears to be a good price. They are currently on special for $25 for the 108pk at Coles.

Edit 15/5 130am: Boys Size 5 now available for the same price. Thanks to OzBargain F5er

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  • When I change the size the subscribe and save option disappears. Anyone else have this issue?

    Edit - Nevermind. Reloading the page with the correct size fixes it.

  • Why is there a girls version? What's the difference? Legit question, I have an 8 week old boy.

    • They got vaginas

    • The absorbancy area is located better in the area for girls, which is slightly different spot to boys (so they say)… I've never been game enough to try, so having a girl I stuck to 'for girls' as I don't like to live on the edge when it comes to leaks!

      • Shit no! Had a few blow outs with the different brands of nappies with our girl… not fun! We've actually found the little one's brand to be one of the best in that regard. They seem to hold up well and they're cheap as. We keep a few nappy pants on hand for emergencies.

        • I agree, little ones nappies are very good quality and so cheap compared to Huggies and other brands. $10 for 50 nappies is good price.

    • I have a 20 months old girl. I have tried Huggies ultra dry nappies for both boys and girls and never had a leak because it was "for boys".

      As far as I can see only difference is the colour and marketing.

      I just buy whichever is cheaper at that time.

      • Thanks good info, good to know!

        It's a shame that Huggies is now made in China, and not Australia. I can tell a difference in quality for sure. Due to the change in manufacturing, I tried the Aldi's Mamia branded ones (made in Australia) but it didn't absorb very well and the little girl's nappy always felt wet, so went back to Huggies (made in China) as at least it adsorbed better. I'll suss out the little one's brand maybe!

  • I wish size 5 is on sale for that price. But anyway, she will there very soon so bought 2 packs of size 6! Well worth storing it in the garage

  • Hmm wonder why only the girls is on sale? I'm not willing to take the risk… hate getting up at night to change sheets!

  • Temporarily out of stock

  • Size 5 Boys is now the same price

  • Thanks grabbed Boys Ultra Dry 5's :)

  • Thank you

  • Back in stock

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