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[QLD] Pale Ale $10 for 1.25L of Core Range, $15 for Limited Collabs @ Newstead Brewing


A great way to get some affordable quality tap beer living in your fridge! Only available in store at their two breweries:

85 Doggett St Newstead
67 Castlemaine St Milton

From Facebook:

Not only can we now fill your favourite growler or squealer, we have some dodgey af one-way jobbies for you too!
Contraband, contraband, contraband, contraband.
Yeah alright, they don’t look the best, a bit like us, and so that’s why we are giving them to you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. That’s the vessel, not the beer, dummy.
We just want to celebrate all the amazing tap beer that we had prior to Rona. Especially some kick-arse collabs that never saw the light of day/darkness of your belly.
$10 for 1.25L;
All Core Range (except Heartacre).
Loop Fennel French Ale
Loop Pickled Pilsner
Brisbane Burtonised Bitter (Brewgooder Collab)
$15 for 1.25L
Oyster Stout (using house-smoked oysters)
India Haze Ale (Seven Mile Collab)
Aussie IPA (Sunday Road Collab)
Vampyre Lovers (Akasha Collab)
Drought Relief
Jack of All Trades Table Stout
Taylor Made Belgian Tripel
Sodamouf Soda Ale
Juniper Juice

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    Can you please put location in title?


    This is a bit misleading, they're not really giving away free squealers. It's just filled into a plastic bottle that's only intended for a single use, like a soft drink bottle.

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      You're absolutely correct. "dodgey af one-way jobbies" didn't translate for me correctly originally. Deal updated.

      I also got reported for sockpuppeting - I can assure everyone I'm merely a lover of Newstead beer and am not affilated.


        I’ll drink to that! And to Newstead House food trucks and music!


    Lovely, wish i was there!

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    Oh man, the Sportsball Qld Lager and 3/4 Time Session Ale are amazing. They also did a special edition for the Brisbane Comedy Festival called Canned Laughter which was super-tasty. I know people at one of the main venues so when The 'Rona closed BCF down early I may have been able to score some for myself… "nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more SAY-NO-MORE"


      I'm a big fan of the Two To The Valley IPA. I used to live a 2 minute walk from the Milton brewery and miss sucking these bad boys down on my lunchbreak.


      more like the brewery is selling this at break even/minimal profit to try and keep their staff employed and production chugging over while the demand is significantly lower than usual

      Some of the deals they have been doing in store over the last couple of months would be barely above ingredient and tax costs on some of their higher alc/hop beers


    Going in heavy with the thesaurus there tiger.

    You think canning, packaging, and shipping those cans out with the quality control that goes along with them as well doesnt cost a bit extra?

    So wake up to yourself you high and mighty tossbag who cant even grasp the simplest form of economics.

    Get back to your cheezels and channel that energy into perfecting your neckbeard.