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[NSW/ACT] Pepsi Max Cans 24x375mL $12.25 @ IGA


^Participating IGA stores in NSW/ACT only. While stocks last. Offers end 19/05

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  • Cheaper at Coles in WA. $10.50

    • NSW (among other states) has adopted a "return and earn" scheme where you're charged 10c extra for each can / bottle, but you can earn it back by returning to a container deposit location, usually outside Woolworths, Coles and other such location. While WA hasn't started yet, they are apparently starting 2nd June 2020. I imagine once this starts your drinks etc will take an increase of around 10c per can/bottle too.

      For NSW, if all cans in this are returned, you'd earn $2.40 back, making the effective cost $12.25 - $2.40 = $9.85, a better price than in WA.

      • Probably cost you $2.40 in petrol driving to the container place any ways.

        • I have a container deposit location at Woolworths 4 mins from me, return the cans before I do shopping.

    • Same in Vic $10.50.

      • VIC also isn't on the container deposit scheme, so your drinks will always be cheaper until VIC signs up to a scheme.

        • Vic has a future scheme in the works too :)
          (thinking of saving up my way-too-many cans for a future cash-in)

    • Same in Tas $10.50

      If this deal is only available in NSW and the ACT then it should be in the title