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Harcourt Valley The Ginger Kid Extra Strong Ginger Beer 24x330mL $40 @ First Choice Liquor ($6.95 Metro Shipping)


Folks here seem to like their alcoholic ginger beer. 8% ABV / 2.1 standard drinks per bottle. Enjoy!

$76 or more for a case elsewhere

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    Cashrewards also


    Good price. How does it taste?
    Its made by a vineyard from local raw ginger.
    Local alcoholic GB I've tasted have lacked a strong ginger taste I love - more like a watered down Buderim GB (which I find too bland).

    Reviews range from great to terrible like A ghastly funk that doesn't taste so much like ginger as… A mouth full of arse. The worst ginger beer I have ever tasted. - that put me off buying!

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      If you're looking for strong ginger taste, try diet Bundaberg.

      They load the hell out of it, to mask the artificial sweetener.

      Its like vanilla Coke.
      Diet is WAY more vanilla, for the same reason.


        Thanks, a good tip. But still too mild for this everyday drinker of ginger drinks🔥

        I mix my own using Buderim Ginger Cordial (only the "reduced sugar" with more ginger) from Woolies. (24% ginger syrup - includes sugar, 9% ginger juice) That way I regulate the kick I like😉
        Bought 15 750ml bottles on special last week.

        Found I was adding it to local alcoholic GB (Matso's etc) for a stronger ginger taste, which defeats the point of buying them.

        I add alcohol to that Buderim Ginger Cordial - used Jamesons whiskey last night as it got cooler. Warmed me up.

        Back to growing my own ginger & brewing alcoholic GB again I think.


          Why arent you just blending ginger?

          ID try others, but I don't drink alcohol, so my range is limited.


            @MasterScythe: Why arent you just blending ginger?
            Not at the moment. Fresh ginger is $52.63/kg @Woolies. Cheaper elsewhere - if you can find it!

            The 15 x 750ml bottles of Buderim bought for $30 usually last me 30 weeks - pretty economical. Cheaper than fresh ginger at the moment, & then there is the time spent processing…

            Refreshing the garden. Will get the ginger plants growing again when things warm up. And the sugar cane. Waiting for the bananas to ripen… Fresh ginger is better than buying.

            In the mean time Buderim Ginger is what I grew up on - so I like the taste (& convenience). That & lots of home made ginger beer!

            I only blend with a little alcohol in cooler months - which isn't long in Qld😉
            Drink it iced the rest of the year. I rarely drink any soft drinks, so it's my substitute @$1/wk.


    Ordered a case hopefully it's strong in ginger flavor, my general go to is matso's ginger beer not hugely alcoholic bit great ginger flavor.

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      It's rather boring compared to matsos alot light on the body does have a decent alcoholic zing though


        Thanks - glad I didn't order.

        Reviews often mention "refreshing" - which sounds about the same - not challenging. Matso's was a bit bland for me. I'd rather be stimulated by the taste.


    Thanks, my wife likes this!


    I'm not big on the ginger after taste but my go to is Boston Brewery Tingletop Ginger Beer. I'm not a big drinker but this stuff tastes very refreshing and would easily be a soft drink minus the alcohol content haha. As an example of my taste, Matso's is to strong for me :(


    Just picked up from Unley, SA and there was still a few cartons available on the floor.